Apple 2019 WWDC-keynotes

This year Apple’s WWDC event was completely packed with upgrades. The entire event was divided into major categories as per the devices tvOS, watchOS, macOS, and iOS.

The entire event can be wrapped into 6 major announcements:

1. Homepod:

What can I do with Apple HomePod?
Apple has introduced a strong competitor for Amazon’s Echo. The homepod apple speaker is focused mainly on music first and not on siri. With basic inbuilt skills like Music, News, Unit conversion, Messages, Reminders, podcasts, translations, sports and a lot more. With an Apple A8 chip, it provides Real-time acoustic modeling, Audio beam-forming, and multi-channel echo cancellation.

2. TvOS:

The only major thing Tim Cook announced this year is the integration of Amazon Prime video to the Apple TV. Apple tv has expanded its partners to roughly around 50 including NBC, CBS, HBO NOW, ID and much more. Apple has promised more updates later this year.

3. WatchOS4:

About watchOS 4 Updates
The best thing I liked in the WWDC was Apple watch faces.

The siri watch face provides proactive updates throughout the day your various appointments, movie tickets and many different cards can be shown on.

It also has a kaleidoscope face and a Disney-inspired face, which lives play whenever the face is raised. Watchos is also upgrading to a health initiative. It provides monthly challenges to the users as per the past experiences, visual celebrations for the milestone reached and inspiration to reach the goals.

Apple has also added a pool swim workout and tracking of multiple workouts in a row. And small updates like blinking of flashlights for the night run, continuous monitoring of glucose sensors and calorie burning data.

4. MacOS:

How to upgrade to macOS High Sierra
Apple introduced a new version of macOS called high Sierra. With auto blocking of videos and intelligent tracking prevention on websites, Safari search engine is revamped. Apple clarifies that this is nothing related to what the Google was planning to add to the Chrome, as it is not an ad blocker.

Mailing is now smoother with MacOS. THE SEARCH WITHIN THE mail WILL now USE spotlight and now there will be an option for full-screen spilt view in MAIL. The best thing about mails is, it will now use 35% less disk space. High Sierra also has the latest Apple file system as the default file management system, making the task of maintaining the files easier. And lastly, a new version of Metal graphics is introduced “Metal2”. Metal 2 is not just about the graphics it also has the ability of machine learning. MacOS high Sierra is available now as the developer beat version and is soon going to be live as the public beta version.

5. iOS 11

ios-11 features
Tim Cook introduced iOS 11 with shortcut drawers for stickers and iMessage apps. The conversions are automatically synchronized with icloud. Ios 11 is also packed with new features for Siri; Siri is now capable of offering more natural male and female voices by using deep learning. The new siri is able to understand the context better and can translate into other languages.

Other iOS 11 updates are unified lock screens, redesigned control centers, unified notification centers and new updates to the messages. Apple pay now allows the user to pay for friends and family members. Maps are now also available for indoors of malls and airports along with lane guidance and navigations.

6. iMac and ipads:

iMac Pro features
APPLE pleased its users with the launch of new iMac model; iMac pro. Imac Pro is a space gray high-end Mac with up to 18 core Xeon processor and discrete Radeon Vega graphics. It will have twice the memory of usual 27-inch iMac and built in 10 gigabit Ethernet. THE SDXC port will have 4 USB 3 ports, 4 Thunderbolt ports, Ethernet and a headphone jack.

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Now enters the new iPad Pro 10.5-inch display with a compatible design of 20% larger display and weight of just 1 pound. A perfect size to display a full-size on-screen keyboard. The new iPad display has incredible features like true tone display, HDR video, ultralow reflectivity, wide color gamut and much more.

Apple has shown its spot to its competitor in a clear way. It’s good to see the apple’s approach towards the user’s compatibility and usability.