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Client Overview

Our client was a health researcher in the US. Seeing as the COPD is leading to a reduced life expectancy and poorer quality of life, he determined to take a step to aid COPD sufferers with digital healthcare app solutions.

With this intent, he approached Excellent WebWorld and discussed the idea and requirements to develop a connected health solution for COPD management.


Hybrid-iOS-Android-AQI API
iHealth Air Pulse Oximeter
PhoneGap Plugin
Health Management App Development Solutions
COPD management solutions

AIM of The Project

The objective of this project was to fabricate an IoT enabled daily management tool for COPD sufferers to offer home monitoring and assistance of the health and edification of the COPD. Another significant intends were helping people to quit smoking and find out a way, giving awareness of the outdoor pollution risk.

Client Requirement

The client needed to build a connected COPD Management App that will track the health parameters measured with the wearable device i.e. iHealth Air Pulse Oximeter.

The client further wanted to implement a way to educate users for COPD, measure their smoking level, and assess the air pollution based on user’s geolocation.

COPD app development


  • Design the Complete Connected Health Solution
  • Conduct QA Processes
  • Track and Send Air Pollution Information
  • Connect the iHealth Air Pulse Oximeter with Mobile App to track the health assessment results.
Connected Healthcare Solution


  • User Profile
  • Learning COPD
  • Health Monitoring
  • Smoking Level Assessment
  • Clinical COPD Questionnaire
  • Loyalty Points
  • Pollution Assessment
  • Personalized Motivational Messages
  • Push Notification for Health Tips

COPD Demo Video


  • Our digital health apps experts developed the My Lung App for iOS and Android.
  • Utilizing the existing iHealth care apps’ SDK, the team has built PhoneGap plugin which connects the iHealth Air Pulse Oximeter with My Lung App so that users could easily track their health parameter like blood oxygen level, pulse rate, and perfusion index.
  • A World Air Quality Index API is used to get the air pollution information based on users’ geolocation and a notification will be sent to them.
  • We have fabricated different test cases under which all the functionalities of the My Lung App were successfully tested.