RAD Food Delivery App

RAD – Food Delivery App


Food Delivery Service with a Difference


2 Backend developers, 1 Android & iOS developer, 1 Flutter, 1 Project Manager


Prince Edward Country, Ontario, Canada


UI/UX, App & Website Development


On-demand Food Delivery


3 months, website – 2 months


18+ for Alcohol Products, Kids

What difference do they make? Well, RAD is a unique meal order app that focuses on soothing the sudden food cravings of the users. RAD stands for Rural Area Delivery. The app is meant for Canadian users. Know more about this food delivery app portfolio in this article.

How Did the Client Approach Us?

Michelle Holmes, a Canadian-based entrepreneur reached out to us with a vague idea of starting RAD food delivery services business. But she and her team didn’t know where to start. However, a series of consultation calls with our team helped them design a straight path toward launching their food delivery application


What is the Platform All About?

Starting a food delivery application in Canada is a great business idea. However, scaling this among the existing fiery competition was only possible with these USPs.

After detailed R&D, the client discovered that online food delivery to rural areas is an untapped service segment. This ‘Eureka moment!’ itself helped them formulate the USP. They aimed to reach the remote locations that existing competitor delivery partners could only go now. Hence, by tapping this accessibility pain point of consumers, RAD fixated on following the platform-to-consumer delivery model.

Money is of utmost importance. Therefore, as a revenue strategy, they wanted us to integrate the delivery fee module of a fixed amount every 3 kilometers.

The client also wanted us to simplify the backend process of featuring the bestselling items on the platform. This further helps the registered store owners to select display items. This led us to decide the number of parties involved and the panels we would require for all these users.

Outcomes of Our Multi-Party Platform Approach with Features

We tried a multi-platform approach to fulfill the app’s requirements. After numerous brainstorming sessions, we revealed to the client that this app could be successful with these panels – an Admin web panel, Vendor web and tablet panel, Delivery personnel’s app, and a consumer website and app.


Here are the food delivery app features of all the RAD user platforms

Panel 1 – Admin Panel (Web)

  • Admin Dashboard Of Business
  • Manage & Approve Restaurants Requests, Delivery Boys’ Requests, Customers’ Profile
  • Ratings & Reviews
  • Manage Commission
  • Tax Management
  • Advertisement Banner Management
  • Manage Push-Notification, Email Notification, Promo Codes
  • Account & Earning Management
  • Manage the Category & Sub-Category
  • Report Management
  • Individual Restaurant & Delivery Person’s Report
  • Backup & Export Reports
  • App Settings
  • Complaint Management

Panel 2 – Consumer/End user (Website/Application Android + iOS)

  • Allow Location Permission – Accept
  • Profile Management
  • Payment Method Management
  • List of All Near By Restaurants
  • Header Search Bar
  • Select The Food & Can See;
  • Category and Filters
  • View Cart
  • Add Delivery Address
  • Apply Promo Code
  • Place The Order
  • Notification
  • Notification When Delivery Boy Arrived
  • History of Past Orders
  • Review And Ratings
  • History of Payment Receipt
  • Settings – Notification Management
  • Payment Setting

Panel 3 – Restaurant Owner or Vendor App (Web + Tablet)

  • Registration
  • Statistical Dashboard
  • Restaurant Profile Management
  • Manage foods products
  • Inventory management
  • Set Accepted Orders
  • Notification Management
  • Manage Offers & Promo codes
  • View Order History
  • Export Reports (Reports In CSV File Format)

Panel 4 – Delivery Partner (app)

  • Profile Update
  • Order Acceptance/Order Rejection
  • Order Management
  • Notifications
  • App Designing
  • App development in Flutter.
  • One week Testing of the app
  • Live Deployment of the app
  • Month Free support period
  • Payment gateway integration
  • Turn ON Duty
  • Receive Order Request
  • Live Track Location
  • In-app Text Chat & Manually Call To Customers
  • Manually Send Push Notification To Customers
  • Section For My Orders (On-going, Future, Pending, Past)
  • Review & Rating For Customers
  • Get Tip From Customers
  • History Trips and Payments
  • Total Earning Reports
  • Request Payment Withdrawal To Admin
  • SOS – Emergency Button (Shows Notification To Admin Dispatcher Panel)

Process of Meal Order App Designing & Development

The style and consistency of our project are the results of an intricate process we follow. Each step stimulates and lays the foundation for the next stage.


  • Fixating Business Platform
  • Creating USPs
  • Understanding User Flows


  • Color theory
  • Wireframing
  • Design Sprints


  • Tech Stack
  • Clean Coding
  • Security & Integrations

Testing & Deployment

  • Speed Tests
  • Quality Analysis
  • Bug Fixing & Maintenance

Extra Chunk of Efforts in Developing App for Food Delivery to Rural Areas

Besides delivering what is mentioned in the project’s scope, our mobile app development services involve a holistic approach. Our team ensured to provide the client with everything that made this meal delivery app as perfect as it can be!

Delivery Module – On placing the order, the algorithm should automatically send notifications to nearby drivers one by one to schedule the pickup of the food parcel and deliver it to the customer.

Tips Management – The usual tipping to delivery personnel has a new addition. Users using the RAD food delivery app can also give tips to store vendors. This can be a fixed amount or even a percentage of the total order amount.

Payout – We automated the weekly payout system rather than keeping it manual.

Availability Status – Not only the delivery personnel but also store vendors can set their status to either 24 hour open or full-day closed. They may also customize a time slot that can reflect immediately.

Navigation – Our developers used the Socket IO to integrate live tracking of delivery persons & chat between customers & assigned delivery persons.

Support – We simplified the complaint submission process as it is vital for users to communicate their grievances and problems to the restaurants. Both vendors and admin can see this feedback from consumers.

Technology Stack


Colors & Typography – Food Ordering App UI Design

Ensuring the best User Interface and Experience is our duty. To get the food ordering app UI design right, the skilled designers on board worked on a beautiful color theory for this food delivery application.


Explore the Smooth App Experience Via These Screenshots

These snippets are just an example of how well-structured and user-oriented all the panels are. Take a thorough look!


Challenges & Solutions

01 The client needed clarification about the payouts for the restaurant & delivery persons. They wanted to keep this weekly payout manual, which would lead to redundant work.

Solution – We gave two ways of payment to the client with proper flow & functionality. She chose one way, and we implemented the way she was expecting.

The first way – The restaurant can send a request to the admin for payout at any time After approval of the admin, the restaurant will get the amount in his bank account.

The second way – The restaurant & delivery person will get a payout weekly automatically.

02 After completing the website, the client requested a restaurant application. The timeline was very tight.

Solution – We created a cross-platform Flutter application (instead of native apps) to save time & deliver the final product on time.

Testimonial – Client Delight


“Giving wind to my idea was impossible without the excellent developers at Excellent Webworld. Not only the technical development but also provided support with brainstorming the unique values the app could provide. Can’t wait to build the second version of this application.”


-Michelle Holmes

Founder of RAD

Build your Food Delivery Platform with Industry Experts

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The time duration to build a food delivery app can be variable. It depends on the number of features and complexity of functionalities that the app offers.

The cost of developing a platform like RAD food services online can be approximately USD 20-60k. This can vary depending on the type of app you choose to build. Discuss your budget and requirements with the app development company for a more precise idea.

Excellent Webworld is the best for application development because of the experienced and expert developers and designers onboard. Check the multi-domain work portfolio, and feel free to place an inquiry.


Book A Ride – Taxi Booking App


Book A Ride App

An On-Demand App to Book a Ride Online

For our client based in Guyana, we built a robust taxi booking solution. He wanted to begin his entrepreneurial journey by launching an on-demand app. Let’s see how he did it with our support.

texi-car banner-Img


6 Members


Georgetown, Guyana


On-demand Taxi Booking


4.5 Months Went LIVE in August 2022


Admin & Dispatcher, Passenger & Driver App Development, UI/UX


Passengers who don’t own a vehicle & prefer to hail on-demand taxis and car pooling.

How Did the Client Approach Us?

Mr. Ken Deocharran, our client, is a resident of Georgetown, Guyana. After observing the taxi culture in Guyana, he formulated the idea of launching a mobile app that could help people with their ride-hailing problems.

The client wanted to build an app to book cabs that could give tough competition to the already existing billion-dollar taxi-booking app giants like Uber and Lyft.

He also proposed that his idea of competing with the existing industry leaders is by offering competitive fare prices to users and revenues to drivers to make its spot in the market. After discovering all the client’s expectations and requirements, the team at Excellent Webworld started brainstorming.

Our Deliverables to Digitize this Taxi Service

After an internal team discussion, we decided to build an Admin panel, a dispatcher panel and two independent mobile applications. (We considered the distributed statistics of Android and iOS phone users who would use this app to book taxi online in Guyana.)

Native Android & iOS Apps For Passengers

This app would help a user to register themselves as a rider. Furthermore, using this app, one can book rides, add favorite locations, give ratings to drivers, etc.

Native Android & iOS Apps For Drivers

The driver app is specifically meant for driver registration, accepting or rejecting ride requests, tracking the fares earned, completed rides, etc.

Project Framing & Scope Designing

It is a norm at Excellent Webworld to first work on the project’s foundation, i.e., the roadmap. To design the same, we took several calls with the client and his team. We asked them various questions to discover their point of view and noted things down, and all this data helped us design and develop the best app for ride sharing.


Walkthrough of Our App Development Process

Now, let us take you through the intricate procedure that we undertake for taxi app development:

On-call Client Meetings

  • Design working model
  • Formulating USP
  • Planning functionalities
  • App Conceptualization

Project Planning

  • Platform analysis
  • Technology brainstorming
  • Timeline fixation
  • Scope drafting by BA

Forecasting Outcome

  • App Architecture
  • App Designing
  • Wireframing & prototyping
  • Overall project specification

Final Delivery

  • Development
  • Deployment
  • Quality analysis & testing
  • Post-launch support

Our extra mile of effort makes an app successful!

While the deadline to deploy the Book A Ride Guyana app approached, many major issues remained to be solved. The team doubled their efforts to meet the deadline without compromising on the quality of the application.

Throughout this project design and development, we provided Night time support to the client’s team, considering their time zone and geographic location.

Another extra effort that Excellent Webworld’s hardworking developers put in was for the LIVE location tracking algorithm. We made it as accurate as Uber to provide their users with a seamless ride-booking experience.

A Glance at the Features of Driver & Passenger Apps

Today, the app has around 7500 active registered users. The figure is only growing. And we surely think this is quite a milestone in the app’s lifecycle. However, this wouldn’t have been possible without integrating the app’s remarkable features, which made it stand out from the competitors.

Features of Driver App

  • Upload Documents
  • Get Approval & Then Login
  • Edit Profile & Bank Account Details
  • Duty On & Off Button
  • Receive Trip Request From Nearby Passengers
  • See Trip Details (With LIVE Location)
  • Start Waiting Time
  • Trip History & Payments
  • Total Earning Reports
  • Request Payment Withdrawal from Admin
  • Settings
  • Section For My Jobs: Future Jobs/Pending Jobs/Past Jobs
  • Profile Management
  • Add & Edit Payment Method (Cash, Debit & Credit Card, Payment Gateway)
  • LIVE Map View
  • Location pin drag
  • Add & Edit Favorite Locations
  • Select Vehicle Type
  • Book Now Trip/Book Later Trip
  • Apply Promo Codes
  • Trip & Fare History
  • Review & Rating
  • Invite Friends
  • Help

Features of Passenger App

Colors & Typography

Technology Stack Used to Build Book A Ride – Ride Sharing Application

Screenshots of the Taxi Booking App – Book A Ride

Our in-house designers delivered wireframes to the client for their feedback, as their approval is a must. Check out the final app UI design.

Challenges & Solutions in the Course of Project Development

Challenge 1 – Google map integration is very expensive.

Solution: We researched a custom algorithm for an estimated time of arrival (ETA) that was not so heavy on the pocket and fulfilled its purpose.

Challenge 2 – Multiple users on the app caused server failure.

Solution: Solved this issue with the load balancing method. We created & ran servers to support numerous users on the app simultaneously.

Challenge 3 – Equipping the app with a LIVE tracking feature..

Solution: We equipped the Book A Ride app with the Kalman Algorithm, which aided in perfect LIVE tracking of the passenger & driver..

Build a Taxi Booking App with Us!

It is the rule of business that to outdo your competitors; you need a Unique Selling Proposition, a disruptive solution, features that set you on the epicenter, and a new design language that is bold in its ways. Hence, for your uber like app development requirements, you can entrust our skilled and certified team.

Let’s Brainstorm Your Taxi App

Online Education Platform Kodris Africa

Kodris Africa – Education Platform

Online Education Platform Solutions We Have Provided

Deployed in 2022, Kodris Africa is an outstanding platform for online education. It is made for multiple users:

  • Parents/Students
  • Teachers
  • Schools


5 Members


Development Time

3-4 Months


Client’s Location

Kenya, Africa

target User

Target Users




Online Education



UI/UX designing, Development, QA, Deployment, Support

Our Relationship with our Kenya-based Client for the Education Portal We Built

Some clients become family. Peter Mwaniki Munuhe is based in Kenya. He has been working with us for a long time. We have developed more than five projects for him. His consistent faith in our work has helped us maintain good client relations.

Client Relation with Excellent Webworld
What is the Platform All About

What is the Educational Platform that We have Built?

Kodris Africa is a platform for users like students, parents, teachers, and school organizations.
  • Here, parents and students can look for schools. Adding more to this, they can search for teachers and tuition teachers on the platform by viewing their profiles, resume, etc., and chat with them. Parent users can also buy tokens on the platform.
  • Teachers can surf the portal for new jobs. They can sign themselves up for various online courses. Experts conduct online tutorial sessions for teachers to train them.
  • Schools can post vacancies for teacher profiles and help parents with their queries regarding their child’s admissions.

Multi-Industry Angle

This platform solves various industries and purposes like:

Multiple Industry Angles

Education Software Development Process We Follow

Designing Phase

  • Color Theory
  • Wireframing
  • UI/UX Designing

Development Phase

Development Icon
  • Coding
  • Unit Testing
  • Tech Stack Selection

Deployment Time!

Deployment Icon
  • Configurations
  • Quality Testing
  • App Store Optimization

Best Educational App Features We Used in Development

Super Admin Web Panel

  • Login
  • Forgot password
  • Edit profile
  • Change password
  • Dashboard details
  • Parents management
  • Teachers management
  • School management
  • Expert management
  • Manage Sub-Admins (Experts)
  • Manage Advertisement listing
  • Manage Subscription
  • Manage Promotion
  • Session Management
  • Manage Certificate
  • Payment management
  • Manage Notification
  • Manage Reports
  • Manage CMS
  • Roles and Permissions Access Management
Super Admin Web Panel
sub admin expert panel

Sub-admin/Expert Panel

  • Login
  • Forgot password
  • Edit profile
  • Change password
  • Session Management
  • Logout

User App (School, Student/Parent, Teacher)

  • Splash Screen
  • Login/Sign Up
  • Forgot Password
  • Profile
  • Change Password:
  • Post Job/Find Job/Apply for Job
  • Home Page
  • Subscription
  • Live Chat
  • Push Notifications
  • Settings
  • Logout

Colors & Typography Used for Education Platform

Colors & typography

Top Technology Stack We Used to Build Educational App

PHP Icon
PHP (Laravel Framework)
( Backend )
Flutter Icon
( Apps )
mpesa Icon
( Payment Gateway )
SQL Icon
( Database )
SSL Icon
( Security )
Emalify Icon
( SMS Gateway )
Node JS Icon
Node JS
( Chat Module )

Hurdles We Faced & How We Solved Them!

Mini App Development

Solution – This was the first time we built an integrated app with the functionality to open another app. We self-learned our way through building this mechanism and were successful.

Centralized System – 3 Platforms Integrated with Single User Access

Solution – Since we based this platform on a SaaS model, the users can log into all three apps (Kodris Africa, mPesa, Kodris Studio) using one common credential.


Glimpse Into the Education App Solution Via Screenshots

Glimpse Into the Education App Via Screenshots
Build an Education Platform with Industry Experts

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Skriti ecommerce application

Skriti – eCommerce Marketplace

One-of-its-Kind Fashion eCommerce App Portfolio

After looking at our GoodFirms profile, this Texas-based client inquired about building an eCommerce marketplace dedicated to buying and selling various items like clothes, accessories, footwear, etc. They wanted to clone the existing shopping app with a few customizations. Here’s how this project went!

Skriti ecommerce app


8 Members

Development Time

6 Months


UI/UX designing, Mobile & Web development

Client’s Location

Texas, USA


eCommerce Marketplace (Retail)

Target Users

Anybody interested in buying & selling apparel, jewelery, shoes, etc.

Client Relations with Excellent Webworld

Immense reassurance and support from our business analysis team helped us bag this project. The client was curious about the development procedures right from the beginning. And, the team helped her with all the possible insights.

Selling Indian apparel to the US market wouldn’t be easy. However, we were ready to help our client claim success!!

Client Relations with Excellent Webworld
What is the Platform Skriti All About

What is the Platform All About?

This eCommerce platform involves sellers and buyers interacting and exchanging wearable items for money. The admin has a complete overview and can control/manage the tasks on the platform.

The three pillars of this eCommerce app solution are – Community, Income & Sustainability


Founders of this platform wish to make this platform not only a buying and selling marketplace but a community of buyers and sellers to build new relationships.


The primary aim is for the sellers to earn from the commodities they upload. Sellers on this platform earn about 80% of the total income.


The client launched this South Asian marketplace app to sell or re-sell attires online. This idea creates some space in the cupboard and helps users exchange cultures.

Trail from Design & Development to Deployment


Design Strategy


Design Builds

Tech Stack

App Launch!

Outcomes of Our Multi-Party Platform Approach with Features

Super Admin Web Panel

  • Dashboard Analytics
  • Manage Users (Buyers/Sellers)
  • Upcoming & past order details
  • Manage Categories
  • Reports
  • Broadcast notifications (Offers)
  • Manage CMS


  • Login/Onboarding Screens
  • App Onboarding Processes
  • Product Detail Screen
  • Cart
  • Checkout
  • My Orders
  • Push Notifications


  • Add/edit/draft products
  • Products set-up
  • Accept/Reject
  • Order Received
  • Refer & Earn Module
  • Logout

What Makes this eCommerce Marketplace Unique/ Stand Out?

Among numerous eCommerce applications existing in the market, this platform stands out. Don’t believe us? Read the following bullets to learn more!

  • Unlike any other online buy-and-sell app, this eCommerce platform allows users to create and maintain profiles as they do on social media platforms. naturally, it involves the ‘Followers’ & ‘Following’ features.
  • Sellers can get verification tick marks on their profiles to gain buyers’ trust and increase sales.
  • Buyers can pitch a counteroffer on the product they want.
What Makes this eCommerce Marketplace-Unique

Extra Chunk of Efforts

The client’s ever-increasing faith and satisfaction in our work are always worth the extra efforts that we put in!

Inventory Management

We made the inventory display of sizes and colors simple yet elegant just like the client wanted it to be.

Offer/Discount Management

Despite the common app for sellers and buyers, we provided seller users with offers and discount features.

Dashboard Analytics

We added the dashboard analytics feature for admin and sellers to view and manage their earnings.

API Integrations

We integrated third-party APIs like Stripe for online payments and Sendle for third-party shipping management.


We integrated the automated tax rmodule that would automatically apply the taxes according to the address details.

Colors & Typography

Colors and Typography

Technology Stack

Technology Stack

Glimpse Into the eCommerce App Solution Via Screenshots

A certified and extremely talented team of UI/UX designers works on wireframing, prototyping, and designing the application interface. Check out what eCommerce app UI design looks like!

Hurdles We Faced & How We Solved Them!

Every project we work on comes with its challenges. But, the team at Excellent Webworld are problem-solvers. We firmly believe in solving every hurdle that comes our way.

Trying hands with a new API – Sendle

We believe in walking with the updated industry trends. Hence, our team tried hand with integrating a new third-party API called Sendle for shipping and tracking management.

Showing analytics in the sellers’ app but not in the buyers’ app

It took us a different UX approach to accomplish the showing and not showing of dashboard analytics since the app was used and differed only according to the functionality.

In between adding of attributes & sizes features

During development, it occurred to the client that we would need to manage all wearable products’ available colors and sizes in the front end. Our team still managed to integrate this functionality within the proposed timeline.

Want to Build an eCommerce Platform with Industry Experts?

The eCommerce marketplace solution we built for this USA-based client has been doing very well in the industry. We take pride in sharing and are genuinely happy for the client’s success!! If you are looking forward to developing a unique eCommerce application/website, entrust in our eCommerce development services.
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Incentive Plus Events Organizing Website

Incentive Plus – Event Hosting Platform

What is this Events Platform All About?

Socializing is more than just a social obligation. It is a necessity to meet other social beings. However, the global pandemic had put a full stop to attending events. Even worse was the financial loss suffered by the events and entertainment industry. Gradually, when people started stepping out, there was still one thing missing. A centralized platform for posting event details. Soon our client, Kidd Wong, came up with the idea of launching an event organizing website, through which event organizers could host various gatherings like conferences, school/college meetings, etc.

Available in two languages, English & Chinese, it is an outstanding event-hosting platform. This event management and planning is better than the existing competitors because of the exclusive functionalities that we have equipped it with.

This is not open-source but an invite-only platform like Clubhouse. Our development team has put in multiple efforts from the technical end, like minimum slow-down response. The website has backup servers to support a thousand users simultaneously. To know more, keep reading this portfolio article section by section.

The Outcomes of this Engaging Event Organizing Website

There are three sets of stakeholders who use the platform. Let us give you an overview of each user panel.

Fully-functional Web App for Event Guest Users

  • The attendees can log in through the credentials they have received from organizers and check out the event details. (name, time, event venue, theme, etc.)
  • Users can get more lucky draw tickets by watching video ads and answering quizzes.
  • With those tickets, one can redeem lucky draw prizes.
  • Guests can get through the entry by scanning the QR code.
  • Attendees can use the AR background and face filters and click selfies. Later, they can post the same on the event photo booth which will then be seen by the event organizer.
Web App for Event Guest Users
Web Panel for Super Admin

Web Panel for Super Admin/Client

  • The super admin has all the rights to control the platform since he/she is the owner.
  • He can allow or disallow the hosts from creating events like conferences, fests, party celebrations, competitions, etc.
  • Also, he can keep an overall check on all the activities on his platform. Like, he can check the photo booth uploads, QR codes scanned, number of guests, upcoming events in the dashboard.

Website for Event Planners/Organizers/Hosts

  • The event organizers are responsible for creating the events and are the only authorized personnel to make the guest list and share the entry credentials/QR details with them.
  • Using this meeting planning software, they can host various events like conferences, meetings, lectures, stand-up comedy, etc.
  • Hosts invite guest users, provide them with login information, and enable their QR code entry access.
  • They can also enable the event live streaming via broadcast, chatroom, etc.
  • Announce and give out prizes to lucky draw winners.
  • In the end, they can generate reports for their event to know how many people attended the event, who entered at what time, etc.
Website for Event Planners

Insights into How We Developed the Robust Event Organizing


  • Project Concept
  • Business Model
  • Creating USPs


  • Website architecture
  • Deciding tech-stack
  • Focusing on the specifics


  • Wireframing
  • Integrating UI
  • Verifying user journey


  • Quality Analysis & Testing
  • Deployment
  • Post-launch support
Efforts in Project from Excellent Webworld Team

Extra Mile of Efforts in Project from Excellent Webworld Team

We understand how important the project is for each client. We treat our client’s products as our products. For this, we go the extra mile, burn the midnight oil if required, but ensure to deliver only the best results. A successful product is the result of our teamwork.

Our client, Kidd Wong, wanted us to integrate some uniquely desirable functionalities, such as Projector Screening through real-time LIVE Broadcast.

Not all event platforms are available for use on various devices. So, apart from making the mobile responsive website for multiple devices like PC, and iPad, we also made the website compatible with larger view projector screening. This enables the event organizers to broadcast the LIVE screening at the venue. We used clean coding patterns for the entire project. It did take us a while to work with such a high resolution, yet we made it happen!

Adding more to this, we relentlessly provided post-deployment support for three months to our client’s team. This involved spotting and fixing bugs and making it a smoother experience for all the users.

Technology Stack Used in Creating Event Planning Software

Technology Stack

Event Platform Features We Integrated into the Panels

Functional Website for Event Guest Users

  • Login/ Forgot Password/ Logout
  • Attend gatherings
  • Use AR filters for clicking photos
  • Take selfies using filters at the venue
  • Watch LIVE broadcast
  • Earn free tickets
  • Participate in lucky draws
  • Watch the dashboard for upcoming events
  • Win lucky draw prizes
  • LIVE chatroom during the event for interaction
  • Edit profile (except email id)

Web Panel for Super Admin (Client)

  • Login/Forgot Password/Logout
  • Own all dashboards
  • Event guest management- List/search/add/edit/block/unblock
  • Generate individual event reports
  • Allow/disallow event hosts to organize events
  • Add or remove event organizers
  • Change screen themes according to the event
  • Announce lucky draw winners

Web Panel for Event Hosts

  • Login/Forgot Password/Logout
  • Create events & Invite guests
  • Scan QR code to enter guests
  • Authorized to create/List/add/block/unblock users
  • Check winner & Receive reports
  • Manage function/event/broadcast
  • List of event campaign – Create/List/add/edit/delete
  • Edit profile (except email id)
  • Manage dashboard
  • Enable/Disable chat access to users

Colors & Typography

Colors & Typography

Snippets of the Event Management and Planning System

We made a smooth-functioning, lightweight website that is responsive in all device types – mobile, iPad, desktop, laptop, etc.

Snippets of the Event Management and Planning System

Challenges & Solutions in the Course of Project Development

AR Filter Icon
Challenge 1 – Adding AR Filters for Photo Booth

Solution :

We integrated the platform with the most cost-effective and lightweight third-party API. This is typically done using CodeIgniter PHP. However, our skilled developers made it possible with Python. Users can click real-time selfies.

Lucky Draw Icon
Challenge 2 – Lucky Draw Module Integration

Solution :

We formulated two ways of announcing the lucky draw winners. The bulk winner announcement can be made in two ways – automatic via the spinner and random manual selection. In the new upgrade (yet to be released), we are working on announcing bulk winners at once.

Product Owner’s Words…

Double Quote

“I must say this is not the first project with Excellent Webworld guys. They have been delivering digital solutions to me and my team for a couple of years now. Today, Incentive Plus Events is one of the best platforms for events planning. In fact, they give me reminders for scheduled meetings for sprints and discussions. All good! Looking forward to the upgraded version of the website.”

Double Quote

Kidd Wong

Incentive Plus Events, Founder


Build Your Event Organizing Website With Us!

There are tons of event planning websites and platforms that we can help you to build. It can be a ticketing system, attendee engagement solutions, an event company website, an attendee check-in tool, and so on. Informal/entertainment events like exhibitions, internal meetings, house parties or formal gatherings like school office, or college meetings — we have got you covered. We can build party planning or conference scheduling software for you.

For your next digital event organizing website or platform venture, choose the industry’s best app and website development services to achieve your business goals.

Build Your Event Organizing Website


Building an event planning/organziing website involves looking for an expert and experienced app or website development company. Apart from that, you should have strong in-depth research wherein you compare the existing apps/softwares of the same industry.

Developers at Excellent Webworld would deliver this project within 13-14 weeks.

A rough estimate can be around $20000 to $35,000. However, discuss your requirements with our team for a better understanding.

Who’s better than someone with experience in developing, designing, and deploying a digital event software/website leading the market? Reach out to us for more information on how to get started!

Hirely Marketplace App Portfolio

Hirely – On Demand Marketplace

Team Icon


8 Members

Development Time Icon


5.5 Months

Target User Icon


CI and React-native ( Android & iOS)

How Hirely Came Into Life?

Every business person wants to provide the best of its services to its customers. And, that’s the reason why they always keep enhancing the customer experience with one or another thing.

On the same note, one of our Singapore-based clients came to us with a dream to build a marketplace. He found that people are facing difficulties to fulfill the daily tasks of their life, especially after COVID.

Hence, he wanted us to build an app that covers all the services we need in our daily lives. Our BA team came up with a final scope of the project with the best possibilities to give life to the client’s app idea. Later on, when we shared the SOP with the client, he was really impressed.

And, that is how Hirely came into the action. As soon as everything was finalized we formed a mobile app development team structure that will dedicatedly work on the project.

How Hirely Came Into Life

The OutComes Of Hirely Marketplace

Let us give you a glimpse of the Hirely project.

The project consists of four types of development

Android & iOS Apps

We’ve built applications for the two platforms i.e Android and iOS. The application is built for both customers and service providers. Hence, each type of user is targeted via the application.

OutComes Of Hirely Marketplace
Hirely Web Portals

Web Portals

Web portals enable the owner to keep an eye on every small activity going on around their business. They can track various things via a web portal like everyday booking, service providers’ applications, managing payment, everyday revenue, monthly analysis, and so on.

Informative Website

In order to gain customers and build brand awareness, it is important to have a website for your business. Our client took a smart approach by developing an informative website for the Hirely marketplace.

Informative Website Design

We started our development with hardcore market research and analysis. The section below shows how our software development process goes.

How We Build an App/Website?


  • Business Model
  • Value Proposition
  • Functionalities
  • App Idea


  • Assigned to Business Analyst
  • Analyzing the Requirements
  • Platform Analysis
  • Choose the Tech Stack


  • Specifications
  • Wireframes
  • Application architecture
  • App Design


  • App Development
  • App Testing
  • Deployment
  • Post Launch Support
Our Efforts To Make App

Our Efforts To Make App Stand Out of The Crowd

Being a reputed mobile app development company, we always go an extra mile for our clients. And, same we did for our this client too.

Managing the on-demand marketplace app is never a small task. The client was a bit confused about the point of keeping an eye on each and every activity going around its business. That’s where we came up with a solution.

After an analysis, we decided to build an admin dashboard from which the app owner can control all the activities. Besides that, the clients were looking for some lucrative UI designs for the Hirely marketplace app.

Henceforth, our designer team brought some amazing UI/UX to the design board. They designed the application in a way that users can seamlessly negative through the application. Also, the combination of colours, fonts, and icons was breathtaking.

This shows client’s needs first is our aim.

Technology Stack

Technology Stack of Marketplace

Features of The On-Demand Marketplace App

Customer App

  • Application Access
  • Guest User
  • Location Permission
  • Search services
  • Filter by price, location, and rating
  • Services categories list
  • Book service – Booking Price/Fixed Price
  • Payment
  • Add to favourite
  • One-to-one Chat
  • Rating and reviews
  • Service providers availability
  • Transaction History
  • Auto Rejection of service

Service Provider

  • Splash screen
  • Onboarding screen
  • Login/Sign up
  • Homescreen
  • Duty on/off
  • Notifications
  • Accept/Reject the services
  • View customers details
  • Ratings and Reviews
  • Customer live location tracking
  • One-to-one chat
  • Payment
  • Withdraw request to super admin
  • Notifications
  • Set Availability

Super Admin

  • Login
  • Forgot Password
  • Change Password
  • Dashboard
  • Manage Customers
  • Manage Service Providers
    • Service provider registration request
    • List of service providers
  • Recommended Services
  • Services Management
  • Orders Management
  • Charge Management
  • Ratings and review management
  • Manage Promo codes
  • Generate Promo codes
  • View Payout request
  • Referral code
  • Payment Management

Colors & Typography


Primary Color


Secondary Color


Additional Color

Colors & Typography of Hirely

Screenshots of the Marketplace App

After all the efforts on this on-demand app, the results we got were lucrative. Check out the screenshots of the Hirely app to get a more clear version.

Screenshots of Hirely App

Challenges & Solutions

Challenges are always accepted by the Excellent Webworld. On the same note, technically we haven’t faced any issues while this project development.

Challenge 1: Accurate Live Tracking

Solution :

It becomes challenging when you need to integrate an accurate live tracking. Hence, it was quite challenging for our team as well. However, with a few API linetrgations we were able to make through it. Accurate live tracking was made possible after many attempts.

Challenge 2: Respond Between User and Service Provider App

Solution :

A seamless respond between user and service provider is essential inorder to enhance the user experience. Henceforth, we implemented Socket.io plugin – a fastest responsive framework that connects both the apps instantly.

What Client Has to Say?

Working with Excellent Webworld was one of the best experiences of my life. The team over there was so cooperative and worked as per my expectations. I can truly say that they have brought my errand service app idea into reality in the perfect way. I can see a bright future for my online marketplace. – Client Hirely.

Build Your Marketplace App With Us!

The on-demand marketplace is trending in today’s time as people want everything at their fingertips. This is the era of digitization, henceforth to be in the race, getting digital is the key step.

So, how well are you impressed with the hirely app? Do you want to build a similar marketplace app for your business? Excellent Webworld is here to serve your needs. Share your idea with us, and we’ll assure to mould it into the digital world as per your needs.

Build Your Marketplace App
App for lawyers

Populaw – Law Firm Platform

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10 Members

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8 Months

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Lawyers, Experts, Neutrals, Attorneys

Client Overview & How Did We Begin Working on Law App Development Project?

Regardless of during or after the case, a lawyer’s livelihood depends greatly on the client’s reputation.

It is not an unknown fact that finding the right lawyer or lawful advice at the right time is difficult. In fact, the absence of a unified universal community for legal advisors deprived everyone of the know-how exchange. Also, exchanging opinions and sharing tips for complicated cases called for launching an application.

Our clients run a law firm in California. They approached us with a legal app development inquiry a couple months ago. Our business analyst team took care of the rest.


California, USA


Website & App Development, UI/UX Design


Legal Help App

Project Framing with the Client

When needed, it is more than challenging to look for reliable lawyers, experts, neutrals, etc. And it is safe to say that nobody doubts the potential of technology today. Hence, with advancing technology piercing through all industries, our client saw the void of any unified communities in the legal sector.

Our clients are a group of lawyers based in California, USA. Being lawyers themselves, they knew what could make their area of work better in terms of workflow communication, transparency of information, and exchanging brilliant know-how. Their demand to create digital help for all the advocate industry professionals came to us as an opportunity for flawless legal app development.

Project Framing with the Client

What Was Our Role? How Did We Aid Our Client?

As end-to-end development and design service providers, our role was to build the app from scratch. The clients came to us with a noble but vague idea of helping the lawyers community with a platform that could bring them all together.

We started from point zero, i.e., curating the app idea and making it rich with necessary features. Our priorities were to prioritize the app’s utility and user data security according to the California and USA laws.

We formulated the user map for iOS, Android, and a responsive website. Furthermore, we worked on keeping the app lightweight and optimized its speed and performance.

Distinctive Features of the App for Lawyers

Although this app has four different target audiences – Attorney, Expert, Neutral, and Group – all use the same app panel.

Features for Attorneys

  • FREE digital connection with the legal community
  • Follow colleagues
  • Rate & submit reviews for Experts and Neutrals
  • Give feedback to experts & neutrals (publicly or anonymously)
  • Join Groups to collaborate with Attorneys in the region, practice area, bar association, or other legal community
  • Get the latest relevant updates, ask or answer questions from fellow Attorneys, share or search for work products, and plan events
Features for Attorneys
Features for Experts and Neutrals

Experts and Neutrals Features

  • Expand their reach and promote their credentials
  • Claim (or create) Populaw profile
  • Share posts with Attorneys that follow each other
  • Contest unfavorable reviews
  • Promote content via sponsored posts
  • Advertise to Attorneys (for further hiring)

Features in Groups

  • Host your community on Populaw
  • Share posts & comments with other group members
  • Share & search for work products
  • Plan & prepare for events
  • Expand Group’s membership base via advertising & sponsored posts
Features in Groups

How Did We Make App for Lawyers Unique?

Populaw app for Lawyers is the first-of-its-kind social media application for law professionals. It is a lightweight app with all the possible optimizations.

While doing this law app development, we added all the useful functionalities to the application. Protecting human rights and dignity should be a top priority when building an app that will involve user interaction. Since it is a social media app, we added the ‘Report Abuse’ feature per the community guidelines.

Also, keeping in mind the valuable time of these law professionals, we made sure that the app does not block the user from doing other activities while the app loads a particular command.

The design is minimalistic yet engaging. Our primary goal was user understanding and a seamless experience. The subtle color scheme and font style used in the app say it all!

  • Lightweight yet very optimized and feature-rich and a lot of functionality
  • Profile verify / no error messages
  • No user block while loading / Doesn’t reload unnecessarily
  • Validation field below the error

Colors & Typography of Legal App Development







Typography of leagal app development

Experience the Alluring UI of the App!! – Screenshots

The creative team at Excellent Webworld brims with highly talented graphic and UI/UX designers. Take a look at the screenshots of the Populaw mobile app!

UI of the Populaw App

Lawyer App Development for Android & iOS – Challenges & Solutions

Challenge 1 – Building API Structure During Law App Development.

Solution :

API is a hard nut to crack. We would admit that API development and further integration was a difficult phase. But we had to get it right anyhow! The team tackled it together after some brainstorming sessions.

Challenge 2 – Enabling users to register as different titles using a single email address.

Solution :

An interested user can register on the app as two different titles (attorney and expert). The mechanism was tricky to develop. However, the programmers aced the registration process and simplified it to its maximum extent.

Technology Stack

Backend & API

PHP, CodeIgniter 3


HTML, CSS, Javascript





Android Language


iOS Language



Firebase, stripe, SocketIO, Google places

App Security

SSL with Bearer token

Payment gateway


Runtime tracking

Firebase Crashlytics

Network Request


Satisfied Clients Are Our Consistent Achievements! – Client Feedback

Our esteemed California-based lawyer clients absolutely loved the end results. Quoting the founder of Populaw app, “Feeling fortunate to have placed an inquiry with Excellent Webworld that day. We are loving the Populaw application. We are sure that this will become a trend in the legal industry very soon…”

Planning a Similar Legal App Development in Your State?

Apart from diligent deliveries of applications on the promised date, celebrating our client’s progress is one of the other things we are good at! If you want to be one of those entrepreneurs who need a digital partner to set foot in the industry at the right time, consult the experts at Excellent Webworld.

App for Lawyers, advocates, attorneys, and other law field experts have been acing the market. No obstacle can hamper the success of a business with the right resources and right people.

You can also transform your dream into a reality by reaching out to a reliable mobile app development company. Become a law website or application entrepreneur in this digital age!

Contact us to brainstorm your app idea today!!

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liquor delivery app development

Qwnched – Alcohol Delivery App

Project Overview

On-demand apps have exceptionally got a different level of craze among millennials. People spend 80% of their time browsing products online rather than going to traditional stores.

With the same purpose, one of the clients Mr Eric Stout from the USA came to us. He shared his concern about how the pandemic has slowed down the sales for liquor stores and the way people fear stepping out of their homes to buy alcohol. Apparently, Eric said that the technology is gaining a lot of traction, and he was looking forward to developing an out of the box solution to digitize the liquor stores.

Basically, the client wanted us to build a liquor delivery platform wherein the local liquor store vendors can register and sell alcohol online.

Adding more to it, the aim was to build a local alcohol delivery platform that not only delivers the needs but also, eases and enhances the user experience. With that, he also wanted to enable other liquor stores to register and sell liquor via his drinks delivery platform.

Our team gathered up all the requirements from the clients and started working on the same with complete dedication. See how we managed to make this project come out with flying colours!




Website, Android & iOS App



How did We work To Develop An Alcohol Delivery App?

After receiving all the information and requirements from the client, firstly our BA team worked on analyzing the entire project,

Later, thorough research was carried out to understand the competitors’ platform, and how we can develop something that stays unique and catchy for the users. And, that’s where we found some good opportunities that could be harnessed while developing a website/app to order alcohol.

Once we were done with the research part, our Project Manager explained the things to the client. We helped the client to figure out the actual needs of the lucrative idea. Our team suggested the needed deliverables for his online alcohol delivery and how it could draw the attention of the users.

Primarily, the deliverables for this project were an Android/iOS app (User + Delivery Boy) and a functional website. Besides that, we came up with an attractive feature wherein the users can check out the live location of the delivery boy. And, on the other hand, delivery boys can reach the customer’s place via location tracking. (this worked as a key benefit for the client to attract the users).

With a green signal from him, we commenced our work to build a perplexing liquor delivery app and website.

To put it short, we’ve covered the entire website and app development process for the client’s requirements. We conducted simultaneous work for the Android/iOS app and website.

build an alcohol delivery app
ui/ux Design for Alcohol Delivery App and Website

Our Approach To Build Alluring UI/UX Design for App/Website

According to us, UI/UX design is one of the key factors that is responsible for the success of the online platform. Henceforth, our team pays extra attention to the design phase of the website/ app development process.

The designer team begins with their own research for trending designs of the drinks delivery app and website. Then, they will move to the next very important step that is wireframing, (we can say that it is the first step to bring an idea to reality)

After wireframing, its prototype, mockups and the final design were built. The best part was, our client was impressed with the efforts put by designers to come up with an enticing design and logo for his business.

Some Visionary Features of an Alcohol Delivery App

We’ve listed down the important features of the on-demand alcohol delivery app. Explore the features that we integrated into this platform.

User App

  • Registration
  • Social Media Login
  • View Nearby Stores
  • View Store Products
  • Search for the Product
  • Product Categories
  • View Cart
  • Live Tracking
  • Offers & Promo Codes
  • Online Payment
  • Notifications
  • Delivery Person Profile
  • Reviews & Ratings
  • Order History

Super Admin Panel

  • Login
  • Profile Management
  • Set Duty On/Off
  • Order Details
  • Accept/Reject Order
  • Notifications
  • Track User Location
  • Check Earning
  • View Order History
  • Reached to Destination

Vendor Panel

  • Admin Login
  • Statistical Dashboard
  • Manager Vendor Panel Profile
  • View User Profile
  • Manage Category
  • Manage Sub Category
  • Notification Management
  • Order Management
  • Reviews & Ratings Management
  • Revenue Reports
  • Manage Commission

Challenges That Came Across Our Path

One of the biggest challenges that came our way was regarding the delivery time. The client wanted us to build the alcohol delivery platform as soon as possible. As he cannot wait for a longer period to go digital.

The alcohol delivery app built by us was not just a single vendor platform. In fact, other stores can also register them on the platform to sell liquor online.

Therefore, there were a lot of features and functionalities to build in a short span of time. The short deadline was a major concern for us. However, with the teams’ support and working strategically we have accomplished the goal. Our Project Manager has distributed the work in a way that the project gets completed on time.

Explore the App via Screenshots

To have a clear picture of how we worked and built the alcohol delivery app, have a look at the screenshots of the app mentioned below. You can even go through the app or website to see the quality of work we’ve done.

best alcohol delivery app screenshot

Technology Stack


Swift using Xcode 11.3


Java, using Android Studio



Real-Time Data Transfer

NodeJS, Socket.io


CodeIgniter Framework

Third Party

Google Map API Integration

Are you looking for similar alcohol delivery app development? Need more information on it? Our experts will guide and offer you the best solution for your requirements.

best health and fitness app

MoveCoins – Health & Fitness App

Project Overview

You will find tons of apps for health and fitness, but very few possess the ability to inspire people to take care of their health. Surprisingly, the worldwide health and wellness market size was estimated to reach 4.4 trillion USD in 2019. It is expected to reach 6 trillion by 2025. However, there is a dark side to the health & wellness trend.

For example, people want to stay healthy, but very few take a step out to make it happen. They spend thousands of dollars behind health and fitness gadgets, but just a few utilize those gadgets for health purposes. For the rest, it is just a style statement. Our client, Abdulaziz Alotaibi from Saudi Arabia, came up with a unique idea to motivate people to stay fit and healthy without spending thousands of bucks on expensive gadgets, gyms or equipment. An app that will not just motivate people to take a walk but also earn them points which they can turn into cash to purchase products.


Saudi Arabia


Web Development, UI/UX Design,
iOS App Development


Health & Fitness

Our Client Wanted Engaging Health & Wellness App

In market research, our client found that people like to spend money on fitness, but their interest level does not last long. As soon as they join a gym, most of them either drop the gym or do not plan to renew their membership. So, he wanted to build an interactive platform that would keep users interested and engaged.

The app should be interactive enough to motivate people to complete the task, not just one, two or three times but every time and every day. MoveCoins was our client’s well-thought idea, and we were assigned the project to make it as creative as possible.

best health wellness app
creative health and fitness app

Making a Creative Health & Fitness App was Our Prime Approach

Having received the health and fitness app development requirement, we selected expert designers and developers to form a team. All developers and designers were selected after a technical test taken by our client. Once we got the final list of selected experts, we initiated the project under the guidance of a project manager.

The first thing we did was explore the market and competitors. We did not have many competitors there, given the type of app we wanted to create. Even from a market perspective, we had some good opportunities to harness. We wind up our initial analysis, from features list, tech specs to deployment and post-development support. Our project manager explained everything to the client, and all suggestions were appreciated and accepted by him. That means we got a green signal to kick start the project.

A Well-Thought Health and Fitness App Ideas Deserved a Creative Set of Features

We created a single app with three panels: Users panel, vendor web panel and super admin panel. All required customized features to fulfill specific needs. Let’s explore the features that these panels were integrated with;

User Panel

  • User Registration
  • Account Setup
  • Create Profile
  • Add Account Details / Debit / Credit Cards
  • Real-Time Steps Count
  • Earn Points & Get Discount
  • Discounts Earned
  • Map / Geo Location
  • Make Connection / Friends
  • Profile Map View
  • Accept Friend Request
  • Share Rewards Points with Friends
  • In-Application Text Chat
  • Block Any Users
  • Shopping / Buy Products from Application
  • Explore Shops and Products
  • Payment Gateway
  • Rate and Reviews

Super Admin Panel

  • Dashboard – Business Statistics
  • Graph Reports
  • User Management
  • Shops Management
  • Manage Approval for Shops(Verification)
  • Commission Management (Edit Rate)
  • Reward Points Management
  • Block Any Users or Shops
  • Reports Export (Backup In CSV File)
  • Weekly / Monthly / Yearly Reports
  • Earning Management
  • Commission Invoice Management

Vendor Panel

  • Registration
  • Create Profile
  • Add / Delete / Set Pricing / Discounts
  • Product Delivery Management
  • Accept Order Request
  • Order Management (Cancel Order)
  • Send Billing Through Email / SMS
  • Stock / Inventory Management
  • Selling Statistics
  • Daily / Monthly Sales Report
  • Return Product Management

The Key Challenges

The health and fitness app we created was not limited to the health sector. We had to integrate the app with eCommerce features as well. But, these were not so tough as we faced while creating the step count feature, especially when the app is closed. Let’s explore what that was.

Count Steps When the App is Closed: Our client wanted that the app must work even offline and in the background. That means the app must fetch data in the background to store their step count if they forget to start the app before taking a walk. Integrating this feature was easy, but given the type of app our team was building, it was a bit challenging. Our project manager spent a sleepless night to find the suitable solution for this feature. However, it was done smoothly, and as the way our client wanted it to be.

Take a Look at Some Exhilarating Features

The project outcome was as awesome as we had assumed right before starting the project. Let’s take a look at the app, how it looks and the services it offers. You can also download the app from the App Store to check the quality of work.

screenshot health fitness app

Technology Stack

Backend and API

PHP: Codeignitor/Laravel



Real-Time Data Transfer

NodeJS, Socket.io


Android Native, iOS Native

Want to know more about the project? Visit: www.movecoins.net/ Or if you want to begin with a similar project. Get in touch with our experts and get guaranteed solutions.