Make an App like Pokemon Go

Do you remember the time when we used to wait the whole day to watch our favorite cartoon? POKEMON!!! Every kid from the 90s still remembers the show….and this is the main reason for the popularity of the most famous game Pokémon go.

The game launched in July of 2016 and gained popularity from the first day itself. Pokémon Go has about 750 million downloads to date with 65 million users playing the game every month. Youngsters are wasting their crucial time of life running behind unrealistic things. Now a day there is a lot of rush in parks, gardens, streets not for their fitness but to catch Pokémon. Is this really worth it? Our young generation is misleading. With increasing popularity the game brings lots of disadvantages and dangers.

Let’s Talk About Few With Real Time Incidents Related:

  • Addictive:The game is based on the childhood fantasy of every person of 1990s as a result knowing that now they can do what they used to wish like having a pikachu, although Pikachu is virtual. People are so addictive that they are leaving their job for the game.

    Tom Currie from New Zealand quit his job to be a full time Pokémon hunter.

  • Criminals’ involvement:Due to constant requirement of gps, it is easy for anyone to get tracked. Criminals are using GPS to track people and rob them. Even an 18 year old boy was killed and the shooters told police that they track the boy using the game.
  • Privacy issues:People are entering sensitive areas like cemeteries and memorials following the Pokémon. Many times people hop into gardens or parks which are private and damage the property.

    A couple has filled law suits against the developer because of the trespassing.

  • Road accidents:There are several cases in which players found a Pokémon while driving and a result they got distracted followed by car crashing or hitting.

    A 28 year old man from U.S ran into the tree while driving to catch a Pokémon.

  • Self injuries:In the race of catching Pokémon people forget where they are walking or stepping on. As a result the fall in man holes or ditch or may hit something.

Above are main issues regarding the game there are several other minor issues like : Battery drainage Wastage of money on internet. Walk around a lot. And many more. …

Following are My Suggestions to Overcome the Above all issues:

  • Be attentive:
    Always be alert while walking. Know where you are going.
  • Stay away from dangerous areas
    Try not to play on the streets. Or do not go near rivers, dams or inside forests.
  • Play with a group
    Playing in a group will help you to be safe from crimes
  • Don’t play while driving
    Keep your data off while driving will help you to avoid road accidents.
  • Don’t be its slave
    Don’t get addicted to it. Set your time limit. Don’t waste your crucial time behind the virtual world. Focus on your career and work. Game will not give you food and shelter.

Every coin has two sides and with all these disadvantages there sure are many benefits to such a game. If you play safely then this game could give you the daily dose of exercise that your body needs and keep you physically fit. For companies, this platform is a very useful space to advertise their products and services using the same AR technology.

If you have an app idea similar to Pokémon Go then you can build it using AR technology.

Warn others around you about the dark side of the game. And be safe……

So now its your turn to enter the era of Augmented reality games and Develop Pokemon like apps for android and iPhone today. Contact us and we will develop an app like Pokemon for you.

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