Apple Highlights from WWDC
Finally, the wait is over for the iPhone lovers. The much-awaited new models of the iPhone have been revealed. In addition, the new iOS 12, the latest version of the world’s most advanced mobile operating system and new MacOS have been introduced.

Starting today, the company hopes to set a new tone for a year. Here are some of the highlights from the event.

iOS 12 Made an Entry

Of course, it wasn’t surprising to hear the announcement of iOS 12 since it was much expected. The breakout highlights is a Digital health dashboard, which was leaked last week, but it is now officially announced. This feature will be useful in overuse of the phone. The do not disturb feature will give you freedom from unwanted attention to group notifications, while you are heading for the bed, and set a timer how long you want to use the app daily.

Unlike android’s presentation of the feature, Apple will allow the user to ignore and snooze the screen time limit they have put on themselves.

iPhone XS, iPhone XS MAX and iPhone XR

Apple has announced their new models the iPhone XS, iPhone XS MAX and iPhone XR with new iOS 12. They are an iteration of the previously launched iPhone X, but the XS MAX stands out in one very notable way; It’s so much larger. It has a 6.5-inch screen, making it bigger phone than Samsung famously large galaxy note line.


Iphone XS- $999

Iphone XS MAX (larger version)- $1099

Iphone XR- $749

Visually Enticing Fun on iOS

The new feature they have introduced is the same as Samsung, which is “Memoji.” The augmented reality implemented emoji, which lets the user customize their faces and make Memojis. In addition, the new “Tongue detection” mode has added the gem to create Animoji.

Coming to the most used feature of the phone, yes, I am talking about photos. Apple has taken inspiration from the Google photos by giving search suggestion for the specific person, place or events. Moreover, there is also a feature like a facebook, which shows “on this day reminders”, of a picture, you took years ago.

In text messages, there are new emojis, stickers, text, and drawing built into app camera. The iOS 12 now supports facetime, which lets users talk up to 32 people.

Siri Gets an Update

Siri is getting a command from the smartphone app usage behavior. A new shortcut app lets you add your action as well if you want to customize an option, such as an order at the coffee shop with all your specific dietary preferences. You can also combine more actions as well.

Introducing macOS Mojave

With macOS Mojave, Apple has continued its naming an OS name after a beautiful landscape.

The dark mode feature not only turns black the finder window but it comes with an inverted look to Xcode, too. It has also a new feature called Safari that blocks tracking sites like Facebook’s like, comment feature, and asks you to allow it to appear when you’re browsing a website.

Apple watch series 4

Apple has announced an Apple watch series 4, with a bigger display, faster processor, in addition, built-in EKG scanner. The display looks great compared to its predecessor. The colors are bright and look vivid on a fully black background.

The main takeaway is that it has improved health features, including fall detection and better heart rate monitoring.

Inside the watch, there is new and faster dual-core 64-bit s4 processor that is custom-designed to increase performance.

Dolby Atoms Arrive on Apple TV 4K

At last, Dolby atoms support is coming to Apple TV 4K. In the fall, it will update its iTunes library to include Dolby atoms in support movies, TV shows and music videos free.

With the provision of the updated OS and extra features, let’s see how much it attracts the customers. What are your plans to upgrade your mobile app to iOS 12? If you want to stay in the competition of the best business then you need to serve the best. Your customers are expecting iOS 12 compatible features in your app.

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