Finally Flutter 1.7 Release

Finally Announcing Flutter 1.7

A leading cross-platform framework Flutter SDK releases its new version 1.7. The new version has come with some in testing updates that aids developers to build an interactive mobile application.

Flutter 1.7 supports AndroidX and updated Playstore requirements. In addition, there is an addition of new and enhanced components, and bug fixes to customer-reported issues.

So if you have Flutter on your system you can update to a new version by running Flutter Upgrade from the command line.

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What’s New in the Flutter

  • New Widgets and Framework Enhancements

The widgets available for iOS and Android has been increased so that you can build more useful mobile applications.

It has come with a new Rangeslider control which allows you to select a range of values on a single slider. It comes with both modes; Continuous and Discrete. In continuous mode, you can select any value between the two points and on the other hand, in the discrete mode, you can change to a fixed decided value.

The new Snackbar widget supports and updates look in the material spec, and a number of new samples are included in the documentation.

In the latest version, Flutter library Cupertino has also been improved. It comes with support for localization to non-English languages.

The update in Typography will aid the developer to render a beautiful user interface. It includes old-styled numbers, slashed zeros, stylistic sets and more.

  • Extended Support for Android App Bundles and 64-Bit Android Apps

From now on if you are building an Android app with native code and target Android 9 pie, you will need to provide a 64- bit version also to the Google Play store.

  • AndroidX Support for Apps

Flutter now supports AndroidX so that you can create new Flutter projects. Ultimately it will reduce the work needed to integrate with other parts of the Android ecosystem. If you want to migrate your existing project to AndroidX, then you can find on

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Google Flutter 1.7 Key Takeaways

  • Support for Game Controllers
  • Updated Widgets
  • Support for Android app bundles
  • AndroidX Support
  • New Samples and docs
  • RangeSlider widgets
  • Open type typography
  • Enhanced text editing on iOS

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