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Why Healthcare Industry Need Digitization?

As almost all individuals and patients are mobile nowadays, many of them prefer the healthcare service, advice and data to be available on the go while ensuring the privacy. Healthcare industry, thereby radically needs to acquire and deploy innovative healthcare mobility solutions in order to affiliate with the digital world.

IT healthcare solutions with digitization serve:

  • Improved patient care with immediate access to back-office, patient records, legal documents, content and handwritten doctor’s notes.

  • Enhanced patient engagement and care management with seamless communication and exchange of information like self-care instructions, individual health plans, reminders and more.

  • Better diagnosis with access to comprehensive and reliable information about patients

  • Diminished costs due to the task automation

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Benefits Of Digitization In Healthcare Industry


360 Degree Vision Of Patient Health


Effectively Manage Health Data And Documents


Analyze And Aggregate Data For Research


Order Glucose Reading Device


Send Notification For Patient Alert


Schedule Online Appointment


Automated And Convenient Payment Process


Notification For Physicians


Access Patient Specific Information


Medical Values And Signals Tracking


Logistics And Order Fulfillment


Order New Medicine


Forecast Therapy Improvement


Routine Checkup Reminder

Delivering Personalized Healthcare Provider & Management Solutions

Healthcare industry has well recognized the advantages of IT Healthcare Solutions, Best Medical apps development for patients, doctors. As per the recent statistics, in 2017 the mobile health market was predicted to be valued at about 25.39 billion U.S. dollars and further the market is predicted to achieve $58.8 billion by 2020, at a CAGR of 32.3%.

The Mobile Enterprise mobility Solutions makes it possible for Medical technology companies to meet diverse market needs while focusing on maintaining, supporting, and increasing existing applications with a big customer base.

Excellent WebWorld has established its great image as a healthcare application development company. Our extensive range of Healthcare app development, healthcare website design, medical app development and healthcare software development Solutions, including mobile health, big data, cloud computing and predictive analytics etc, help to bridge the gap between care providers and patients.

Our Effectual Software Solutions For Healthcare Industry

Being an experienced and one of the top healthcare software companies, we aid healthcare professionals across the world with cost-effective healthcare software development and managed IT solutions.

Hospital Management Software Solutions

Our Hospital Management Information System offers Healthcare CRM solutions that can integrate all your departments from diagnostic labs, pharmacies, to the collection centers across various geographic locations.

Laboratory Information Management Software System

Our laboratory management software solutions will simplify operations and optimize productivity for your daily lab operations with features like order/stock entry, patients check in, specimen processing, result in entry, and patient demographics etc.

Electronic Document Management System

Using our viable Electronic medical record solutions several hospitals have been experiencing effective documents and records management, more accurate, easier and less expensive compliance.

Healthcare Mobility Solutions

Our wide range of healthcare mobility solutions serves remote patient monitoring, disease management, healthcare training etc., that helped Several healthcare providers to boost service levels, optimize their productivity, and lessen their response time.

Looking For Personalized Healthcare Software Solutions?

Efficient Medical App Development Solutions

As per the recent industry survey, in 2018, about 50 percent of more than 3.4 billion smartphone and tablet users will have downloaded mobile health and wellness apps. developing a medical app will become quite necessary for you, to match the innovations in the healthcare industry.

Our Broad Range Of mHealth App Development Solutions

Healthcare App Development

Our professional healthcare mobile app development solutions facilitate healthcare professionals and organizations to develop a quality healthcare environment avoiding monitoring and operational hazards.

Disease & Treatment Management App Development

We offer categorized medical healthcare app development solutions for developing disease & treatment management apps :

Physiotherapy App

A physiotherapy mobile apps connect psychotherapist with real-time patient information management at a point of care and help them to keep the focus on offering the best care to patients.

Benefits Of Physiotherapy App

  • Offer entire patient information on a single platform
  • Help well manage schedules
  • View treatment plans, record diagnosis, charts
  • Streamline patient information during consultation
  • Get patient status and track patient improvement in real time
  • Track physiotherapists’ schedules
  • Assign or alter patients to therapists based on expertise and availability
Physiotherapy Mobile Apps Development
Physiotherapy Mobile Apps Development

Home Nursing App

The Home Nursing app allows hospitals providing home care to collect, analyze and track patient information, and manage schedules of the mobile staff.

Benefits of Home Nursing App Development

  • Provide crucial information to the nurses on emergency at patients home or place
  • Allows to capture patient history, drug information, treatment plans, duration and dosage
  • Reduces documentation errors and information loss
  • Enter offline information

Medical apps for Doctors, Specialist, Consultation

Doctors appointment booking & consultation app, Health apps for patients for health management, monitoring and furnishes whole vital information needed by the doctor on the go, while doctor is providing consultation service, to make accurate decisions at the right time.

Benefits of Doctor Consultation App

  • A single secure platform to manage patient records from different hospitals
  • Make custom groups of patients from different hospitals and interact with them through text messaging and email
  • With simple clicks ask for procedures and investigations for patients during consultation
  • Make preferred drug list and easily prescribe drugs from the list
  • Track the patient status in real time during the treatment course
  • Check investigation results of patients automatically categorized according to criticality
Medical app development for Doctors

Chronic Disease & Wellness Management Solutions

Wellness management apps like Runtastic, Nike, FitBitInc, Azumio proves to be amazing tools promoting digital health.

Types Of Wellness Management Apps We Work On:

Fitness app development solutions

Fitness App Development

Our Fitness app development solutions serve a convenient way to the people around the world,  to stay fitter and healthier by allowing them to track the health improvement, providing motivational health tips and many other facilities.

Benefits of Fitness App

  • Easily keep track of health progress
  • Set achievable goals
  • Monitor everyday diet
  • Monitor everyday diet
  • Save time and reach efficiency
  • Schedule exercise

Diet and Nutrition app

We provide the finest nutrition and dietary app development solutions that renders all in one platform for diet planning and recipes search while depicting nutrition values and calories of a specific cuisine.

Benefits of Diet and Nutrition app

  • Get nutrition overview
  • Allow BMR calculation
  • Make weekly meal plan
  • Get diet tips and instructions
dietary app development
mHealth App Development solutions

Fitness App Lifestyle Management App

Our exceptional mHealth App Development solutions include lifestyle management app development which helps to get better lifestyle by allowing individuals to achieve fitness goals by tracking daily workouts and meals, diminishing stress and measuring the results.

Benefits of Lifestyle Management App

  • Track weekly activity
  • Manage meal and workouts
  • Music and motivational quotes to release stress
  • Determine health and stress result

Want To Build A Medical Mobile App? We Have Expert Developers

Healthcare Website Development / Portal Development

Our wide range of healthcare portal and website development solutions help patients to connect and communicate with hospitals and physicians. It also enables them to get essential information about doctors, facilities, nurses, medical facility, medicine stores and staff members list.

Categorized Healthcare Website Development Solutions:

Website Development For Medical Stores

We build eMedical Store that facilitate medical store owners to display offers to all consumers, receive payment online, send an automatic reminder for monthly medicines, and so on.

Hospital Portal Development

Using our hospital portal development solutions, healthcare organizations are able to make administration easier and internal staff communications effective. Further, patients can conveniently get online appointments and other important information about care providers.

Website Development for Doctors and Consultants

We design and develop personalized websites for consultant and doctors which helps them to enhance their practice by showcasing the expertise and furnishing essential resources to their patients and referral partners.

Laboratory Portal Design and Development

We deliver effectual portal development solutions for clinical laboratories that allows them to increase the efficiency, reduce cost, optimize communication and serve seamless care to patients.

Some Additional Mobile App Development Solutions

Medical app development
Medical Reference App
Medication Management App Development
Medication Management App
Personal Health Record App Development
Personal Health Record App
Women's Health App Development
Women's Health App
ECG Monitoring App Development
Blood Pressure & ECG Monitoring App
Chronic Care Management App Development
Cancer Management App
Chronic Care Management App
Patient Monitoring App Development
Patient Monitoring & Management App

Advanced IT Solutions for Healthcare Industry

IoT for Healthcare

IoT for Healthcare

We introduce the Internet of Healthcare Things to enhance the healthcare industry operations with IoT technology applications such as a connected and smart hospital. Our IoT integration solution incorporates wide variety, starting from predictive maintenance of healthcare equipment to the smart beds, patient monitor, energy meter,  x-ray & imaging devices and much more.
IoT And healthcare Wearable Devices

IoT And healthcare Wearable Devices

Healthcare Wearables are playing a crucial role in the healthcare sector. We offer IoT integration services for Healthcare wearables which can be utilized to measure the physiological parameters of a person non-invasively, for offline medical analysis or real-time feedback.
RFID technology solutions within IoT


We provide RFID technology solutions within IoT, for hospitals and other healthcare providers. In the healthcare sector, RFID serves with various applications such as for tracking of patients’ medical records and medical assets, medical treatment tracking and validation, newborn and patient identification, surgical process management and so on.
Artificial Intelligence solutions

Robotics, Artificial Intelligence

Robotic technologies are greatly affecting the patient care by appearing in many roles. Robotics can be used to disinfect operating suites and patient rooms for reducing risks for the patients.

We design Artificial Intelligence solutions for healthcare services with unique experiments and functions like Virtual Nurses, Medical Records Management, Health Monitoring, Treatment Design etc.

Big Data For Healthcare

Big Data For Healthcare

Big data can help to drive healthcare operations with various applications like Real-time Alerting, Health Data For Informed Strategic Planning and the Electronic Health Records (EHR’s) facilitating patients to have his own digital record including medical history, allergies, demographics,  laboratory test results etc.
Voice Activated Apps

Voice Technology

The trending voice technologies such as Alexa and Siri voice assistants can be best utilized for healthcare in different approaches like voice-activated apps. The voice-recognition technology can also help doctors in the operating room to automatically catch and label pictures of different parts of a patient’s intestinal tract throughout a colonoscopy.
data science integrated solutions

Data Science

We present data science integrated solutions for the healthcare industry. This aid healthcare professional to analyze data related to a patient as well as their surroundings. Data Science can also be used to build models forecasting disease progression required for dsisease management and planning.
Remote Health Monitoring Solutions

Remote Health Monitoring And Telehealth

Remote health monitoring which is the best application of IoT can be significantly used to provide adequate healthcare to people. Our remote health monitoring solutions are capable to lessen the length of hospital stay and perhaps, even hospital re-admission. We build Telehealth solutions using Information communications technologies (ICTs) which helps to deliver health services and information health information over long and short distances.

Lets Integrate Advanced IT solutions For Your Hospital, clinic Or Staff Management System

Our Complete Healthcare Software Solution Includes Following Modules And Functionalities


Double Entry Accounting Solutions
Asset Management Solutions
Financial Statements solutions
Doctor Payment Management


Record Management Solutions
Leave Management


Central Purchase
Department Wise Issue
Stock Management
Safety Stock & Expiry Alerts
Medicine Return & Dispose


Pre-fed Test Parameters
Lab Report
Image/Video Storage
Record Management


Opd/Ipd Patient Entry
Cash Counter
Discharge Status
Miscellaneous Billing
Ward Status & Allocation


Patient Reports
Collection Reports
Department-wise Reports
Hospital Report

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