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Despite the entertainment portion, the sports industry is serving as a dominant means to build taut communities that bring together sports industry professionals, sports team members, and followers. The introduction of Mobility & IoT solution for sports industry has been enormously contributing to tighten the bond between all these aspects incorporated in the sports sector.

Excellent Webworld is one of the leading names for providing such influential and ground-breaking sports business technology solutions. We offer professional sports application development solutions covering each and every side of a particular sport right from updating latest happening to the followers to providing essential statistics exact into their hands.

  • ERP Software Services For Sports Industry

  • Sports Streaming Software Solutions

  • IoT Solutions For Sports Industry

  • Fantasy Sports Website Development

Our scalable and engaging sports website development solutions cater all innovative experience to the visitors and aid connecting the places and individuals involved in sports ecosystem including players, sports venues, coaches, sports event managers and so on. We have years of experience in delivering an inclusive range of sports enterprise mobility solutions to the Sports clubs, businesses, and big sports brands.

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How Technology Is Beneficial For Sports Industry


Produce Definitive Fan Experiences

The wide-ranging sports industry solutions allow you to present interactive and immersive experiences that convert followers into loyal customers. We enable a 360-degree view of your sports customer as they are likely to interact with third-parties and your content. This helps you to measure and drive fan engagement and get deeper insights into their behaviors and preferences.

Optimize Venue Infrastructure

As a Video Surveillance Systems Integrator, We can help you to effectively run sports venue (stadium, ground, and hall) and drive both the bottom and top-line revenue. IoT solutions & Video Surveillance facilitate to make venues more safe, productive, and supportive of the enterprise mission and effectually meet the follower’s demands with all-encompassing connectivity inside and around the venue.

Perk Up Player Performance

With the advanced technology solutions like IoT & Wearable devices, you are able to augment the performance both on and off the playing field and construct a competitive advantage. Athletes and Coaches can be provided with the essential and real-time insights such as performance, weather, and biometrics to obtain quick visibility into athlete performance and fitness training using Iot Enabled Fitness tracking Wearable devices and Cloud computing Solutions

Enable Team Success

The IoT solution for sports industry serves a new approach to manage and understand your team, optimize ROI and get victory often. Our IoT app development solutions aid you to get player evaluations and automatically measure team dynamics on Dashboard. Further, you can also inspect, organize and discover significant insights to determine and estimate team and individual performance using Businesss Inteligence and Predicttive analytic solutions

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Our Inclusive Sports Verticals

Broadcasting & Media

We render comprehensive Cloud based sports streaming software solutions for sports media and broadcasting agencies, where we integrate the clients cloud with media servers like Wowza which enable them to provide uninterrupted and real-time information including latest sports news, scores, schedules etc to their fans and followers.
  • Easy Navigation

  • Results And Statistics

  • Live News Coverage

  • Sports News At One Place

  • Forthcoming Tournament Schedules

sports streaming software solutions
sports application development solutions


Our professional sports application development solutions incorporate engaging features like rich video streaming, schedules, live scores, social media sharing, ticketing capabilities, etc. which aid sports team to effectually drive sports fan attention.
  • Login Page

  • Score Updates

  • Team Selection

  • News Updates

  • Interactive User Interface


We build exceptionally engaging sports app having potential to acquire fan loyalty, increase sports visibility, and boost revenues for any sports team. Our top-notch sports app development solutions facilitate you to bring your team in front of the fans anytime and anywhere.

  • Scores Widget

  • Stats And Records

  • Latest Cricket News

  • Exclusive Videos

  • Match Highlights

sports app developers
AR enabled sports app development services


We help stadiums and sports venues to build appealing mobile experiences for visitors and fans. Our superior location based, AR enabled sports app development services include various facilities such as loyalty programs, ticket booking, fan transit, social media, in-seat food ordering and live video feeds.
  • Sign In

  • Live Chat

  • Updated Scores

  • Match Schedules

Fitness Sector

Our sports apps development team possesses the great expertise to build exclusive fitness apps that allows gyms and fitness trainers to offer exercises instructions, fitness tips, and other essential information to their learners and sports individuals at any time as per their convenience.
  • Workout Routines

  • Training Recommendations

  • Custom Trading Programs

  • Performance Analysis

  • Exercise Description and Animation

build exclusive fitness apps

Get Uncountable Business Benefits of Sports Technology

Our Customized Sports App Development Services

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    Data Integration From Different Sports Gear

    We provide IoT enabled wearable app solutions that help you to readily assemble data from virtually fitness trackers, sensor, and sporting gear to mobile app.

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    Fitness Trackers Integration

    We effectually integrate fitness tracking with your fitness app to effortlessly track any activity of the user such as run, walk, or cycle throughout the day.

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    Configurable Notifications

    We ensure to integrate best push notification plugin system with your sports app to send out latest sports happening and news alerts to your sports fans.

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    Sports Equipment Predictive Maintenance

    We offer best IoT solution and ERP software services for sports industry to enable gyms and sports venues to effectively maintain all the sports gears while reducing the maintenance cost and increasing availability.

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    Support Of Tiny Sportswear Sensors

    We provide excellent support and solutions for the sportswear sensors to seamlessly track athlete activity, progress and health condition.

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    Remote Equipment Control

    We furnish specialized IoT solution for sports industry to conveniently track and control sports equipment functionality at the sports venue or gyms.

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    In-Cloud Data Storage

    Our cloud integration solution with the sports apps makes it much easier for the users to conveniently share sports score and other information with their friends.

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    Near Real-Time Analytics

    Our near real-time processing and big data solutions help sports clubs to track players, compute all game statistics, gain predictive insights into fans preferences, and take meaningful coaching decisions.

Imperative Features For Your Sports Mobile App


Event Calendar


On-Demand Sports Video & Game Highlights


Augmented and Virtual Reality


Live Scores, updates, and Statistics


Live-Streaming Video


Social media features


Push Notification for recent and upcoming matches


Easy ticket booking facility


Interactive maps and checking for seat availability

Our Advanced Sports Industry Solutions


Sports App Development

We deal with varying needs of the sports industry and accordingly serve cutting-edge sports app development solutions fabricated with the latest trends and all-inclusive feature set.

Sports Website Development

We have acquired great proficiency in sports website development and thereby possess the aptitude to build imposing, responsive and feature pact sports websites as per any sports requirement.

Software Development

We offer best software development and ERP software services according to the particular requirements of any sports sector like sports club, training centers, gyms or stadiums

Trending Technology Integration

We are well acquainted and practiced to integrate latest technology solutions like AR, VR, AI, BI & analytics and IoT with the sports mobile app or website to make them highly functional and compatible with powerful features.

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What Makes Us One of the Best Sports Technology Companies?


Cost-Effective Sports Industry Solutions

We ensure to furnish our clients with the most trending sports technology solutions that can surely get them top-notch success and considerable ROI.

Dedicated Sports Apps Development Team

We have built up an experienced sports apps development team which dedicatedly works on any sports app requirement while ensuring to bring quality results.

Precise Methodology and Project Planning

Our professional sports application development team strictly follows Agile approach and effective project planning strategies to deliver successful outcomes.

On-Time Project Delivery

Our systematic and coordinative work approach makes it possible for us to deliver and accomplish the project within assigned time frame by the client.

Excellent Support and Maintenance

After successful project deliverance, we don’t assume the work is done, we further offer best support and maintenance service for our delivered project.

Data Confidentiality and Protection

We strictly sign NDA so as to provide you a full assurance of the project confidentiality and high security of all essential data.

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