Almost everything happens on the internet nowadays. The introduction of smartphones made a major revolution in our everyday lives, as most people cannot imagine a day without checking their smartphone. Appgeeks even estimates that the number of mobile users is bound to rise to a whopping 2.2 billion by 2020, so there’s no time like the present to start thinking about how to use this to your advantage.

Mobility is transforming our daily lives; with apps like Uber, Zomato, TicTok, and Airbnb. Today; mobile app development and mobile marketing have become an important aspect. Let’s have a look at what is mobile marketing

What Is Mobile Marketing?

It is defined as a multi-channel online marketing technique and is focused at reaching people who use the internet on their smartphones, tablets, or any similar device. Through this kind of marketing, customers can acquire time and location sensitive, personalized information, which promotes products and services.

What Are The Benefits From Using Mobile Marketing?

More people are using mobile phone than personal computers or laptops, meaning that marketers who focus on smartphone users have a bigger online audience.

The content that companies create when targeting mobile users can be easily shared between users via chatting applications or social media, thus making it viral.

Major Companies Which Implemented Mobile Marketing So Far

Many companies decided to implement mobile marketing and it brought them great results. Let’s take a look at five brands which are already using it.

  • Swedish-founded multinational group specialized in designing and selling furniture and kitchen appliances IKEA launched a catalogue app in 2014, which allowed customers to preview the furniture in a room. This resulted in a 6.2 million of the app downloads.
  • American multinational Retailing Corporation Walmart changed its mobile site fonts, image, and code, which resulted in load time cut from 7.2 seconds to 2.3 seconds.
  • British multinational fashion retailer Topshop added a new mobile layer, which resulted in a 4% increase in products added to basket, while a search bar generated a 5.8% increase in CR.
  • American coffee company and coffeehouse chain Starbucks ran an SMS messaging campaign, by which customers could register for the program “My Starbucks Rewards”. This led to customers loading $1.2 billion onto Starbucks gift cards in a year.
  • American multinational automaker Ford ran a mobile text messaging promotion where people were sending text with the word “FORD” for more info on the vehicles, which increased CR by 15.4%.

What Lies Ahead?

When we look at the fact that almost half of the world’s population accessed the internet in 2017, it is no wonder why companies are using this way of advertising. With the current trend of using smartphones for shopping, we can be sure that more and more companies are going to start using mobile marketing to bring their products or services closer to their customers worldwide.

Benefits of Mobile Marketing

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