Major Updates from WWDC
Apple’s biggest annual event WWDC has started on 4 June in San Jose with the keynote and announcement of some big updates mainly in its operating systems. More interesting announcements are anticipated from upcoming days of the conference.

Here is the list of highlights from Day 1 of Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference:

1. The Introduction Of iOS 12

Apple introduces iOS 12 that comes with a number of latest features like new Animoji, FaceTime, performance improvements, updates to its push into augmented reality, and some live improvements in Siri etc.

2. Apple Focuses On Performance For iOS 12

Apple explained how efficient the iOS 12, will be on older phones such as the iPhone 6.

3. Memoji- Customized and Animated Emoji

Apple is bringing Memoji which is an animated Emoji. With this Apple is enabling users to create customized emojis for themselves that will act similar to Animoji.  These Animojis moves around as you move your head.

4. watchOS 5

Apple has announced some latest features in the next generation of Apple Watch OS. The newest features will be like challenges for friends, automatic workout detection, new workout types such as hiking and yoga. Also, there will be Siri shortcuts and the walkie-talkie.

5. Group FaceTime Video Calls With iOS 12

Apple is introducing a group FaceTime video calls feature to the iOS 12, enabling users to chat with up to 32 people.

6. Better Screen Times Managing With New Screen Time Controls And Digital Wellness’ Features

Apple is bringing some new features in its OS so as to track some of the apps and add time limits for flag users if they are approaching the self-imposed boundaries in iOS. Also, there will be more robust DND modes.

7. macOS Mojave- The New Version of macOS

Apple launches a next adaption of its Mac OS named macOS Mojave. It comes with number of incremental updates for services including “dark modes” and collection of newest tools enabling a new way of stacking documents and viewing files in Finder.

8. Redesigning the Mac App Store

The Mac app store gets complete renovation where everything is alienated into more intelligent grouping and tabs. With this redesigning Apple is facilitating developers to prompt users to rate their apps.

9. New Shortcut For Users To Control Siri

Apple is allowing users to build custom commands with Siri by connecting a group of activities and queries within Siri.

10. Walkie Talkie Mode In Apple Watch

Apple gets Walkie-Talkie feature in the Apple watch that allows users to talk into their watch just like a walkie-talkie.

11. CarPlay Will Be Supporting Third-Party Navigation And Mapping Apps

Apples car-focused OS, CarPlay, will now support third-party apps like Waze and Google Maps.

12. Apple TV with Dolby Atmos and Streamlined Sign-on

Apple is introducing Dolby Atmos audio, streamlined Sign-on and two major improvements in the Apple TV and for channels and services.

13. Big Updates to Apples Augmented Reality Platform

Apple is launching ARKit 2.0 which is the newest version of its development software for AR experiences on the iPhone. ARKit 2.0 will include features like more realistic rendering, face tracking, persistent experiences, 3D object detection and shared experiences.

14. App Store Has 500M Visitors Per Week, 20M Registered Developers And Holds $100B In Revenues

The company has revealed the big numbers of visitors, developers, and revenue for the Apple app store.
You can check more details and updates on the Apples official page of WWDC 2018.


Each year the Worldwide Developers Conference of Apple brings interesting things; giving rise to new innovations in terms of its devices, OS, and in the field of iPhone app development. As this year, the major updates are in its operating systems, the iOS app development area will also experience some interesting changes in terms of apps functionality and features. Do you want to build an iPhone app with iOS 12 and these latest updates? Contact us to get the latest iPhone and iPad app development solutions.