Mobile Apps for Schools
In my last blog, I had explained how technology and education can relate to each other. How students, parents, and teachers can benefit by integrating technology in their education system. The way technology has changed the concept of teaching and learning.

Now this post has words on:

  • What are the benefits to create a mobile app for schools?

  • Why Mobile apps for Schools are Important for Parents?

  • How a single mobile app can provide unique functionality to teachers, parents, students?

  • What a mobile application can do for an entire school?

  • How can an education app be different for a school and for a teacher?

Let’s start with the uses of mobile apps for schools:

Schools can utilize a lot from the technology. Many educational institutes are already using educational mobile apps to handle all the educational institutes management systems. The school apps have made the life of school administrators easy. From sending latest news to notifying the upcoming events everything can be spread in seconds.

The barcode IDs are the perfect technology solution for lost and forgotten ID cards. The mobile application is able to send Notifications to the parents prior the date of fee submission, result days or parent-teacher meetings. Online fees, payment has made the task of parents and the administration very easy, parents can submit fees anytime and an easy track of receipts is also available. The best financial benefit for schools from mobile apps is they can save a fortune amount of money from the printing of newsletters. Printing newsletters every week or month can be costly a better solution for this is providing notifications on the mobile application. As a result, a mobile app for school is a one-time investment which can save a lot of money.

Let’s see how a single school app works for different users:

A mobile apps for schools will deal with different types of users like parents, students, school principals and the administrative department. For each group the requirement is unique, so the functionality of the application should also be different. For example, a student has nothing to do with the work progress of the teacher or the administrative department doesn’t want to know the homework of class 9th. Therefore, it is necessary for the application to perform in different ways. The principal of the school can check the working report of any teacher, or the syllabus covered in any subject of any class directly through the application. While the teacher can update the homework or assignment provided to the class or update the attendance of the class. On the other hand, students will need the application for other uses like getting the latest news from the schools, upcoming events or checking the exam dates. And all these things can be provided by a single application.

What are the other ways an app can work in the education industry?

It is not necessary that only schools can have an app for managing the whole system. An educational application can be customized only for some specific usages like video lectures, streaming from other schools or the teachers of tuition classes or coaching classes can have their own application in which they can upload notes, describe important topics or even give video lectures to the students. Or even the preschool teachers can have an app which an interactively teaches the toddlers with fun.

There are so many existing educational applications on play store and the app store. If you want to check the examples of apps related to the education industry, then following are some links provided which can give an idea about how the app can work or what are the features that can be included in the app.

Now I am sure you are fantasized by these applications. So go ahead create a plan to build your own school app for parents, kids, school bus and school staff.

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