Restaurant Mobile App Development

Customer attraction and satisfaction are as important for any restaurant as Branding and marketing. Restaurant Mobile App Development are the best way to attract customers. The customers can easily look out for any restaurant and the services they provide. Customers can Search for a good restaurant, check the menu, pre order the food and book a table within minutes via a single application. In Today’s busy life no one has the time to wait outside the restaurants for their tables. Now Food industry is greatly impacted by the new trends in iPhone application development.

As the number of Smartphone users is increasing drastically, having an app for your restaurants would surely help you to turn a maximum number of these users into your customers.

According to RetailMeNot report, around 25% of people have installed at least 1 restaurant app on their Smartphone.

Popular restaurants and restaurant chains like Dominos, MacDonald, Starbucks, Taco Bell, and Pizza Hut have been already leveraging enormous benefits from their restaurant apps.

As per the survey, about 21% of Starbucks’ transactions have done through its app, and 10% of transactions are done with Mobile Order & Payment feature.

What are the Benefits Restaurants can have by Mobile Applications?

Best Features you can Add to Your Restaurant App to Engage Customers
  • Online Ordering

  • Loyalty Program

  • Mobile Payments & POS Integration

  • Push Notifications

  • Chatbots

  • Augmented Reality

  • Ratings and Revenue

  • Pre-order

  • Order Tracking

  • Menu List

  • Beacons and Geofencing

  • Order History

Customer engagement

Easy access is the key to customer engagement. Introducing a customer loyalty program included in the app which helps in enhancing return visits. Users spend more time on mobile so application so it will give more committed customers. An app responding effectively will give more output as a result will be used more. Customer engagement is truly customer-driven as customers decide when to communicate. So having an app will provide 24/7 availability to the customers. Restaurant owners are asking for more reliable iPhone application developers which can help in targeting a different set of customers.

Easy to Locate

Customers love easy services, knowing about a restaurant is a different thing and visiting the restaurant is another thing. If the restaurant is easy to locate then only customer plans to visit otherwise no one has time to play hide and seek. Through mobile applications customers can track the place or can check the location via mobile applications. This in return will attract more customers. The clients are asking the mobile app developers to integrate GPS and Google maps into the restaurant applications.

More referrals

Promising the customers for giving reward points with each referral can increase customer engagement. There are so many successful iPhone applications on iTunes providing incentives with referrals and an attractive deal to the first time visitor can boost customer retention. The referrals and reward points are proved to be useful in alluring customers.

Social media sharing

Sharing reviews about any restaurant on social media website will make great footprint of the restaurant’s name. As a result, branding, marketing and publicity will be done for a restaurant. Presently, customers check the reviews of the restaurants before visiting. A review helps the customers to know about the food, the services and the ambience of the restaurant. The reviews shared on social media will attract more new customers.

Easy order fulfillment

Customers can preorder the food so that the order can be provided in less time. Preordering helps in both; takeaways and eating there. If the order is already placed then the customer just have to pick the food, no need of waiting. While eating at the restaurant the food will be served within the short time.

Restaurants can benefit a lot from the mobile application. A Mobile Application Development process requires patience and knowledge. Which have experienced Android application developers and knowledge of trending technologies.