Chats and Chatbots in Business Apps

Does your business still rely on chats and automated responses for business meetings and discussions? Do you travel overseas for your business meetings and product presentation?

Then you are still living with Adams. Gone are the days of sharing documents and photographs of products, this is the era of video calling. People are dealing with the clients directly with video conferencing.

In today’s digital world, the globalized business environment has generated the need of strong relationships with clients and investors. A strong relationship stands on trust and face to face communication is playing a vital role in the enhancement of confidence between the client and the business.

Video plays a vital role in the collaboration strategies of business owners and ultimately transforms the way they do business. Essentially face-to-face communication with no distance, video conferencing makes interacting with partners, colleagues and customers reliable and simple.

Video calling provides a better scope of understanding and thought exchanging. Thanks to the development and advent of Voice Over IP, video conferencing is now more common and accessible. Enterprises and small businesses are now opting for video calling feature in their Mobile Application rather than an in-built chat option.

As per the new survey from the Pew Internet & American Life Project, about 19% of Americans have attempted video chat or video calls either online or on a mobile phone.

If you are having a small or medium size business or even a large enterprise, then you should have a video calling feature in your mobile application.

Some of the common advantages of video calling feature in your mobile app:

Clear communication:

Video conferencing allows a crystal clear communication with face to face discussions. Direct interaction provides a better

Speedy response:

Have any doubts to discuss with your client? Call the client and discuss it in a matter of seconds. No need of waiting for long hours for the response of mail or message.

No travel expense:

Now you don’t have to travel to meet your client and discuss the project. Business deals can be take place from your office and home.

Involve your entire team:

Tired of absence of your team members during important client meetings? Make sure your whole team is present during the meeting by using web conferencing.

Wondering Its Use In Your Business Industry?

Cloud meeting feature has specific functions in all the industries like healthcare, real estate, education and others. let’s talk about its impact and benefits for several industries in detailed manner.


You are having an eCommerce website, and your customer wants to see your product. What you will do? Send them the picture of your product? You can simply arrange a video call to create a trust. But what if you don’t want to share your personal details like phone number to the customer? You can do the video call from your business application. Integrate video calling features in your application and communicate with your customers without sharing of your details.


To explain this concept in a deeper way, lets discuss about the real estate industry. Real estate requires more trust connection than any other industry. Today, customers are complaining about the difference in the picture of property and the real view of the property. You can simply video call your customer and show them the whole property.

Automotive and reselling:

You are having businesses of buying and selling cars; your customer wants to buy a car from you but unsure about the trust. So in that scenario you can simply video call your client and show them the entire car. Checking all the details of the car will create a trust in your business deal.


You are far away from your doctor but needs an urgent advice what you can do? A video call can resolve your problem. Call your doctor show them your medical condition and discuss your issue. You can share your medical report to another doctor for a second opinion about your prescription and treatment.


Video conferencing in education is transforming the relation of parents and teachers. A teacher can share the work of the students with the parents? or the parents can check for their kid on the live video call.

Impressed by the benefits of video communication? Why don’t you try it in your business? Check out the trending video calling features for a mobile app of your business. If you need any support, our experts are always ready for the assistance.

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