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Study the Application Development Cost

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A complete understanding of the factors that are affected while developing an app.

  • Factors That Affect Mobile App Development Cost
  • Mobile App Development Cost: Feature-Wise
  • Hidden Mobile App Development Cost
  • How to Create an App on a Budget?
  • Cost Calculator
  • How App Development Agencies Charge You?
  • What is Our Approach?
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Build the Best App for Your Business

Having an app for your business is a wise decision. But investing in it without thinking about all the aspects backfires and does not give you an expected RoI.

Sometimes development companies don’t tell you the hidden expenses that affect the final price of the application. You feel cheated or manipulated by the firm because you were not disclosed during a discussion about the unknown charges.

Hence, by taking everything into account, we have carried out meticulous research, categorizing every factor and hidden costs to make a detailed guide on the application development cost. Enjoy reading!

Frequently asked questions

  1. How Much Does It Cost to Create an App for Your Business?

    An easy way to get a ballpark cost of your App is to use a simple formula;
    Cost of App = Development time * Rate per hour
    Development time= Total Hours taken in needed features development.

  2. How Much Does It Cost to Build an Android/iPhone App?

    Well, the cost of app development may vary a little for Android and iOS platforms. To give you a general idea, the cost depends on so many factors like app development company, region of the company, the complexity of the application, its UI/UX design, API integrations, and it goes on.

    No one can give you the exact cost of the app development. Based on the factors mentioned above, you can get an average cost idea for your application. The e-Book shared by Excellent Webworld is one of the best ways to get an answer to your queries. Or, you can even have a word with their experts for in-depth details!

ebook for education tech

Impacts of Technology on the Education Sector

A Peek of Education Digital Transformation

A detailed study of the education industry digitization benifits

Get in-depth knowledge of making your Institute the best in town by providing students with the best learning atmosphere.

  • Why is technology important in education?
  • Trends in educational technology.
  • Why is advanced personalized learning meaningful?
  • Different types of blended learning.
  • How does technology impact learning in the classroom?
  • Why are mobile apps the need of an hour?
  • How Augmented Reality in education works?
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Make Your Education System a Success With Digitization

Recent statistics show that the educational apps category is third among the most popular Apple App store categories in 2021.

Also, students today are driving innovation; they have curious minds and are willing to collaborate and experiment with new ways of learning to feed their curious minds. This is the reason that educators are developing educational apps to integrate educational technology into their teaching methods. Also, educators are interested in revolutionizing their institute with smart classes.

If you have second thoughts about digitizing your Educational Institute, then first read how education digital transformation can help you in transforming your Institute and bringing lucrative benefits.

Our guide will provide you with all the information you need before digitizing your business.

FAQs – Education Digital Transformation

  1. What is Educational Technology?

    Educational Technology is about developing and implementing innovative educational approaches for learning things most creatively.

    From ancient abacus and handheld calculators and slide projectors to Virtual Reality, educational digital transformation continues to evolve in exciting ways, inspiring students and teachers.

  2. What is EdTech, and how is technology changing education?

    EdTech is bringing together education with technology and enhancing the experience of teachers and students. It’s combining hardware and software to bring in the best productivity from both ends.

    Technology has profoundly changed the education system. For instance, people had to travel to centers to get an education. Today, massive amounts of information(audios, videos, and books) are available at one’s fingertips through the Internet. Today, technology enables forms of communication and collaboration, unlike in the past. 

  3. How should I start a start-up for online education?

    The best way to start up with an online education system is to develop an app for your Institute. There is no doubt that educational app development is a successful idea, and institutes earn a handful of money. 

    So the time is right to use technology-driven models for your business. Start by building your educational apps and enter the world of education digital transformation.

  4. How to engage more students in the IoT?

    IoT devices give students better access to everything from learning materials to communication channels, and they give teachers the ability to measure student learning progress in real-time.

    More engagement of students can be done through:-

    Adaptive and Personalized Lessons

    Active and Thought-Provoking Information

    Highly Visual Instructions

  5. What are the most efficient ways to generate revenue from an educational app?

    With evolving market trends, the educational apps are anticipated to remain in demand. Thus, building an educational app is a must for your institute. Well, there are many efficient ways to generate revenue from an educational app. Such as:-

    Paid App Versions
    In-App Purchases
    Referral Program
    Paid Updates
    Subscription Fees
    Online Store
    White Labeling
    Course Fees

eBook for uber

The Complete Guide of How Uber Makes Money

Study How Uber Became the Talk of the Town

A detailed study of the strategies and impacts of Uber over 10 years

A complete guide on how Uber has worked in becoming the best business model in worldwide.

  • Why is the Uber model considered the best in the world?
  • How does Uber make money?
  • Uber’s decade-long journey 2009-2019.
  • The Uber service. Simplified.
  • Uber’s ride service categories
  • What’s so special about Uber?
  • The good. The bad. The competitors.
  • How to start your taxi app?
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Make the Best Taxi- App Like Uber

Make the Best Taxi- App Like Uber

Did you know that the latest Statista reports indicate that the revenue of taxi services in the U.S will amount to $2.84 billion by 2022?.

The figures indicate that the future of the taxi business is promising. Further, if you research a little more on the internet and realize that following the Uber business model is highly lucrative.

But you may end up with more in-depth questions on how to start your own taxi services business.

However, you don’t have to be an expert in the transportation field before starting this uber business. All you need to know ranges from the app features, business model to the cost of realizing the next Uber business idea.

Therefore, all these questions are answered in detail in a complete guide to the costs and options in the online taxi service app.

FAQs – Uber Makes Money

  1. Why Is This Book Useful for Taxi Owners?

    The on-demand taxi business is a lucrative business idea. So if you are someone who is thinking of pursuing a taxi business, then the Ebook can be a perfect guide for you. The Ebook provides you with a brief overview of the business strategy and history of the world’s biggest on-demand rideshare service, Uber. Also, it can aid you with what you should and shouldn’t do with your taxi business.

  2. How Do I Make My Taxi Business Profitable?

    The taxi business is one of the most lucrative businesses. However, there is also a lot of competition. In the current scenario, your taxi business should be unique compared to other taxi services. Therefore, you should consider developing an excellent mobile app for your business as an app provides convenient services to the users. The Ebook can be your helping hand to adapt some of the best taxi-business strategies.

  3. Why Do You Need an App like Uber for Your Taxi Business?

    The Uber business model is considered among the best business strategies running in the world at this moment. Therefore Uber earns a million dollars in a year. So if you are thinking of building an app like Uber, you need to study the app features and functionalities. The Ebook provides you with an in-depth knowledge of how the app became the talk of the town.