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Perks to Hire Node.js Developers from India

  • 4+ Years of Resource Experience
  • Comfortable With Remote Working Environment
  • 40-hours Paid Trial
  • Competitive Development Cost
  • 100+ Developers To Choose From
  • Excellent Communication Skills

Node.js is proving its worth across several development project verticals. Hiring Node.js developers to build the best real-time applications such as chats and gaming apps is an exceptional choice. Node.js makes it super easy to send and synchronize the data between the server-side and client-side, which leads to quick, real-time capabilities.

We can witness the proof of Node.js’ popularity by taking a look at its top users—LinkedIn, Yahoo, Twitter, eBay, Paypal, Netflix, WalMart, Mozilla, Uber, Trello, etc. Your tech enterprise or startup can only access the true potential of Node.js development services like these big names by choosing the right minds to work for you. But yes indeed you will required an expert node.js app developer who can build a relaible and quality app.

The USP that Node.js programmers from excellent webworld offer is the guaranteed quality of in-house work at the cost of hired talent. Our dedicated node.jsresources are thoroughly vetted, industry experienced, excellent in communication and quite flexible at working with virtual development teams on remote projects.

At Excellent Webworld, you can hire Node.js developers quickly and start your web development projects ASAP. Our Node.js coders are not just good at the said JavaScript environment but also with all the entailing frameworks (Mocha, Express.js, Vue.js, Meteor.js), libraries (Sinon.js, Passport.js, Socket.io, Restify), and various other tools (Babel, Keystone, Koa.js, Log.io).

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We Provide the best Nodejs Developers for Hire

The expert Node.js full-stack developers stay updated with the latest web and mobile technologies as soon as they hit the market. This approach keeps us ahead of the tech curve and makes us capable of providing our clients with a future-proof web product. Here are the most efficient technology skill sets that our Node.js programmer possess.


Professional experience with both SQL and NoSQL Databases


Working experience of CI/CD pipeline integration, GIT & Jenkins


Familiarity with Typescript


Experience building RESTful microservices


Understanding of Docker/AWS services & Kubernetes


Comfort working with a distributed team


Experience with front-end development using Angular Javascript and the VueJS framework


Strong Software development fundamentals, architecture, algorithms, and problem solving skills


Websockets and GraphQL experience

Time to hire Node.js programmers with A-grade talent

There is a reason why Excellent Webworld hosts the top-ranking Node.js consultants and developers. It’s because we work on a simple mantra; Keep upgrading! From juniors to the senior-most Node.js developers for hire, our resources go through regular coding boot-camps and tech meetups to update their knowledge and skills.

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We Provide 360 degree Node.js Development Solution


Node.js API Development & Integration


Node.js App Modernization


Node.js Plugin Development


Node.js Mobile App Development


Node.js Migration


Node.js Consulting

Our Recent Projects

We always believe in serving our clients with best and effective solutions that enables them to get over the startup challenges. Here we’ve showcased a few applications built by our experts based on client requirements.

Skriti App

After looking at our GoodFirms profile, this Texas-based client inquired about building an eCommerce marketplace dedicated to buying & selling various items like clothes, accessories, footwear. They wanted to clone the existing shopping app with a few customizations. Here’s how this project went!

Reme Miah - Founder at Skriti

What is the Platform Skriti All About

ABCtogo App & Website

Our dedicated developers successfully delivered a liquor delivery app development project. We created a website & app to order alcohol in North Carolina, USA. The highlight of this app is the curbside pickup which attracts more people to attain this service. Click to read more about this project!

Vann Duggins - CEO of abcToGo

abc app

An On-Demand Marketplace At Your Service

Get everything you need at your doorstep with this errand service app. Right from buying goods to cleaning floors, everything is under one roof via Hirely – the on-demand marketplace app. Explore what is the app about and how our contributions helped it succeed!

Anantha Rishitha - Founder at Hirely

hirely app

Build An All in One Taxi Booking & Car Rental App - Peppea

One of our clients from Kenya approached us to build an all in car rental and taxi booking app. The prime goal of this application was let users book a taxi as well as rent the car from the same app. Peppea contains so many unique features that make it one of the best taxi apps in Kenya.

Eric - CEO, Maridady Motors


Our most popular developer hiring models



We’ll provide a fully signed NDA for your Project’s confidentiality



4 to 6 Years of Exp. Senior Developer 160 hours



Build a SCRUM Team of 5 Developers

FAQs on Hiring Node.js Developers

The reason why Excellent Webworld was able to become a global web and app development company within ten years is our client-first approach. We believe that the client should have the final word in any matter of the project, and we aim to make the project as well as the final product 100% aligned to your vision.

But if by any chance, you are not satisfied with the developer resource we provide to you, there is always an option to swap the talent. We will help you to hire node.js developers from our resource pool and help you until you are completely satisfied.

We also offer a 40-hour paid trial so that you get to experience the work culture and test the developer skills in advance.

The cost of hiring a Node.js developer can vary depending on their level of experience and the country where they are located. Generally speaking, more experienced developers command higher rates, while rates in countries with a lower cost of living may be lower.
Here are some approximate hourly rates for hiring Node.js developers based on experience level and country:

  • United States: Junior developers – $50-$100, Senior developers – $100-$200+
  • United Kingdom: Junior developers – £30-£70, Senior developers – £70-£150
  • Canada: Junior developers – CAD $30-$80, Senior developers – CAD $80-$150+
  • Australia: Junior developers – AUD $30-$80, Senior developers – AUD $80-$150+
  • India: Junior developers – $20-$30, Senior developers – $40-$50+

Communication is probably the biggest factor when it comes to developing a promising website or application. We provide you with several tools to track your project development growth.

We host weekly meetings for you to get updates on the project, and you can also recieve daily updates on what your hired developer resource did during the working hours.

With a dedicated Node js developer, you get:

  • Real-time communication
  • Scalable project development
  • Secure development environment
  • Latest resources & infrastructure
  • Consistent work worth your investment

We have employees, not freelancers. So our resources and the firm are responsible for the project that we accept and work on. Before you discuss your app idea with us, we sign an NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement), which legally binds us to keep your idea secure and under wraps.

Excellent Webworld has been in the mobile app development business for more than a decade now, and the reason we have come this far is our honest and dedicated service model towards our clients.

  • Check their previous work and, if possible, talk to their older clients.
  • Test Node.js developers’ technical skills with a small test.
  • Pick a developer who is easy and good at communicating.
  • They should have a unique and practical problem-solving ability.
  • Check if they have a proactive mindset (i.e.) do they give good feedback and ideas to your suggestions.

We follow an hour bank procedure for hiring models. For instance, you purchase 50 hours, and then the developer works for the same then fill the top up as you seem fit.
Another option is a milestone-based approach for development as well as payment. So, you need to pay a small upfront amount to hire the developer and then pay as various development milestones are crossed for the project.

We understand the value of your business idea, and hence we do follow a strict NDA policy. So, even if we are having just a brief discussion over your business idea, we will do it after signing an NDA.