Why Mobile App For Schools Are Need Of An Hour?

While I am writing this article, the education sector is already adapting to disruptive technologies. Various technologies are helping teachers and students in a lot of ways.

Sometimes I really envy the new generation!

Mobile apps for Schools, Teachers & Parents

When I heard this every time, I thought of my days in schools. I used to struggle a lot to learn each subject by attending the classes, finishing & submitting the project and assignments. To complete the summer vacation assignments, I used to visit all the local libraries as possible.

Even my parents used to worry about my assignments because of the limited resources available.

But look at today’s generation!

Ever since the technology has started playing a big role in educational app development, all these hurdles and dilemmas have simplified up to a great extent.

Mobile apps for school and university have started playing a big role in education.

The article is all about how mobile app for schools and colleges are becoming popular these days and how to develop it.

But before that, let’s have a look at some basics.

Importance Of Mobile App In Schools And Colleges

One of the major reasons behind developing a mobile app for schools and universities is to improve communication between students, parents, and teachers.

If you have second thoughts about developing a school app then here are the benefits of mobile apps for schools

  • It allows students to access study material online from the home.
  • School mobile app features facilitate Data security to keep contact details, exam papers, and other payment information secure.
  • Establish greater interaction among students, teachers, and parents.
  • Push notifications will get everyone notified if any important event is about to happen.
  • Parents will have access to students’ grades so they can monitor for their performance.
  • Mobile app for school and university will provide a personalized learning experience to students.

What Type Of School Mobile App Do You Want?

If you have decided to make an app for school then you should consider which kind of app you want to develop?

Below I have categorized some of the popular trends in mobile app development for schools and colleges

  • Language teaching apps
  • Online tuition app solution
  • Online school fee payment app
  • Attendance management app
  • Managing workbook & worksheet apps
  • Exam preparation apps
  • Quiz and puzzle with answers apps
  • Storytelling for kids app
  • ERP software for school and colleges
  • App Development for Kids

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Which are the School Mobile App Features you Need to Include?

It is imperative to add specialized features that facilitate school admin, teachers, parents, and students communicate real-time messaging and stay updated about the latest events.

Checklist for your school mobile app features

  • Student/Parent Login
  • Employee/Teacher Login
  • ID Card Generation
  • Gradebook & reports
  • Timetable, attendance & scheduling
  • Online examination & assignment
  • Fee management & online payment
  • Personal messaging for parents to keep in touch with school authorities
  • Parent-teacher collaboration
  • News Management
  • Student Attendance
  • Customizable Dashboards
  • Certificate Generation
  • Courses and Batches
  • Worksheet & report card
  • Monitor progress
  • Calendar and diary
  • Push notification for events, exam schedules, and important announcement.

If you are wondering;

Which is the best app for school students?

Which is the best app for school management? Or

What are the top educational apps for students?

Then, Let us take some real-world examples of mobile apps for schools.

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Best School Mobile Apps in 2022

Here are some of the most useful apps for school that are helping students, teachers, and parents as well.

Memrise (For Learning A Language)

Learning with fun is all about the best language learning app. Memrise is one of the best language learning apps for students.

The app lets you learn different languages with grammar and pronunciation.

Not only by reading but you can also learn from the local people of the different country.

Edmodo (Social Learning Platform)

Connect and collaborate with teachers and parents with this fully-featured social learning platform.

Edmodo lets students get access to homework, school notice, and grades online.

Teachers can use this app as an online blackboard and inbox. They can post quizzes, assignment guidelines, polls, and summon students to submit the completed assignment.

Teacherkit (Classroom Management For Teachers)

TeachersKit comes with dozens of features that help teachers to manage students’ grades using included Grade book.

This school app for teachers organizes the information in 4 types of reports; class summery, student summery, seating chart and Gradebook.

This app provides you with the tools for handling students’ attendance, their behavior. It stores the information of students in the form of photos, grades, and assignments.

iMovie (for Students And Teacher)

This app is not only for students but it also helps teachers for introducing content in a meaningful way.

The presentations created by iMovie are ideal for all kind of students and aid them in the study. Students can utilize it to tell stories using digital media including pictures, images, and music.

Ultimately it helps students to increase their verbal fluency and communication skills.

How Much Does It Cost To Develop A Mobile App For Schools?

The cost of mobile app development for schools, colleges and Universities varies as per different factors such as location, time, features, and functionalities, and numbers of resources required.

An average school mobile app price may range from $15k to $100k.

If you want a basic app then it costs you around $15k.

Complex app with additional feature may cost you $50k.

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The numbers of mobile apps for school are increasing at a rapid speed. In fact, they are becoming a link between students, teachers, and parents to get stuff done.

Does your school have such management apps?

Do your teachers struggle to maintain the work report and progress of students?

I hope the above information has explained my point and now you are sure about the selection of your platform for your mobile application development solutions.