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Our Top Apps Of Each Week

13 August

Spotify App

Listen to Your Favorite Music & Podcast

6 August

Keto App

Best Keto App for Weight Loss

30 July

StyleSeat App

A Salon Appointment Booking App

23 July

Turo App

Best Car Rental App like Turo

16 July

Walmart Shopping & Grocery

Walmart App - Shopping & Grocery

9 July

Amazon Alexa App

Amazon Alexa App - Your Smart Assistant

2 July

Fishing Points App

Best Fishing App

25 June

The WSJ App

Best Platform for Business and Market News

18 June

Rover App

A Dog Walking App

How Do We Choose These Apps Of The Week?

We release a new app each week, the top application of the week, a new one after every 7 days. These apps that we choose come from different categories like Food, Transport, On-Demand Services, Health & Fitness, Sports, Entertainment, etc.

Our aim with these apps of the week is to introduce you to the best mobile applications from around the world from every category, whether the application of the week is iOS, Android, Hybrid, or Web-based.

Excellent Webworld has been actively developing the best smartphone apps for almost a decade. You can build the next multi-million dollar app startup by partnering with us.


The apps that you read about in the App Of The Week section are not necessarily developed by us. We are in no way a part of the development team of those apps. Our intention is just to illustrate and inform about the best apps that we find inspiring and world changing.

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