About a year old, Flutter which is an open-source toolkit offered by Google, facilitating developers to develop apps for iPhone and Android, has been a tough competitor to popular frameworks like Facebook’s React Native. Recently the company announced the availability of its Flutter App Development Framework in beta version.

Most app developers have already utilized Flutter for making and publishing apps that have topped on Apple App Store and Google Play.

In the blog post of Google Developers, the company has mentioned some of the imposing features of Flutter Framework like:

  • Expressive and flexible designs along with rich animation libraries, composable widget sets, and extensible layered architecture.
  • High-velocity development with features like integrated tooling, stateful Hot Reload, rich widget set, and a new reactive framework.
  • High-quality experiences for platforms and devices with the GPU-accelerated and portable, renderer, native and high-performance ARM code runtime and platform interop.

Since the release of alpha, Google has added much more to the framework, including support for iOS 11 and iPhone X, new accessibility options, screen readers, improved image formatting and inline videos.

Seeing that the SDK is being available to more Flutter app developers with extra features and support, undoubtedly we will come across more and more apps and can acquire benefits from it.

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Google has taken a great initiative by introducing the beta version of its native app development framework. Now it’s time for us to exploit this opportunity fully to build amazing apps with Flutter.

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