Android Pie
Android is all set to release its latest sweet and this time we have on the menu some sweet sweet Pie. People are as excited about Google Android 9 Pie’s features as they are bored with the name. It’s no secret that Android dropped the ball with the name of its 9th OS version. It is well known that Android releases each of its OS version after the name of some kind of sweet, but the more interesting thing is that they release these versions in the alphabetical order. The last version was named “Oreo” and previous to them were “Nougat”, “Marshmallow”, and “Lollipop”. The most anticipated names for Android “P” were Popsicle, Pancake, Pop-tart, Pecan, among few others.
However, what’s in a name? It is the features which matter the most. One of the most anticipated Google Android 9 Pie features is the iPhone like gestures. The three navigation icons have been replaced by a single home icon for multiple actions. Long press the icon an Google Assistant pops up. The Google Android 9 Pie has replaced the permanent back button with a temporary one that appears when you get into an appIf this gesture-based navigation is not working for you, then you can go to settings and revert back to the old three-button layout.
Google Android 9 Pie offers Slices of apps for quick access. You can use some basic app features without downloading the entire app but just by accessing them from the web browser. Every Google search you make will not just show you result from the internet but also relevant result from the phone storage. For instance, if you search about Las Vegas then besides web results you will also see your phone pictures taken in Las Vegas or any other phone data related to Las Vegas.
If you fear that apps can access your phone’s mic and camera or other sensors and capture audio and images in real-time, then Google Android 9 Pie is going to clear this doubt. If an app, for instance, Facebook is being run and then you go to another app without closing Facebook, it will be running in the background. But, now this app cannot access your phone’s mic, camera, or other sensors without your permission. If it tries then an error message is flashed.
Silicon Valley has taken steps to fight Smartphone addiction and Android Pie lends a helping hand. You can set a timer to your phone activities, restrict yourself from overusing any particular app and also get a report of how much time spent on the phone.
Android Pie has an AI for your Smartphone’s battery. The AI tool will silently work in the background prioritizing apps according to your usage behavior and manage phone’s battery. This concept is called “Adaptive battery”
If you are interested in trying your hands on Android Pie then you can become a beta tester. if you are an entrepreneur and going for android app development or update your existing Android app to use the latest features offered by Android Pie Contact Our Experts.