Zumper - Apartment Rental Finder

The most beloved rental search engine: “Zumper ” has announced a new feature Zumper Select. The platform offers end to end solution for the renters and the landlords. It manages the whole renting process, from finding the property to signing a lease.

CEO Anthemos Georgiades commented that “end-to-end solution for renters and landlords was always the original goal of the company…they just needed to wait until the search engine side was saturated enough to support the feature”.

Zumper mobile app selects works for both renters and landlords; renters first have to select the desired part of the Zumper app select. Then they will be connected with a concierge who will provide similar listings and then will also schedule the tours.

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Zumper selected has already been working in the beta phase for the last six months and has signed 162,500 units the major areas of New York City, Atlanta, Chicago, Houston, and Dallas. Renters like it because of the quick and effortless search of the apartments while landlords love it because of the elimination of manual deal with hundreds of leads.

Real estate app development is now taking a new shape. This is the right time to upgrade your real estate app. If you are a real estate agent without an app, then you should have a real estate app now. Otherwise, your competitors will continue to grow and earn more than you.