iOS 12 Public Beta
Each year Apple reveals the newest version of its OS most probably in June at its WWDC event. This year, at WWDC 2018, the company has announced the release of new iOS update i.e. iOS 12. Finally, the company has provided the Public beta version of this update for download. iOS 12 Public beta comes with the new Memoji feature and many other updates.

However, until the fall, the update will not be finalized and officially released. If you can’t wait until then you can register in Apple’s free, public beta program and get access to the early edition of iOS 12 which is starting from Monday.

In iOS 12 public beta you can try out features like updated Animoji named as Memoji, DND and many other. You can create Memoji that give the impression of you. With Memoji feature, you can turn yourself into a dinosaur or ghost or also stick out your tongue. You can also set your Memoji on top of the body and use it through a FaceTime conversation. In the beta version, you can simultaneously converse with up to 32 people in FaceTime.

Further, there will be a Screen Time app which informs you about the total amount of time you use the device, your activities on it and even the number of times you pick up your iPhone.

The updated DND feature includes a bedtime mode that reduces the display brightness and conceals notifications on the lock screen until they are prompted in the morning.

Moreover, Photos have some updates like new “For You” tab that allows you to share pictures easily with your contacts.

Not just these but there are several other interesting features but you can’t access them in the public beta mainly because third-party apps are not yet available. You won’t be able to access features like playing group games, Siri Shortcuts, Measure app and new ARKit 2 features.

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The new iOS update seems to be interesting since there are quite enormous features that are worth trying. Now you must be keen to download this public beta version, but as Apple has not yet officially released it, there may be some inaccuracies or errors. Thus it would be better to wait for final confirmation. However, if you want to build an app with iOS 12 then you need not wait any more. Just Contact Us and state your requirements we will provide you with all-inclusive iOS app development solutions.