So you are looking for Node.JS Developers for your project. There are many key points to consider before hiring Node.JS development services, which will be discussed in this Node.JS blog. But before that, you need to know about Node.JS platform and whether it will be useful for your project or not.

What is Node.JS?

Node JS is a server-side platform used by Node.JS developers to build server and network applications. Node JS works as a link between front-end and back-end; also, Node.JS is currently the fastest server-side web application development platform with the ability to run across distributed devices.

In layman’s term, think of a restaurant counter where a customer places his order and waits at the counter till his order is fulfilled. Now as long as the order (task) is not finished the other customers have to wait behind the first customer. If you wish to serve multiple customers you may need more counters which may not be affordable. This solution is similar to PHP where it creates a new instance for every request.

Now, Node.JS works as a single counter where it takes the order of a customer and makes the customer wait on the side while attending to next customer and when the order is ready calls the first customer and hands over the parcel. So Node.JS doesn’t waste time on single task and keeps multitasking with many requests.

Steps of working in PHP:

  • Receives a request from the user for a file system.
  • Waits for the file system to open and reads the file.
  • Returns the content to the client.
  • Ready to handle the next request.

Steps of working in Node.js:

  • Receives a request from the user for a file system.
  • Ready to handle the next request.
  • After the file is opened and read, the server returns the content to the client.

Node.js eliminates the waiting period of the server and simply continues with the next user request. The best feature of node.js is that it has an asynchronous way of execution which is useful if you need to execute several tasks simultaneously.

Node.js is the tailor-made platform for applications where you’d like to maintain a continuous connection between the browsers and the server. It runs on JavaScript, so you can even share some code between server-side and client-side. This makes Node.JS a very useful platform to create real-time applications like chatting platforms, live-tracking, streaming data apps, etc. Node.JS is used in many web applications like stock market apps, live-tracking in taxi apps, sports, and election updates on websites. Any application where live data transfer between browser and server is required works on Node.JS platform.

Now that you have a pretty good idea about Node.JS’s forte, you can finally decide if it is the right platform to build your project. You need to also decide which framework is best for your project. To know about the best Node.JS frameworks at present go to Most Popular Node.js frameworks in 2022.

Advantages of opting Node.JS

Although Node.JS developers for hire may seem difficult to find, they actually aren’t. A JavaScript programmer has enough knowledge to migrate to Node.JS; most of the developers know how to write codes for the server as well as client-side apps.

Node.js with react for web development has a large number of code packages and modules, which can be used to build web applications. Node Package Manager (NPM) is an online archive where open source Node.JS projects are published. NPM is also a provider of packages of re-usable codes which can be assembled as per your requirements.

With around 650,000 reusable codes NPM hosts the world’s largest collection of Node.JS projects.

Skills needed in Node.JS developers

Pre-requisite skills

  • The candidate should know basics of design thinking, logic, etc. that proves the developer is not just a cut-n-paste type guy.
  • Expertise in JavaScript and Node.JS with knowledge of both front-end and back-end technologies, server-side logic.
  • Good grasp of how systems and processes work in a JavaScript based environment with the proper skill to integrate modules and debug existing bugs.

Practical skills

  • Knowledge of NPM and Github type repositories and experience in assembling sections of codes from these repositories according to project demand.
  • Understanding in implementation standards across company platforms.
  • Proficient in using the contemporary long-term support system in Node.JS, currently version 8.9.0 (Cobra).
  • Should have experience in different protocols besides HTTP, like XMPP server/client, peer to peer protocols, etc. This proves they have more understanding in the implementation of the platform.
  • Having experience working in open-source Node.JS projects on collaborative platforms like Github and NPM. An expert Node.JS is most probably an active member of such Node.JS communities.
  • Ability to monitor the application using tools like Prometheus to find and solve the problem if something goes wrong with the application.
  • Higher preference to DevOp: a programmer who is also involved in operations. Such developers are preferred more as they know about operations of Node.JS in inclusion with development and can handle issues like crashing servers, load balancing, scaling applications.
  • Expertise in Node security as this platform involves JavaScript; there is a higher security risk for your application from server-side JavaScript injection, and malware. So the Node.JS developer you hire should be proficient in Node security.
  • Experience with any of the JavaScript frameworks like Expree.JS, Angular, Veu.JS, Koa, etc.

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Mistakes to avoid while hiring Node.JS developers

  • Limiting search regionally

Generally, people looking for developers limit their search to their regional area. For places not developed technologically this leads to a candidate search ending with zero or very less and not so good prospects for the employers. It’s better to broaden your horizons to get the best results.

You can hire Node.JS developers from all across the globe including the US, UK, Europe, Australia, etc. Offshore Node.JS Programmers are as skillful as they are in your home country. If your budget doesn’t let you go for the 1st world countries, there are many 1st, 2nd, and 3rd world countries that have very talented developers who are ready to work for lower wages.

  • Create a proper job description

Providing proper and specific job details will help identify a Node.JS developer’s responsibility. This helps clear out many incapable candidates making your selection process quicker and easier.

Clearing out your expectations as an employer on the basis of duties, responsibilities, experience and anticipated skills will make it clearer for you, whom to select.

  • Preparing more personalized interview questions

Preparing the interview questions more specific to your project requirements is very helpful to clear out the heard from the real candidates. There are some basic technical questions that can guide you to your own list of questions.

  • Knowing the common mistakes in Node.JS

Programs and apps built with Node.js are very different from those based on other technologies or tools. Common mistakes like blocking the event loop, or invoking a callback more than once, or not using supervisor programs should be avoided, hence Node.JS programming needs an advanced strategic thinking from the Node.js developer.

  • Other frequent mistakes that people commit while hiring a Node.js developer are

Accepting only candidates with many years of experience Ignoring security concerns in programming, Preferring full-stack generalists over dedicated back-end engineers

Technical questions to be asked to a Node.JS developer

  • How does Node work and what is I/O?
  • What is an event-driven programming?
  • Can you give the difference between Node and Ajax?
  • What does the term “non-blocking” mean?
  • What is a callback?
  • Describe an event loop
  • Can you scale with the business growth?
  • Will there be any hidden costs besides the pre-decided budget?
  • What can you do to make a site ‘search engine friendly?

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The cost to hire Node.JS developers

Now to answer the million-dollar question you are looking for; how much does it cost to hire a Node.JS developer? There are many job sites from where you can hire a developer or you can go to an website and mobile app development company and hire their resources (developers) temporarily for one project.

Such an option is better as you are not tied to your employee and can change your developer instantly if you are not satisfied.

According to Indeed, the average Node.JS developer salary in the USA is $111,000 with the range starting from $78,000 to $116,000 per year. For other countries the Node.JS developer salary would be:

UK: $84,000
Australia: $90,000
Germany: $50,000

If you are looking for a developer who is willing to work on hourly bases then the charge for such freelance developers range from $30 to $45. If you are looking for a more affordable option without compromising the quality of work then Offshore Node.JS programmers is what you are looking for.

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Hiring a Node.JS developer may turn out to be a real challenge at present time but to make sure that you get the best developer to work on your Node.JS project, being very selective while choosing the developer is advisable.

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