I’m kind of shocked I’m getting a fashion award when I’m naked most of the time,” said the world’s most celebrated actress, model and influencer, Kim Kardashian in an award function.

Indeed, fashion isn’t just about the dress, it’s an instant language, an idea and the way we live.

The fashion industry is growing by leaps and bounds, motivating fashionistas and entrepreneurs around the world to keep the fashion lovers inspired by their creatively crafted products.

With digitization and technical revolution, the industry has grown up to one of the largest sectors on internet platforms like web and mobile.

Be it about live video shopping apps or eCommerce websites, people are in love with online shopping.

Fashion app developers are expressing their happiness and satisfaction for the way online fashion trends have grown up amid adversity (COVID-19 situation).

If you are new to this fashion industry and looking to rule on eCommerce platforms, then you need better planning. And, come up with a quality fashion mobile application which is easily accessible and smoothly operational.

Achieving business success in the fashion industry depends on how intact and flawless your strategies are. For example, from providing quality and trendy products to how you display or expose those products to the world does matter.

In this article, we shall discuss how to build a quality app like top fashion apps and make it perform even better than them.

So let’s begin with;

How does a Popular Fashion App like Drest Function —Review

Users can explore like-like fashion avatars from most of the top brands, explore fashion news.
App offers new season collections from top brands, fashion inspiration, and allows users to create looks they like.

Most importantly, this is an interactive app to offer a luxury styling game for users to play and get inspired.

Easy to explore products, find brands, check out, and smart purchase.

That’s it. The goal of this app is not just to sell products but to interact with users as well.

Similarly, you need to explore and review some other competitors and dig out how they perform and what makes them different from others. This also involves comparing the eCommerce App Design and Website UI of the competitors’ platforms.

To make your job easy, we have rounded up a list of popular fashion apps so that you get inspiration from.

Top 5 fashion app that thrive in fashion industry

Object Limited

The app is useful for customers who are looking for the ultimate vintage collection. The thing that sets this app apart is it allows people to sell their used clothes and get the best deals over it. Users can find quality products from homes of best-taste people. The app is known for its excellent interface, design, and easy to surf the product features.


The app offers products from fashion, home and beauty segments. The thing that sets that app apart from others is it offers products based on looks and videos created by thousands of top celebrities and influencers.

The RealReal – Buy+Sell Luxury

The RealReal offers easy buying and selling options. Quality interface for both customers and vendors. More than that, it brings a win-win situation for both shoppers and sellers with up to 90% and 70% deals respectively.

Afterpay – Shop Now, Pay Later

Products right from top fashion, beauty and lifestyle to easy buying options, the app is an excellent way to make a good space in the fashion industry. The app allows users to set an afterpay account and enable them shop their favorite products instantly —without making any payments.

Wish – Shopping Made Fun

The app “Wish” works as a mediator, connecting buyers directly to more than 100 million manufacturers and helping buyers get good deals. Users can get the best shopping experience by selecting products after going through intense and authentic reviews, photos and videos generated by real shoppers.

Standard Features of the Fashion App

Generally, when we develop a fashion app, some standard features are usually found in almost all apps from a similar niche. However, there are some unique features designed and developed, which you will find nowhere except that particular app.

Common features:

Customers panel

Admin panel

Vendor panel

  • Sign up
  • Profile
  • Menu
  • Payment options
  • Shopping cart
  • Contact
  • Customer support
  • User authentication
  • Dashboard
  • Add/delete/edit products
  • Notifications
  • Order summary/status
  • Payment
  • Customer support
  • Dashboard
  • Users profile management
  • Vendors profile management
  • Order management
  • Market report
  • Chat room
  • Notifications

There are some unique features as well, which you find different in every fashion app. For example, Drest offers many features which enhance users’ knowledge and keep them engaged with products.

For example;

  • Users can customize their choice
  • Design look
  • Share and win options and more

Unique features can be personalized as per your requirement, research, customers’ pain points and the gap in the market.

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Define Project Scope —Create a User Journey

Clothes mean nothing until someone lives in them. —Marc Jacobs

Once you have reviewed your competitor, let’s define the scope of your project by mapping a user journey.

You need a team which include project manager, business analyst, and IT architect on board along with your stakeholders.

Now, create a user’s journey through the app and how will you woo him/her to buy your product.

It will include;

  • Customers type
  • Business region
  • Customers age
  • Customers pain points
  • Features or solutions to serve those pain points

Include surveys based on web apps, mobile apps including Android and iOS apps, so that you can cover maximum users.

Plan on Designing and Features of the Fashion App

“What to keep in mind before you initiate designing and developing your app?” First, “app internationalization” so that more languages can be included. Consider native app development and hire fashion app developers who are expert in native platforms like Java, Android Studio and Swift and Objective C, etc.

Select cloud computing so that development can be further simplified while keeping the app secure from cybercriminals. These are important because you are going to collect sensitive data and users’ information. Securing your app can also help you build trust.

A platform like AWS Elastic Beanstalk called “Platform-as-a-Service” (PaaS) which can make your development manageable so that complete focus on development could be given.

App Performance and Speed Generate More Revenue —Choose Technology Smartly

Let’s be straightforward; if you are planning to develop an app using native app development, then Node.js for a web application, Java for native Android, and Swift for native iOS development can be suitable. You can include more technologies such as PostgreSQL and MongoDB for databases.

Selecting the right technology will not only help fasten your development, but it will also help in creating robust applications. The technologies we have mentioned above are native one, and they may be costly initially but are cost-effective in the long run. If you are developing a fashion app, then building it on reliable technology is as essential as it is to hire experienced fashion app developers.

You can also choose to take consultation with a fashion app development company and explore from the best fashion app designs, features, and technologies.

Secure Applications – Planning

Running an online fashion business means in-app purchases will be allowed. Ensure to protect the data, which includes customers’ personal information, card information and more. Trust is the biggest issue in this case. You need to take your customers into confidence that their data is safe and secure.

Your proactive steps, such as constant monitoring, timely security updates, injection of XML external entities (XXE), cross-site scripting (XSS) and many others will help you keep the app and its data protected.

You can do the following additional things to protect your customers’ data;

  • Follow MFA (multi-factor authentication)
  • Industry-standard encryption algorithms like AES-256 make security intact
  • Firewalls and antivirus solutions to make it more secure
  • Empower your app with real-time threat intelligence capabilities

When you develop a fashion app on the native development platform, the chances for your app being hacked will significantly decrease. You may consult a fashion app development company and discuss how to make a secured application.

Create a Dedicated Fashion App Development Team

When it comes to fashion app development, there are many companies and freelance fashion app developers to hire. However, you need to dig out the competent developers and designers who have good hands-on developing fashion websites and apps.

Find talents for the following roles;

  • Project management expert
  • Business analyst
  • UI/UX designers
  • Full-stack developers with Node.js skills
  • iOS app developers
  • Android app developers

Suppose you are looking for hiring individuals from different companies for different roles. In that case, you have to hire Testers and DevOps engineers separately, or you need to make things clear in the beginning if the fashion app developers will handle this (development & testing) together.

But, if you choose to hire app developers team from a single company, it may help you hassle this out as everything will be handled by the company. The company may assign the task to a dedicated team which will include everything from technical project manager, designers and developers to Testers and DevOps.

Develop the App — Fashion App

At this stage, when everything related to pre-stage development things is done. Now you have to keep certain things mind, for example;

  • User-friendly (UI) app should be the focus point
  • Integrate API
  • Utilize AWS DevOps for testing and deployment of the app

Once it is developed and tested, deploy the app to the relevant downloading store under an expert watch.

If you hire developers from a fashion mobile app development company, the company may offer you support and assign this task to a dedicated team. The team would then keep a watch on how the app is performing and what reaction the app is getting from the users perspective.

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Are You All Set to Develop your Fashion App?

The way we express ourselves to this world has to do with fashion. For businesses, it is equally important to not just to focus on products but also to channels, such as the eCommerce platforms to expose themselves to the masses better.

We have tried to include some of the essential points in this article, though you can connect with us for more and precise information and plan your fashion business app accordingly.