Notorious for being the most dangerous and unsecure, Kik app got pivoted to a crypto platform. There were many criminal cases that were filed in the US which one way or another way was linked to the messaging platform Kik. To keep up with the pace with other chat apps, Kik tried to fill the app with the unnecessary features and functionalities that made the app unstable and ultimately it got shut down.

If you are one of them who loved to chat on this infamous platform and looking for Kik alternatives, then we have curated a list of many apps like Kik that could aid you to stay connected with your loved ones. We have listed some of the most secure and popular apps that we guarantee will fill the void created by Kik messenger. Let’s have a look.

5 Most PopularApps like Kik

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1. Snapchat

Started as a person to person chatting service, another chatting an app like Kik, Snapchat now has included multiple features that allow its user to send short videos, live video chatting, create caricature-like bitmoji avatars, and share a chronological story which is broadcasted to all your followers.

The app creates a FOMO (fear of missing out) by adding a story feature that lets the user share the snap that only lasts only 24 hours. The app has other impressive features that make it the fastest and real-time chat application.

Prior to Snapchat most of the messenger apps were worked on the same principle; accumulating data. The data you post stays on the internet and anyone could anytime look at that. This is not in the case of Snapchat. The snap you send to the person disappears once he or she has seen it.

The messenger application has amazing AR filters which makes the app more fun and engaging.

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2. Whatsapp

Allowing its user to chat with one to one and one to many, WhatsApp is the world’s most used, easiest and trustworthy Messanger platform. When the app was launched back in 2009, it could only be used on iOS phones with limited features like chat and photo & video sharing.

Today the app has the most advanced features that allow its users to stay connected with their loved once via video call, group chat, voice call, and voice chat. WhatsApp also lets its users share documents and files in various formats like pdf, doc, and more.

This messenger App like Kik has engaging and interactive stickers that make the conversation interesting and fun.

WhatsApp comes with a facility for users to continue their chat in the desktop version by syncing the mobile app to its desktop app called WhatsApp web. Since WhatsApp allows end to end encryption, your message only reaches to your intended users.

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3. Telegram

Telegram is the cloud-based chat application that allows fully encrypted, self-destructing, and secure messaging. The app boasts of having 365 million daily users globally.
Telegram app messenger is available for every device. Whether its a mobile, desktop, mac, or Linux, the app has its presence on multiple platforms.

People are loving telegram because the app provides faster messaging. Apart from that, alike WhatsApp, the app provides one to one chat options and group chat options.

Many users love to use telegram because of its unique secret chat feature and its self-destructing message algorithm. You can set a timer for deleting the chats automatically. The timer can be set from anything from one second to one week.

The privacy feature of the app lets users delete payment or shipping information that happened in the conversation. Evermore, this app like Kik messenger has also an option for self-deleting accounts and other information you are not using it for more than 6 months.

In addition to chat and video chat, the telegram has become famous for its channel feature. By using this feature, users can join their favorite channel and share links to anything they want. There are many channels on the telegram which broadcasts informational links to an educational video, entertainment videos, funny videos, and important articles.

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4. Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messanger is Facebook’s chat messenger that allows its users to chat with their Facebook friends and send emojis, stickers, photos videos, and other tasks.

In order to get started with the Facebook messenger, you have to have a Facebook account. Once you have a Facebook account you can download the messenger app from Play Store, Apple Store, and many other platforms.

If we talk about the features of the Facebook messenger, then the app is simple to use as any other chatting apps. The app facilitates its users to connect with each other through photos, videos, and many other ways.

You can send GIF files and emojis to make your conversation fun. You can also add a nickname and change the theme for the chat screen.

Recent updates of the Facebook messenger have made it possible to send money to a Facebook friend. By using Facebook bots you can know about the weather and place a product in the cart if you are shopping. Moreover, the messenger app lets you book a Lyft or Uber by integrating it.

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5. Viber

Viber is yet another secure messaging app that has its share of loyal users. Viber is a person to person chat app like Kik which allows its user to stay connected via chat, photo, video, voice, and more.

The messenger app like Viber has useful features that make it perfect for staying connected with your friends and family. Viber also claims the app to be secure and trustworthy dues to its end to end encryption.

The application prevents the data breaches and does not eavesdrop any information during the chat conversation.

There are some chat messenger apps that have in the past had stolen the vital information of users. Viber makes sure that the message you have sent is received by only one who is intended to get it. The app even comes with features like a secret chat that allows the messages to delete automatically when the recipient has read it.

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You would find many Kik like apps in the play store and app store but there are few that are user-friendly, feature-rich, and most importantly secure. There are many messenger apps like kik that eavesdrop your data and information for commercial purposes without informing you about it. It is better to stay away from these kinds of app and choose those apps that provide end to end encryption and allow you a smooth chat experience.

Do you think you have a similar messenger app idea? Get in touch and develop an app like Kik to get into the era of chat and entertainment application development.