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Instagram’s Superzoom Lets You Record 3-Second Video

The most popular photo and video app, Instagram has always tried its best to serve something unique to its users, recently it has launched ‘Superzoom’ feature which resembles to the existing Boomerang tool and after exploiting, it feels like a close cousin of the Boomerang. Within a single tap, the feature allows you to create a Dramatic Chipmunk-style zoom.

Just highlight the tool in the story camera of the Instagram app and select the front- or rear-facing camera later tap the button. A single tap will record a 3-second Superzoom video, for the longer one you have to tap and hold.

The dramatic music enhances the feature and makes it more interesting. The feature is rolling out on iOS and Android.

The feature works on almost anything like the object lying closest to you or on your face or others face. Moreover, once you are done with the video, you can share it as a story or send it as a message directly to your friends. One can use it on a friend, an inanimate object, or an animal and can make any moment funny.

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Trending Short-form videos are proving to be the lifeblood of the story format. The Boomerangs tool particularly plays well in Instagram stories. Several companies and individuals have understood the scope of developing an app like Instagram incorporating such interesting features being admired by billion of users. Introducing such unique and engaging features Instagram is setting a benchmark for the market competitors. If you are thinking to build a photo-sharing app like Instagram, know what’s trending.

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