The Journey Of St.Xavier’s To Opt Digital Education Methods.

St. Xavier’s School approached Excellent WebWorld to get a mobile app for their school. The St. Xavier’s school in Australia has a staff of 50-60 members and students about 700-800. The school has the majority of English speaking students, but still, there are 3 other languages as the first language of other pupils.

Excellent WebWorld assisted St. Xavier’s school to get digitized by providing real-time updates about the students to play a constructive role in their education. We helped St. Xavier’s school to get an ease of access of students’ information and a clear communication between parents and teachers.

Mayur Panchal (Project Manager of the application)

"When we met the school administration for the first time, all they were having was a list of expectations for the mobile application. They were confused about the execution of so many features in a single mobile app. But in the first meeting only, after a few basic designs and examples. They were delighted and thrilled for the application."

School management app

What were the requirements of the school?

The school was anticipating for an app providing all the school-related information to parents and students on curriculum, latest news, attendance, calendar and leave information.

The client asked for a custom app for its school with the most user-friendly features and interactive experience. The GPS integration of school transport was also a major need. They want the app to provide the real-time location and a reminder to the parents before the arrival of the school bus.

The major intent of the school was to have streamlined operations and better access to data from a centralized platform. The school was already having the website and was looking for an application for their students, parents and staff members. They wanted to offer a seamless experience to the parents, students and the teachers with different nationalities by translating the app into multiple languages.

School Management System Software
School Management System Software

The hurdles in the journey:

The school was anticipating for an app providing all the school-related information to parents and students on curriculum, latest news, attendance, calendar and leave information.

Our team too was all elated and motivated for the application, we started the work as quick as possible. In the whole journey the major areas of challenges were:

  • Integrating artificial intelligence into the application
  • Smart attendance management system
  • Localizing the application

The real challenge was to provide the progress/performance report of the student on one touch. A visual online interface can help to track the progress of the each student by integrating data analytics with the student records. The school also wanted a solution for their lost IDs. They wanted a digital solution for their Identity Cards. Translating the content into a single language is easy. But translating into different languages required a specific tool and different backend coding.

But our developers love challenges. We researched and experiment again and again till they were satisfied.

How did we conquer the hurdles?
The developers researched on each challenge thoroughly to provide the best solution to the client. We tried our best to solve the issues as swiftly as possible and congregate a valuable application.

The school staff and the parents are very much happy with the ease of access and clear communication they have now via the app. Integrating all the major features, we had developed the app for the school as demanded by the client.

Our solutions to St. Xavier’s:

• Profile based student report with artificial Intelligence:

A student profile will display the Attendance report, Result report, Curricular activity participation report, Behavior report, Fees report: due dates, mode of payment, type of fees, the payment date.

• QR codes integration for smart attendance:

The digital IDs will provide the error-free attendance. With the profile of each student, a unique QR code will be generated. The system will scan QR code in the mobile app and will record the accurate attendance.

• Better communication with multiple languages:

We developed a backend code in the app integrating different language platforms. The admin will get the option to type a message in different languages. As a result, a single message will be transferred to different persons in their local language.

Client of school management app

Nicole Livingstone

Faculty Member, St. Xaviers School
“The best thing about working with Excellent WebWorld is compatibility, creativity, and understanding. I loved the innovative solutions they provide for our problems. The team is very responsive and quick in solving the bugs.”
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