Instagram keeps surprising its users by introducing interesting features and apps. One addition is Kim Kardashian’s new Screenshop. Utilizing this fashion celebrity mobile app of a famous Public figure, the Instagram audience can dress like their favorite stars, celebrities, and rich acquaintances.

Further, Screenshop lets you take a screenshot of any fascinating picture that strikes your desire and will show you clothing options along with the pricing matching to wearing of the figure in your screenshot.

Screenshop represents over 400 stores, including top fashion houses such as Herve Leger, JCPenny, Forever 21 and Nordstrom Rack.

You can also Screenshop any image having clothing in it, from Snapchat, Facebook, or anywhere else. The fashion app can help you to create a budget version of what Selena Gomez is wearing and will also show you details of the particular clothing that you have liked.

Screenshop fashion app is really something unique and an interesting idea that will capture many attentions.

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Kardashian West, who was an advisor on the app said “We spent well over a year getting this all together and ready to be what it is today, which is something I’ve never seen before,” “I’ve never seen an app where you can screenshot something and within seconds bring up a whole digital fashion store to be able to pick out from all range prices and sizes of similar things to what you’re wearing.”


Developing Screenshop like apps are highly acclaimed by the users, thus building such fashion e-commerce apps will be a grand opportunity to gather a big audience and make a good place in fashion app market.

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