Artificial Intelligence: A Modern Approach

Artificial Intelligence is becoming more and more natural with time and the future is not far when there could be as many IoT devices as there are people in the world. Even at present, companies like IBM have created AI projects like “The Debater” that can successfully debate live with humans on almost any given topic.

Over the past five years, Artificial Intelligence Development has boomed the world. Young technology enthusiasts are opting for artificial intelligence developer as a profession, enterprises are looking for ways to opt AI Software development to revamp their business operations.

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What Is Artificial Intelligence Technology?

Artificial Intelligence Technology

Let’s Begin With Artificial Intelligence Overview

Artificial Intelligence development is empowering machines to behave like humans. The machines are controlled by computer systems and these systems are programmed in a way to learn, analyze and self-correct.

The impact of AI on our daily lives can be seen in areas like security, surveillance, data-driving, data expertise and cyber security. If you are searching an answer for “how to program artificial intelligence” then let me tell you that, artificial intelligence programming need a strong grasp on the languages like Python, Java, Prolog, and C++.

Why Artificial Intelligence (AI) Technologies Is Trending

AI Technologies Trending

As per the latest report by Narrative science, by 2018 62% of companies will be using Artificial Intelligence in their surveys.
Also, IDC has predicted the market for AI from $ 8 billion to $47 billion in 2020.

Artificial intelligence solution is making a machine think intelligently. Earliest AI projects were developed with an intention to make machines think and behave like humans do. Started with Apple Siri and now progressing rapidly towards self-driving cars, latest artificial intelligence technologies are invading our life.

Soon we are going to witness an era in which machines will tell us what to do. With the availability of powerful sensors, real-time rich data and powerful analysis tools artificial intelligence are invading in each aspect of our daily functions.


Mobile apps have already made our life easier with anywhere, anytime access to daily services. Today, almost every service has an On Demand App Development solution like taxi booking, grocery shopping, and ticket booking.

Now The Question Arises Is: How Artificial Intelligence Will Transform The Mobile App development?

Mobile apps with their ability to access location can be utilized to deliver unique AI solutions, with the help of latest sensors (context-aware computing) and AI technologies; mobile apps are redefining several operations which were earlier chaotic for human beings.

Want a proof?

Here is the list of some real-life examples of Artificial Intelligence solutions with sensors and mobile apps:

Port Of Hamburg Traffic Management

Port Of Hamburg Traffic Management

The port sensors update the system with the status of ship docking and the same detail will be transferred to the truck drivers. The drivers drive into the port area only after getting the confirmation to avoid traffic congestion.

Diageo Company For Supply Chain

The company uses extremely thin electronic sensors which can interpret information like whether the bottle is open or not, its status in the supply chain. These sensors also allow the customers to scan the bottle from the smartphones.

Diageo Company For Supply Chain

How Enclosing Artificial Intelligence solutions Into The mobile Apps Can Initiate In User Experience Improvement

When asked about AI, people always think about a talking robot that gives amazing responses to asked questions. This is true for AI but not just the only application. There are many small level AI integrations that many businesses can do to their websites and apps to give their users an exceptional experience of AI. Many large enterprises use AI as mentioned above but AI is also for the small and medium industries. Below mentioned are just some examples where industries have already started integrating AI technology into their systems.

The best way to explain the importance of AI in the smartphone is; iPhone’s facial recognition system augmented reality apps and animated emojis.

These Are Some Popular mobile Apps Using Artificial Intelligence To Deliver A New Scenario To The World:

Starbucks Coffee


The mobile app of Starbucks allows the users to order a coffee through voice commands to Amazon Alexa just the way you order to a barista in the store.

Healthapp Screen


This is a medical app which asks symptoms and some related follow-up questions through Amazon Alexa and gives a compiled list of causes and also provides the ranking of the ailment based on its seriousness.



This AI-powered app identifies food-items, animals, plants, currencies and multiple language texts and speaks out loud whatever it identifies.

A Groovy Trend: Artificial Intelligence With Voice Recognition

Heard of Amazon Alexa, Apple’s Siri, and Microsoft’s Cortana?

Well, these are the trends of this era, working on human commands. Soon the game of remote controlling will die, as everything will be voice enabled. Here are top three outcomes of AI with voice recognition.

Natural Language Processing

Natural Language Processing

Statistical machine learning methods are used to understand sentence structure, meaning, intent, sentiment to support text analytics for the natural language processing. This technique is majorly used in fraud detection, security, and mining unstructured data.

Speech Recognition

This method is used to transforming the human speech into a format useful for computer applications. It is currently used in interactive voice response systems and mobile apps.

Speech Recognition
Natural Language Generation

Natural Language Generation

A machine representation system task will be processed into natural language i.e creating text from the computer data. Natural language generation is mainly used report generation, customer service and summarizing business intelligence insights.

Hottest AI Technologies You Can Leverage For Your Business

Virtual Agents

Advanced systems and chatbot development for a better network creation with humans is the Trending Technology nowadays. This technology is currently in a boom in the customer service field and smart home management area.

Machine Learning Platforms

Currently, several enterprises mobile applications are utilizing this AI tech for generating APIs, Algorithms, training and developing toolkits. The main usage is related to the field of prediction and classification to deploy or train models into applications, machines or processes.

Deep Learning Platforms

The multiple abstraction layer will be used for utilizing the artificial neural network; a special type of machine learning. This technology is presently useful in applications which require large data sets for pattern recognition and classification.


This field is primarily used for market research in enabling natural interactions between machines and humans. It includes touch recognition, image recognition, speech and body language.

Robotic Process Automation

Artificial Intelligence will be assisting the software bots to automate the organizational workflows and processes. The best example of this is blue prism and Redwood software.

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AI For Marketers

Businesses are using artificial intelligence solutions to make their operations more efficient. This is the era of freeing up the human agents do the strategic work, while AI technology will handle the rest of your customer services.

Chatbot Development For Anytime Assistance

Chatbots development will help businesses to create a new form of connection between you and your customers by offering essential guidance and latest features.

Track New Opportunities

There are now several tools available which leverage AI to scan thousands of data points. This helps the marketing professionals to generate new ideas for campaigns and content.

Smart Content Curation

Showcase the relevant content to your visitor and get them engaged with your website. The best example here is, Netflix always will keep you recommending new shows that you’d be interested in.

Customer Insights

AI will assist in displaying the most relevant products and services as per the visitor’s interaction with the website.

Future Prediction

AI development can be used to identify patterns that can be a result of future issues by leveraging anomaly detection and correlating the events.

There Is No Doubt That Machines Are Going To Rule The World In The Future.

I am sure you must be impressed with the impact and usage of Artificial Intelligence technology.

But do you know you can use Artificial Intelligence Development Solutions for your business growth as well? Be upgraded with the AI technology trends, otherwise your competitor will win your spot.

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