We can say that it’s the era of mobiles. With such a fact every contemporary business needs to have a mobile application for business growth and access.

This is indeed the reason that the mobile application services are in high demand. Many companies are restoring the Cross-Platform app development services as the apps are compatible across all mobile platforms. This platform of mobile app development is regarded as the real ideal platform for businesses.

How Cross Platforms are Highly Advantageous for the Businesses?

For the cost-effectiveness of the Cross-Platform mobile app Development, it brings the biggest advantage for the businesses. With this technique building specific apps and coding the apps is very simpler and needs to be done only once. This indeed saves time and effort as well as money that is usually spent on app development in different platforms.

Advantages of Cross-Platform App Development

Code Re-usability:

The cross-platform app developers can easily reuse the code across different platforms; no need to write different code for Android and iOS.

Faster Development Time:

As a single script will be deployed on all the platforms, the development time will be much lower as compared to the native app.

Smooth Implementation:

The developers can make changes easily as they can utilize the resources they have the knowledge and then translate them into different platforms.


You don’t have to invest in different platforms and technologies; one cross-platform app can run on Android and iOS.


As the same set of code will be reutilized so the overall look of the app will be maintained, the app users can use the same app on all the platforms easily.

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Why Cross Platforms?

The applications developed for the Android platforms didn’t suit for the iPhone platforms and vice versa. This certainly proves a major drawback for the mobile app development industry as well as the business entrepreneurs. The cross-platform app developing acts as the best solution to such problems.

Among the many available resources few are-:

  • PhoneGap development – The app developers affluently built native apps using CSS3, HTML5 and JavaScript as PhoneGap is a HTML5 based framework.
  • Angular JS and Ionic – This framework has turned out to be one of the best for building apps for all major platforms. The reason behind this is that Angular JS and Ionic framework fits well with the mobile developer toolbox.
  • Xamarin – Xamarin allows the developers to code only once that reduces the bugs and the created bugs can be traced quickly and easily. Using Xamarin the developers maintain a distinct identity without any force.
  • jQuery Mobile – The jQuery Mobile is a touch-optimized web framework for developing apps for Smartphone as well as the tablets. The codes are very simple for which the developers prefer this framework for developing an app.

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Phonegap – The Multiple-App Development Platform!

  • It is an open source mobile application development platform which is used widely for creating single code mobile apps that would run on different mobile platforms.
  • The single code framework is packed with lots of features that enable the PhoneGap App Developer for writing the code once and run it on various platforms.
  • This is the basic reason that the popularity of PhoneGap has crossed the limits among several businesses, enterprises, and organizations.

Using any of the resources the developer’s effort are incredibly reduced. It is very simple to use these tools as the developers can use any custom language for creating the apps. Once the design of the app is executed using simple functions the developers can generate the same functional apps that can be accessible on any mobile OS platform. The factors that give the cross mobile platform high influence are the reusability of the codes, cost reduction of app development and easy deployment.

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Catch up with the Rapid Growth of Mobile Apps

These development platforms hold essential reason in the rapid growth of the mobile apps. As the applications are getting complicated the time has arrived for the businesses to opt for the enhancements for mobile app development with which apps can be developed once and for several platforms. Want to hire cross platform app developers? Get in touch with the experts.