While the world is overrun by coronavirus pandemic and witnessing a rise in the number of corona infected cases, e-commerce retailers are also experiencing a drastic hike in their website and mobile app visitors. To reduce the risk of coronavirus, people prefer to keep social distance and avoid going to public places to do their daily chores and other important tasks.

With the passing days, people are becoming more aware of the severity of this corona outbreak.

They have become more inclined towards online services for purchasing something rather than going physically at the brick & mortar stores. Even they started to use Covid-19 Tracker apps to be safe and informed.

According to Marketing land, last year’s retail online sales were 11.4% of total retail spending. Which is projected to go higher by 12% this year depending on how much the virus spread and how long it stays. The reason for this could be convenience, price, and services customers receive without exposing themselves to the Covid-19 threat.

We believe that as responsible citizens of this world, we all should be cautious and act correspondingly. So, we have curated a list of on-demand services that you should start using to reduce the risk of coronavirus.

Order Through On-Demand Food Services

On Demand Food Services

You don’t know if the restaurant you went to celebrate your colleague’s birthday party had a person with corona symptoms or not. What if that person, in one way or another way came into your close proximity coughing and sneezing. You never know, the street you went to have a spicy jerk burger or a pile sandwich had a group of tourists from the country affected by the coronavirus.

You can’t take a risk. It is better to use any on-demand food delivery apps. All you have to do is find your favorite restaurant, browse through the menu, and place an order. You don’t have to worry about the cash payment, you can directly transfer the money through the in-app wallet, or a credit/debit card options.

The delivery boy will deliver the food to your doorstep. It would be advisable not to handshake the delivery person to reduce the risk of coronavirus infection. A gentle smile and Namaste would be fine.

Purchase Your Grocery Online

Grocery Online

Experts have told to avoid crowded places and buying groceries without going to such a place is impossible.

So what can be the best solution for grocery shopping? People are moving towards online grocery shopping. You can give a tip electronically through such apps thus you do not need to give money in hand.

In most such grocery apps, the delivery instructions box is available, wherein you can add any instruction if needed. On-demand grocery is the way how you can protect yourself from coronavirus.

Instacart, one of the on-demand grocery services said that their sales grew tenfold in the past week. This shows how your grocery business can survive in the noble coronavirus effect.

The on-demand grocery services have a vast and lucrative market for the grocery owner and it is the right time to invest here. But one thing to make sure is taking the safety measures while delivering the grocery.

Fill Your Car Tank with On-Demand Fuel Delivery

Car Tank with On Demand Fuel Delivery

If mobile technology gives you comfort and convenience, then why shouldn’t you leverage it in this kind of chaotic situation? Like on-demand Fuel delivery, there are also platforms for on-demand fuel delivery that deliver the fuel to your car within a few taps.

In this fearful environment where the chances of getting infected with the corona is all time high, why should you take a minor chance to go to any public gas station despite having on-demand gas delivery services?

To get your car’s tank full using these on-demand services is five-finger exercises. All you have to do is just enter your location, select the fuel type, and quantity of it and place an order. Just keep the cap of your car tank open.

The company will send a fuel truck with a trained driver who will fill your gas tank as per your order. You could easily pay through the in-app wallet or other online methods for the amount of fuel you have ordered.

Consult your Doctor Online Through Telemedicine Apps

Telemedicine Apps

Entire cities are on lockdown now because of the Novel Coronavirus, and this has affected many people who need medical attention. And, I’m not talking about the people who have this virus, but the ones suffering from other medical issues but are not being allowed or able to visit their doctors.

It’s in such times that telemedicine apps come to the rescue. With an online doctor consultation app, the patients can do direct video chat with their doctor and get them to take a look while staying at home.

The Covid-19 has been a reason for several problems and confusion, let your medical health not be ruined in this mess. Meet your doctor online and keep getting your consultation from a safe distance, at your home.

Get Your Pharmacies On-Demand

Pharmacies On-Demand

So, you met your doctor via an app and got yourself checked for your condition. The doctor has prescribed you some medication. Now, will you risk going out to get your medicines? We suggest you stay at home and reduce the risk of spreading Coronavirus and let a professional deliver your medicines.

Download the on-demand medicine app and place your order. A delivery guy will come to your doorstep to deliver your medication in a sealed bag. There are several on-demand medicine apps available in the market, like Practo, 1mg, Netmeds, and a few others.

Get high Through On-Demand Liquor Delivery

On-Demand Liquor Delivery

The outbreak of coronavirus makes many afraid to go out and buy their daily needs like alcohol, medicines, beers, etc. Bars are empty as people panic and avoid such places where there is a high chance to get infected.

The best alternative option here is buying liquor online. It is one of the safest ways to protect yourself from the coronavirus. But make sure to use sanitizers and other safety measures when collecting the delivery.

Drizly, an on-demand alcohol delivery service said that since the news of the coronavirus, their sales increased by 50%. Hence, with such an on-demand liquor application, you can hail your business in this down economy. On-demand delivery solutions are the best way to survive in every way in the outbreak like COVID-19.

Hire Remote Mobile Developers for Your Project

Whether it’s the wildfire in Australia or the global pandemic like Coronavirus, a business can’t be stopped. You need to keep working at all times. But how will your projects be run if your office is shut down?

That’s when hiring on-demand developers from offshore pays off. You can hire a dedicated developers team to keep working on building your app or website even if your home team is unable to work.

Excellent Webworld offers a wide range of hiring models that you can choose from and start your project within 24 hours.

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It’s not about you or us anymore. It has become every person’s responsibility to stay safe and prevent someone else by maintaining social distance. These tactics will lessen the risk of getting infected with coronavirus for sure.

Also, for the business perspective those who are looking forward to starting an online business or already have considered building one, they have a great opportunity to gain initial momentum in the business. You might ask how I will start this kind of on-demand app in such a less time.

Excellent Webworld has a solution to your query. We will provide you with the ready-made app solution within 48 hours! And you can get started in the app business within a week. Stay Safe but don’t forget the business!