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France Is The Next Target Of Nextdoor – A Neighbourhood social networking app

Following a steady and slow growth across the U.S., the Nextdoor, A neighborhood app is now set to launch in the fourth country which is France. Nextdoor is somewhat like a minute Facebook for neighborhoods. It’s the best means to connect with the neighbors, buy and sell things, exchange tips, and so on.

Neighbourhood social networking app; Nextdoor co-founder and CEO Nirav Tolia said, “The launching of Nextdoor in France signifies an imperative step in our sustained European expansion. The significance in connecting people to what is most essential to them locally exceeds national boundaries, and we are delighted that our early tests were got a huge enthusiasm,” “We are now focusing to help neighbours across France  to make use of Nextdoor so as to build local connections each day and strengthen the neighborhood.

Hypothetically, Nextdoor private social network for your neighborhood appears to be an ideal platform for extensive communities in the U.S. However the company believes that big European cities are also supposed to make use of it. This is the reason that Nextdoor exists in the Germany, Netherlands, U.K and now in France.

In the U.S there are more than 165,000 active neighborhoods representing 90 percent of Nextdoor neighborhoods in the five countries of the company.

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Nextdoor, A Neighbourhood social networking app has millions and millions of users since an average, each neighborhood have about 1,200 households. Further, entirely the company has gained hundreds of millions of dollars. With this amount of funding, it’s quite convenient for Nextdoor to compete with Mesvoisins in France.


Private social network for your neighborhood, Nextdoor like app are proving to be great startup ideas in the growing era of competition. When you will think about an excellent concept behind Nextdoor, there is no need to wonder why it is touching the sky in such short period of time. This could be one of the best money making startup ideas if considered and can render you enormous success in the huge app market.

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