Ecommerce app design and website UI are more challenging than designing a basic web page. Do you know why?

This is because the goal of e commerce portal development and design is to sell products. And leading a user to the payment gateway is more complex than leading them on a landing page.

Well, regardless of what you are selling, to skyrocket your earnings, you will have to board the train of B2C/B2B ecommerce website design or ecommerce mobile app design or probably both! The reason behind this is that digitization is at its peak in the decade 2021-30. This business trend is here to stay and rule!

The smallest adjustments in shopping app UI design can lead you to create efficient, accessible, and gorgeous UIs.


  • Efficient stands for Conversion.
  • Accessible implies easy to use for the user.
  • And, gorgeous means, of course, dolled up, i.e., appealing to the eyes.

While ecommerce website design development or mobile app design services, you must know this secret formula – UIs can be clean, minimalist, straightforward, and yet very impactful.

Some stats:

Before we open the doors of ecommerce website UI/UX and ecommerce app UI design elements and let you in, we need to ensure that you are on the same page as us. Hence, in the next section, we will throw some light on the sales funnel.

Understand the Sales Funnel to Nail Ecommerce App Design & Website UI/UX!

While building an app or a website, it is crucial to understand that your focus is the customer. Everything comes under the sales funnel, from the point a visitor visits the site or opens the app to the fact they make a purchase.

Just as you pour water down the funnel to fill a bottle, the customer scrolls through the website or app and then selects the products worth purchasing.

Why do you think users choose to buy from a particular website or app only? The level of comfort and trust they find in a platform enables them to choose it over the other.

Do you know what the impact of a perfect and robust design is?

The e-commerce website UI design (or application interface) is the reason why a user bounces off to another site, delays the checkout process, or makes a purchase.

check box

Isn’t it annoying to fill up all the details while checking out? Users get irritated with the process and then chuck it completely. Hence, Support Guest Checkout for user convenience.

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Do You Know That Visuals of the E-commerce Website UI and Mobile Design Communicate With the Viewers?

“Imagine you’re designing a house. UX would be the foundation, while UI would be the paint and furniture.”

-Jonathan Widawski, CEO at Maze

Symbolism is everywhere! Colors hold immense mood-changing and emotion-challenging power. Amidst all this, don’t forget that you don’t only have to appeal to the eyes, and you got to fill your pocket!

Yes! Your focus has to be compelling the user to complete the payment cycle. Only this will help you to boost your sales.

Your business perspective can take inspiration from the tips in this blog. Or, you can talk to design experts at Excellent Webworld for native or hybrid app development services.

For instance,

Brighter the color, the more noticeable it becomes!

Subtly soothing is the impact of pastel shades.

The bolder the font, the deeper is its impact.

And there are a lot more factors…

After consulting the expert and an experienced design panel at Excellent Webworld, we bring to you 17 factors that affect the eCommerce app UI/UX and web designing.

1. Icons

Using universally understood icons helps users understand the function or feature easily.

The analogy to Understand – If you have observed, the red, yellow, and green traffic signals convey the same meaning globally. If all nations follow different colors, it will create confusion and have serious consequences.

Hence, similarly, in eCommerce mobile app UI design, if you use the wheel for settings or a cart for showing the items gathered by the user – it will help the user understand your app better.


check box


While this may not be possible in the mobile app UI, you can label the icons for better understanding in websites.

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2. Proximity, Spacing & Whitespace in Ecommerce Website Design and Website Integration

Getting the font style and size right is not the only thing. There is more to it. The breathability of elements matters a lot.

Your design has to look neat, clean, and refined. We are looking for balance, both in real life and in the virtual world wide web. 😉

“Just like how writers know the importance of keyword placement in SEO blog writing.”

Similarly, the appropriate arrangement of different elements on the screen helps the user focus on the ‘hero part’ of the image. Nailing ecommerce website design and development can be a time-consuming task.

Proximity, Spacing & Whitespace in Ecommerce Website Design and Website Integration


Well-organized Elements > Clutter

3. Harmonious Vertical & Horizontal Rhythm in Ecommerce App UI/UX

Haha, we are not being musical here. Well, this tip will help you build your content-based screens and pages.

You must understand that when the text on a page is not placed properly, it might not attract a reader. This results in a high bounce rate.

Recommended line height for headings is usually around 1 to 1.3 times the size of the text, and the larger you go, well, the less line height you need to add to the mix.

Proximity, Spacing & Whitespace in Ecommerce Website Design

4. Perfect the Color Scheme for Best Ecommerce App Design

Color influences 85% purchase decisions of shoppers.

Buyers get deviated because the color is too bold or too tint. Give them something unique to enjoy by using the hues and tinted shades.

Either use primary colors with minimalist shadows or use pastel shades.

check box


In order to not involve multiple shades, use the color pick tool. This will also help maintain the cohesiveness of the website design or the best B2C/B2B ecommerce website design.

Use color psychology to play with the buyer’s mind. At the end of the day, you want to design ecommerce website or app that aids you to achieve your sales target.

Perfect the Color Scheme for Best Ecommerce App Design

5. Signal-to-Noise Ratio

“Cut out the fluff!”

Let us go into depth about this element to nail eCommerce mobile app design.

Two suppository situations:

  • Firstly, remove unnecessary information. Don’t go overboard with the space and words.
  • If there is some information that is likely important but not very important, you can decrease the length and size.

If you want your ecommerce website design for small businesses to be the go-to website for people – include only the relevant information. There are more chances of the potential buyer reading it. And perhaps, this might be your sale!

Signal-to-Noise Ratio

6. Decoration – Not Jazzy But Neatly Interesting!

Like an ‘About Us‘ page, your website or app content section need not look like a bland land.

Pages with 80-90% content need a supporting hero element for visual factors. Hence, you might have to put texture or gradient in the page background here.

Decoration - Not Jazzy But Neatly Interesting

7. Buttons

The CTA, and Login/Sign Up buttons should be obvious enough. If the buyer is confused or doesn’t gain enough faith in the website, they might abandon the checkout process.

These buttons need to stand out from the rest of the content as well as should be uniform throughout the website pages.

Remember! Consistency is the key!

Be it your life goals or holding the user’s attention, consistency plays an important role.

Rounded corners for all buttons or none. Don’t change the edges again and again. Check the below image for a visual illustration.


8. The Shadow Game in Ecommerce Web Design!

How often do you notice shadows, whether your own or other stuff around you?

Well, please admit you sure spotted one shadow around you when you read this line!

Mimic the unnoticed shadows in UI or website designing also. Dial down the opacity of shadows and see how presentable the buttons look!

Shadow Game in Ecommerce Web Design

9. ‘ALL CAPS’, ‘Title Case’ Or ‘Sentence case’ Play an Important Role!

Who said printed or typed words cannot display emotions? How do you think the readers understand the writer’s emotions in books?

In the below image, the first thing that would attract a user in this ad is the TITLE head, but the subtitle in title case below compels the reader to check out what is written under the headline. These are called kickers.

We suggest using one font style but then playing with weights, sizes, and colors for variation would help ecommerce website design appear nice.

‘ALL CAPS’, ‘Title Case’ Or ‘Sentence case’ Play an Important Role!

Use the text cases for variety and to create contrasts. You can instill emotions in your written words using different points.

  • Firstly, for an imperative feeling 🗣️🗣️🗣️🗣️

You can show an imperative mood via CAPS. In texting psychology, ALL CAPS IS SHOUTING!

  • Secondly, to put forth an informal.. casual.. breezy tone 🍃🍃🍃🍃…

Use all lowercase and less bold fonts. Lightweight fonts make the text look casual, and the overall impact is not heavy. This way, you can look approachable.

We upload the most promising UI samples on our Behance profile. Scroll through the same for UI design ideas.

10. Breadcrumbs in Ecommerce Website UI!

“I think breadcrumbs are not given the respect they deserve!”

A website designer said the above words.

Here, breadcrumbs do not mean the food ingredient. So, what does it mean?
Breadcrumb is the navigation trail that shows where the user is at the moment in a website.

Breadcrumbs in Ecommerce Website UI!

Just how your file explorer shows you the folder location, the breadcrumb trail shows you your location of the website or app.

What Is the Use of These?

Only the best ecommerce development and design company can advise you about the minute things that adorn your website. These little details help the user know where he is at present and helps him navigate where he wants to be on the entire website.

11. Website/App Status Visibility

All your website visitors or app users might not have a great bandwidth 24×7!

Keeping this in mind, you must incorporate the ‘Moving Loading Symbol’ rather than a black screen when the website or the app is loading the results. This will help your user realize that the internet speed is not very good, and if he wants to see the next screen, he will stay and wait.

Usually an item on an ecommerce platform will load if it is a larger file. If you are opting for Live Video Shopping App Development, do incorporate creative loading symbols.

This is one of the many perks of choosing custom ecommerce website design.

Website/App Status Visibility

12. Quick Information Digestion

In the fast-paced life, very few people read an article word-by-word. We are all scanners who quickly scroll through the content paragraphs. Hence, in the custom design ecommerce website, distribute paragraphs into two-three lines ONLY.

Heavy paragraphs bore the users. Hence, make sure you keep the paragraph lengths short for easy understanding.

Quick Information Digestion

13. Self-Explanatory Errors

The RED color exclamation mark (❗) indicates an error, which is understandable for all. But, a little more clarity on why the error is popping would do more good than harm.

Displaying descriptive information for the user to understand what went wrong exactly in the typing field will keep him informed. It will make him look into the misspelling.

best Self-Explanatory Errors

14. The Famous Il1 Test!

Jessica Hische came up with this brilliant idea for font style selection.

Like A/B testing is for template lookouts, the Il1 test is for typeface checking.

  • Uppercase i (I)
  • Lowercase L (l)
  • Number one (1)

If all three look distinctive in the font style you have chosen, it is good to go. If not, keep searching for the typeface for your ecommerce app design.

The Famous Il1 Test

15. Best Ecommerce App Designs Give Generous Space for Clicking

Many buttons or linked anchor text in applications and websites we visit.

The ‘Buy’ button or ‘Wishlist’ button must have generous space available for the user to click in. Here is a suggestion for the tap area space.

  • 44 x 44pt for iOS
  • 48 x 48dp for Android

Too little space comes with the downside of the user getting annoyed and chucking to buy from your site or app.

Best Ecommerce App Designs Give Generous Space for Clicking

check box

Incorporate that ‘Search’ button 🔎

While shopping for clothes, a buyer might want to explore more casuals, woolens, formals, etc. Hence, this Search option is very important.

Check out our Project Portfolio to see the quality we deliver.

16. Radio Buttons vs Dropdown Lists – Who Wins?

Who doesn’t like options? It is so fun to scroll through multiple brand options in the e commerce portals – be it edible oils or cosmetics.

Be it ecommerce app design or website ui – the basic rule is:

  • </= 4 options – use radio buttons
  • > 4 options – use drop-down lists

Radio Buttons vs Dropdown Lists

17. Dark Themes in Ecommerce Website UX Are a Whole Different Lot!

Soften the whites and darken the darks.

With more than 80% of users preferring dark mode on their systems and mobile devices, you must integrate dark ways within the website designs and app UIs.

The perks of a dark theme for end-users are:

  • The screen display looks very royal and rich with a black background.
  • Consuming less battery, many users prefer switching to this at least once in six months.
  • Causes lesser strain to the eyes provided that there is not much content to go through.

Explore design shots on our Dribbble profile. Reach out to us for tailor-made UI/UX designs.

Ecommerce App Design and Website UI/UX – In a Nutshell – Takeaways

As an ecommerce website design company, creating a pleasant app or website user experience is our top priority. We brainstorm each and every element of the app or website for our client. In fact, it is safe to say that we think like a website visitor and app user while fixating on the element technicalities.

Under the ecommerce website design services, we ensure that the user can shop conveniently whether accessing the app/website on mobile, tablet, iPad or laptop. Be it B2C or B2B ecommerce website design, we fit all elements in the screen without zooming and panning – and that’s our motto.

Restriction of space in different devices is not a hindrance for us. As a matter of fact, we use our decade of experience to tackle such problems. Excellent Webworld has been the best ecommerce website design company – because we believe in delivering 100% quality results.

Our designers’ panel is equipped with creating the design trends including Advanced Micro-Interactions, 3D UI, Smooth gradients and Realistic Textures, and even Air Gesture Controls. Connect with us for your ecommerce project.

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Frequently Asked Questions – Ecommerce App Design and Website UI

Q1 – How do you design website for eCommerce?

Designing a website for eCommerce can be quite a haywired process. From deciding the product lines to the layout of your website, from ensuring it all looks professional to its strategy. Not only these, there are many more tasks to be taken care of. Hence, entrust all these responsibilities with an app or a website development company like Excellent Webworld. They will provide you with 100% quality-driven and converting results.

Q2 – How much does it cost to build your own eCommerce website?

From $500 to $50000 – the cost to build your own ecommerce website can vary a lot. This completely depends on how many products and product lines you list on your platform. Also, this is not a one-time investment, you have to maintain your portal for lifetime.

Q3 – Why is UI UX important for an e commerce web design?

Ecommerce websites are not only about getting clicks or making users add items in their wishlist/cart. This is about making the potential buyer reach the last window of the payment gateway successfully. Hence, if the visuals of the website are nice, the user will enjoy online shopping and stay gripped on the website only. This is why UI and UX are important for ecommerce web designing.

Q4 – What is UX in ecommerce?

UX in ecommerce refers to getting into the head of the buyer and visualize how can the shopping experience for the person can be made super swift and practically engaging.

Q5 – What is eCommerce UI?

Ecommerce UI is important to attract and engage users with the online shopping platforms. Elements like shadows, proper CTA buttons, organized arrangements of elements, etc. Ensure to create top-notch UI as it directly surges the ROI.

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