What Celebrity Apps Do

A funny definition of a celebrity can be “somebody who works hard all his life to be popular and then wears dark glasses to avoid being sighted”.

Successful career associated with sports, politics, and entertainment is commonly associated with celebrity status. Celebrities are those public figures who have a strong influence on normal people.

The public figures are celebrities who had received a status of fame and attention like Maria Sharapova, Barrack Obama, Amitabh Bachan, Priyanka Chopra, Malala Yousaf Zai and much more.

Why celebrities built their own mobile app

Fans are the best part for any celebrity. Fans can follow their celebrities on social media like facebook, Instagram, twitter etc. but having a social media account is a common and old way.

Fans want to know all the happening in their favourite celebrity’s life . They want to know what their role models are doing, what is their perspective on important news,

How they behave in normal life etc. and for that they have to follow many social media platforms like to see the pictures of their celebrity they will visit Instagram to know their thoughts they will check twitter and many more things.

This makes it difficult for the fans; the best solution to this is having a mobile app.

Having a celebrity website or celebrity mobile app will help you to communicate with your fans directly. On your mobile app you can update your pictures, post your thought and update your daily doings. In today’s technology-dependent world having a presence on the internet is necessary.

Mobile has scored an important part in every person’s life. From youngsters to oldies, everyone is using mobile. An average person checks it’s mobile 110 times a day.

All the famous celebrities like Emma Watson, Hilary Duff, etc are using smartphones. They are always on their phones updating their events and pictures, what they are doing, where they are going and all their daily activities are updated from their phones and we can see that most of them are using iPhone.

Today celebrities are not only limited to their certain work area, but they are also developing an interest in technology and for their tech-savvy minds developers are working for them.

A personal mobile app is the latest trend in the market opted by celebrities to communicate with their fans. The best example is Barrack Obama, did you noticed that the mobile app of Obama sir is only for iOS users?

Yes, it is because of the security features, encryption and large impact of the iPhone on the market. With the increase in popularity of iPhones among users, it is a must to have an application on iTunes. Any application on the iPhone will attract the right users.

Politicians are opting iPhone mobile applications for addressing their thoughts to their public. In the technical era, the best way a leader can express its ideas is through the mobile application.

All the citizens that a politician can target are having a mobile phone and they all are spending 80% of their time on their phones. The best way to explain my point is through the example of U.S elections.

Hillary Clinton and Donald trumph both had launched their apps on iTunes. They had utilized the technology in the best way. Both had posted their ideas, thoughts, future plans in their applications to give the voters the exact idea of what they wanted to do for their people.

They had proved that personal mobile apps are the best way to market your skills and ideas.

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