how to use facebook instant articles

Let’s imagine a scenario; you are scrolling through your Facebook; finds an interesting article. Click on it to read and then it took like forever to open. And before the display of the article; the screen is covered with useless advertisements. What will you do? Wait for it to open? This happens to me almost every time, and then I simply close the link without reading.

Now move to another case; you are visiting your Facebook page; you liked an article, clicked on it. And Boom!! It’s in front of you. Not only faster, but also a much interactive post with lots of animations, images, and GIFs with negligible advertisements to irritate you.

This is “Facebook instant articles”. Facebook instant articles were originally launched in May 2015. The initial 9 publishing partners were: The New York Times, National Geographic, BuzzFeed, NBC, The Atlantic, The Guardian, BBC News, Spiegel, and Bild. Lately, in April 2016 they opened the Facebook instant articles to all the publishers worldwide.

With the advent of Facebook instant articles; businesses started utilizing the benefits of it. Tens of thousands of articles are published every day with Facebook instant articles. Facebook instant articles are not only limited to the media companies but any enterprise or individual that wishes to publish its blogs.

Facebook has started this Instant Article platform to improve the problem its users face with slow and add-ridden websites. This platform is made to create a win-win situation for the Facebook users and establishments who host such blogs and articles.

If you are using a CMS website for your blogs and articles then Facebook instant articles are a beneficial trend for you. It is a well-known fact that businesses with the major need of content management system are using Drupal CMS.

Drupal Web Development has proven to be the customized content management system for businesses and enterprises.

So few questions arise here: is it possible to use both a Drupal CMS and Facebook instant article? How to implement Facebook instant articles on the Drupal website.

Let’s get started; the process is divided into 6 easy steps:

1. Sign Up

2. Create a Style

3. Import Your Articles

4. Connect Your Site

5. Submit 5 Articles for Review

6. Begin Sharing!

  • Signup

    Signup your publication for the Facebook instant article. Follow the steps from the Facebook instant article signup link and you will get find all the essential tools from the top of your Facebook page. Select the configuration option under the instant articles in the navigation bar.

  • Design your style

    You can customize the look and feel of your instant article, upload your logo before submitting your articles. Go to the configuration section in the publishing tools and then scroll down to “styles”. Customize your styles as per your business and interest.

  • Import your articles

    When using third party platforms like Drupal; you will have to use the plugins for the easiest setups and maintenance. To set up you will need a plugin or instant article API or you can build a dedicated RSS feed. You can refer the Drupal website to understand the procedure of developing an RSS feed. Sounds too technical? Don’t worry!! You can Hire Drupal Developers We understand that Facebook instant articles API integration and building an RSS feed require the help of a developer. We will be pleased to help you.

  • Connect your site

    Authorize your site to begin converting your articles to Facebook instant articles. Get the code to Register the URL of your site from the “connect your site”section. Go to the “configuration settings” in publishing tools and scroll down to “connect your site”. You will get the code; enter the code and register the URL of your website.

  • Submit 5 articles for the review

    To begin the publication of your articles; Facebook approval is required and the review might take 2 business days. Before submitting the articles for the review check the submission checklist, make sure your articles meet all the requirements and are following the rules of publishing. After that you can submit the article from “configuration” section in the submit for review part.

  • Begin sharing

    Your instant articles might take 2 business days to get the approval. Once you get the approval; begin your sharing and distribute your articles as any normal post. Instant articles are never posted on your page automatically; you will have to compose a post and share the link.

Try the above-mentioned steps to integrate your Drupal website with Facebook articles and if you need any guidance or help then we are here 24/7. If you are having Drupal 6 and 7 website and looking for the upgrade to Drupal 8; contact us, not only for the Facebook instant articles but for any technology.

We have a team of full-stack developers and designers with a vast experience of working in all the major and minor technologies. Get in touch and get into the world of digital content. You can integrate your Facebook instant articles to your Drupal CMS website. Implementing Facebook instant articles on Drupal CMS is not that difficult.