liquor delivery app development

An Alcohol Delivery App – Qwnched

Project Overview

On-demand apps have exceptionally got a different level of craze among millennials. People spend 80% of their time browsing products online rather than going to traditional stores.

With the same purpose, one of the clients Mr Eric Stout from the USA came to us. He shared his concern about how the pandemic has slowed down the sales for liquor stores and the way people fear stepping out of their homes to buy alcohol. Apparently, Eric said that the technology is gaining a lot of traction, and he was looking forward to developing an out of the box solution to digitize the liquor stores.

Basically, the client wanted us to build a liquor delivery platform wherein the local liquor store vendors can register and sell alcohol online.

Adding more to it, the aim was to build a local alcohol delivery platform that not only delivers the needs but also, eases and enhances the user experience. With that, he also wanted to enable other liquor stores to register and sell liquor via his drinks delivery platform.

Our team gathered up all the requirements from the clients and started working on the same with complete dedication. See how we managed to make this project come out with flying colours!




Website, Android & iOS App



How did We work To Develop An Alcohol Delivery App?

After receiving all the information and requirements from the client, firstly our BA team worked on analyzing the entire project,

Later, thorough research was carried out to understand the competitors’ platform, and how we can develop something that stays unique and catchy for the users. And, that’s where we found some good opportunities that could be harnessed while developing a website/app to order alcohol.

Once we were done with the research part, our Project Manager explained the things to the client. We helped the client to figure out the actual needs of the lucrative idea. Our team suggested the needed deliverables for his online alcohol delivery and how it could draw the attention of the users.

Primarily, the deliverables for this project were an Android/iOS app (User + Delivery Boy) and a functional website. Besides that, we came up with an attractive feature wherein the users can check out the live location of the delivery boy. And, on the other hand, delivery boys can reach the customer’s place via location tracking. (this worked as a key benefit for the client to attract the users).

With a green signal from him, we commenced our work to build a perplexing liquor delivery app and website.

To put it short, we’ve covered the entire website and app development process for the client’s requirements. We conducted simultaneous work for the Android/iOS app and website.

build an alcohol delivery app
ui/ux Design for Alcohol Delivery App and Website

Our Approach To Build Alluring UI/UX Design for App/Website

According to us, UI/UX design is one of the key factors that is responsible for the success of the online platform. Henceforth, our team pays extra attention to the design phase of the website/ app development process.

The designer team begins with their own research for trending designs of the drinks delivery app and website. Then, they will move to the next very important step that is wireframing, (we can say that it is the first step to bring an idea to reality)

After wireframing, its prototype, mockups and the final design were built. The best part was, our client was impressed with the efforts put by designers to come up with an enticing design and logo for his business.

Some Visionary Features of an Alcohol Delivery App

We’ve listed down the important features of the on-demand alcohol delivery app. Explore the features that we integrated into this platform.

User App

  • Registration
  • Social Media Login
  • View Nearby Stores
  • View Store Products
  • Search for the Product
  • Product Categories
  • View Cart
  • Live Tracking
  • Offers & Promo Codes
  • Online Payment
  • Notifications
  • Delivery Person Profile
  • Reviews & Ratings
  • Order History

Super Admin Panel

  • Login
  • Profile Management
  • Set Duty On/Off
  • Order Details
  • Accept/Reject Order
  • Notifications
  • Track User Location
  • Check Earning
  • View Order History
  • Reached to Destination

Vendor Panel

  • Admin Login
  • Statistical Dashboard
  • Manager Vendor Panel Profile
  • View User Profile
  • Manage Category
  • Manage Sub Category
  • Notification Management
  • Order Management
  • Reviews & Ratings Management
  • Revenue Reports
  • Manage Commission

Challenges That Came Across Our Path

One of the biggest challenges that came our way was regarding the delivery time. The client wanted us to build the alcohol delivery platform as soon as possible. As he cannot wait for a longer period to go digital.

The alcohol delivery app built by us was not just a single vendor platform. In fact, other stores can also register them on the platform to sell liquor online.

Therefore, there were a lot of features and functionalities to build in a short span of time. The short deadline was a major concern for us. However, with the teams’ support and working strategically we have accomplished the goal. Our Project Manager has distributed the work in a way that the project gets completed on time.

Explore the App via Screenshots

To have a clear picture of how we worked and built the alcohol delivery app, have a look at the screenshots of the app mentioned below. You can even go through the app or website to see the quality of work we’ve done.

best alcohol delivery app screenshot

Technology Stack


Swift using Xcode 11.3


Java, using Android Studio



Real-Time Data Transfer



CodeIgniter Framework

Third Party

Google Map API Integration

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best health and fitness app

Health & Fitness App — MoveCoins

Project Overview

You will find tons of apps for health and fitness, but very few possess the ability to inspire people to take care of their health. Surprisingly, the worldwide health and wellness market size was estimated to reach 4.4 trillion USD in 2019. It is expected to reach 6 trillion by 2025. However, there is a dark side to the health & wellness trend.

For example, people want to stay healthy, but very few take a step out to make it happen. They spend thousands of dollars behind health and fitness gadgets, but just a few utilize those gadgets for health purposes. For the rest, it is just a style statement. Our client, Abdulaziz Alotaibi from Saudi Arabia, came up with a unique idea to motivate people to stay fit and healthy without spending thousands of bucks on expensive gadgets, gyms or equipment. An app that will not just motivate people to take a walk but also earn them points which they can turn into cash to purchase products.


Saudi Arabia


Web Development, UI/UX Design,
iOS App Development


Health & Fitness

Our Client Wanted Engaging Health & Wellness App

In market research, our client found that people like to spend money on fitness, but their interest level does not last long. As soon as they join a gym, most of them either drop the gym or do not plan to renew their membership. So, he wanted to build an interactive platform that would keep users interested and engaged.

The app should be interactive enough to motivate people to complete the task, not just one, two or three times but every time and every day. MoveCoins was our client’s well-thought idea, and we were assigned the project to make it as creative as possible.

best health wellness app
creative health and fitness app

Making a Creative Health & Fitness App was Our Prime Approach

Having received the health and fitness app development requirement, we selected expert designers and developers to form a team. All developers and designers were selected after a technical test taken by our client. Once we got the final list of selected experts, we initiated the project under the guidance of a project manager.

The first thing we did was explore the market and competitors. We did not have many competitors there, given the type of app we wanted to create. Even from a market perspective, we had some good opportunities to harness. We wind up our initial analysis, from features list, tech specs to deployment and post-development support. Our project manager explained everything to the client, and all suggestions were appreciated and accepted by him. That means we got a green signal to kick start the project.

A Well-Thought Health and Fitness App Ideas Deserved a Creative Set of Features

We created a single app with three panels: Users panel, vendor web panel and super admin panel. All required customized features to fulfill specific needs. Let’s explore the features that these panels were integrated with;

User Panel

  • User Registration
  • Account Setup
  • Create Profile
  • Add Account Details / Debit / Credit Cards
  • Real-Time Steps Count
  • Earn Points & Get Discount
  • Discounts Earned
  • Map / Geo Location
  • Make Connection / Friends
  • Profile Map View
  • Accept Friend Request
  • Share Rewards Points with Friends
  • In-Application Text Chat
  • Block Any Users
  • Shopping / Buy Products from Application
  • Explore Shops and Products
  • Payment Gateway
  • Rate and Reviews

Super Admin Panel

  • Dashboard – Business Statistics
  • Graph Reports
  • User Management
  • Shops Management
  • Manage Approval for Shops(Verification)
  • Commission Management (Edit Rate)
  • Reward Points Management
  • Block Any Users or Shops
  • Reports Export (Backup In CSV File)
  • Weekly / Monthly / Yearly Reports
  • Earning Management
  • Commission Invoice Management

Vendor Panel

  • Registration
  • Create Profile
  • Add / Delete / Set Pricing / Discounts
  • Product Delivery Management
  • Accept Order Request
  • Order Management (Cancel Order)
  • Send Billing Through Email / SMS
  • Stock / Inventory Management
  • Selling Statistics
  • Daily / Monthly Sales Report
  • Return Product Management

The Key Challenges

The health and fitness app we created was not limited to the health sector. We had to integrate the app with eCommerce features as well. But, these were not so tough as we faced while creating the step count feature, especially when the app is closed. Let’s explore what that was.

Count Steps When the App is Closed: Our client wanted that the app must work even offline and in the background. That means the app must fetch data in the background to store their step count if they forget to start the app before taking a walk. Integrating this feature was easy, but given the type of app our team was building, it was a bit challenging. Our project manager spent a sleepless night to find the suitable solution for this feature. However, it was done smoothly, and as the way our client wanted it to be.

Take a Look at Some Exhilarating Features

The project outcome was as awesome as we had assumed right before starting the project. Let’s take a look at the app, how it looks and the services it offers. You can also download the app from the App Store to check the quality of work.

screenshot health fitness app

Technology Stack

Backend and API

PHP: Codeignitor/Laravel



Real-Time Data Transfer



Android Native, iOS Native

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Top On Demand Transportation App

An On-Demand Transportation Services Platform For Shipments

Refurbishing Transportation Services AS Per Client’s Need

Logistics companies’ day-to-day operations include a lot of different tasks that sometimes become tricky to handle. Something similar was the concern of one of our clients – Martinho Maquina from Angola.

The client found us on Clutch and then connected us to bring his business idea into action. Basically, he was looking for an off-the-shelf digital solution that easily connects shippers to the drivers. The client’s core intention was to pioneer the logistics operations platform for combining loads to the drivers. Besides that, the client is determined to build a platform wherein he can keep an eye on his business’s daily activities.

After performing the complete analysis of the client’s requirements, our team even came up with a few suggestions that could make this logistic platform more interesting. And that’s how ConnectKargo came into the frame.




Mobile development, UI/UX Design,
Website development



What Was Our Role? – The Results

The team was so excited to work on the project. As a first and foremost step, our BA reviewed the project’s whole scope and explained the same to the developers.

Based on the client’s needs, we have built four on-demand transportation apps (Android & iOS for Shippers and Drivers), an admin panel, and an informative website. Every phase of creating a platform, right from analysis to wireframing, design, development, and testing, was followed by the team. To put it short, the complete trucking solution was built by us.

The UI/UX designers have emphasized app and website designs to make the application interesting and easy to navigate. Be it about choosing appealing color combinations, placing highlighted texts, or various elements, the designers have covered the whole nine yards.

Adding more to it, we created an alluring admin dashboard through which the owner can check out the daily activities of their business. Be it about the number of shipments, a newly registered driver/shipper, or revenue analysis. Everything was made available in admin dashboard.

Peak Features For Unparalleled User Experience

Features are the heartbeat for the success of any website or application. Get into the piles of features that we developed for ConnectKargo. The below-given features make ConnectKargo the best fleet management system

Driver App

  • Registration/Login
  • Request Notifications
  • View Sipper’s Profile
  • Live Track Shipper’s Location
  • Fare Estimation of Shipment
  • History of Shipment
  • Profile Management

Shippers App

  • Sign up
  • Login
  • Adding Shipment Details
  • Get Fare Estimate
  • Book Now/ Schedule Ride
  • Live Tracking
  • Notifications
  • Payment Options
  • Job Completion Status Request
  • Reviews & Ratings
  • History of Shipment
  • Profile Management

Admin Panel

  • Admin Login
  • Dashboard
  • Manage Shippers
  • Manage Drivers
  • Notifications
  • Ratings & Reviews
  • Database Backup

Extra Efforts Put By Our Developers (Challenges & Solutions)

Developing the entire on-demand trucking system without any complications is like once in a blue moon. There were a few challenges faced by our developers while working on this fleet management system.


The primary thing was everything was ready on the paper, but how to bring it to the execution. There was a lot of tiny information to keep in mind while developing the website and application. Though, our experts discovered a way to make the development process consistent.


We saw a few issues while building the live tracking feature. The motion of the object in live tracking was running quite behind than actual position. However, the developers came up with a solution through a real-time route map. It shows the actual position of the driver.


Another challenge was regarding the logo of this transportation app. The client desired to have an appealing and expressive logo that draws the attention of the users. The designers worked dedicatedly to be on the crest of a wave.

Peep Into the Transport App Designs Through Screenshot

You must glance at the screenshot of each cargo app to get a better idea of how we brought this idea to life.

colors typography

Technology Stack

teck stack

So, are you looking for equivalent on-demand transportation solutions?

Best Taxi Booking Software

Build An All in One Taxi Booking & Car Rental App – Peppea

Project Framing with Client

This Kenya based client found some of our Clutch contributions and was really impressed. Later, he contacted us and shared his innovative business idea. The client wanted to build an online uber taxi apps in Kenya. And his main aim was to have a platform for the users where they can book a taxi as well as rent a car as per their needs.

The client wanted to build a car rental app & taxi hailing app in Kenya with unique features. But firstly he wanted to start this application in Nairobi. From the first conversation itself, he was very clear about his goals from the project.

Peppea Project Framing with Client

Why They Chose Us?

As said, from the first, the client was clear about his goals. But the point which made up his mind to work with our company was the approach and interest we took in his project. We not only just worked on the points that he asked for but even gave our inputs on how he can make better and appealing app. We found some new features that made the app more attractive and interesting.

This is how the framing of Peppea came in the picture.

Technology Stack


ios, Android


MySQL, MongoDB

App Security


PHP Framework


Payment Gateway

Paypal, Stripe

Runtime Tracking

Socket.IO Using NodeJS


Google Map integration

Top Features That Make Peppea – A Taxi App in Kenya a Unique One

The Peppea app has all the primary features that any taxi booking or car rental app has, but there are some extraordinary features that take Peppea to another level.

  • User Profiles
  • On-demand Area (increasing fare of the area that is on-demand)
  • Item Management
  • Driver details sharing options
  • Availability status for driver
  • Financial Data Management
  • Item Management
A taxi app in kenya a unique one

What We Made?

We built a user-friendly admin panel that makes it easy for the client to have a look at the day to day activities. With that, we’ve built a dispatcher panel where any ride is assigned to the driver and can even manage every trip status. The other unique thing we built as per the client’s request was having a feature that allows the driver to have multiple vehicle registrations. We have used social media login for the user app. All in all, it was really exciting to develop the new features with the other basic features.

We’ve integrated Flutterwave payment gateway to make it easy for all users to transfer and receive the payment. With that, M-Pesa net banking, cards and Cash are even the options for the users to make their payment. Henceforth, starting from the wireframe of the final app we got through within the 2 months.

Peppea - what we made

Emerging Challenges & Its Solution

To accept the challenges is what Excellent Webworld has always worked upon. The challenge we faced here was:


We’ve noticed it many times that the tracking map is quite behind than the actual place and the actual distance is not shown as it should be.


To solve this challenge we came up with a solution to give accurate tracking and distance. We just made it a real-time route map which keeps on showing the actual distance of the cab. We calculate the distance in a unique way to avoid the misunderstanding.

Peppea taxi app

Extras That We Came Up With

To take an app to the whole new level, after a deep discussion with the client, we came up with some extraordinary features that make this taxi booking app Nairobi to a new level. We added a feature like bid my trip in which a driver can bid on the passenger’s ride, and passenger can select the best as per their requirements. The second best feature that we came up with is On-demand Area where the fare of the area increases when more requests start coming from that particular area. This way, we’ve added many such features and built a user-friendly app that attracted users.

Peppea Extras That We Came Up With
Peppea taxi App in Your Country

Planning For Similar Car Rental & Taxi App in Your Country?

Taxi booking & car rentals are ruling the world and will continue to do so. Any Uber taxi business in Kenya with the right resources can get a large user-base and succeed with this type of app.

You can launch a similar platform with zero efforts. If you’re still confused about how to build an app like Uber, talk to our development experts.

Let’s work together and build your lucrative startup!!

Best Golf Mobile App

An Engaging Platform For the Golf Players

How It All Began?

Do you enjoy it when people of the same interest surround you? Now imagine, your passion is playing games, but none of your friends are available for the same. What would you do next? Probably, opting for playing games online.

Similar was the dream of one of the clients. He connected us and shared his thought on developing a gaming platform for Golf. The thought shared by him was unique and appealing for the users. All he wanted was to build a golf club app with exceptional functionalities.

The client was so clear about his golf platform, and to make it more interesting, our Business Analyst shared some additional functionalities. He was so impressed with the thoughts shared by our team. So, that’s how “Fairway Play” came into the picture.




Web development, UI/UX Design,
Android/iOS App Development



The Outcomes

After discussing every bit of details with the clients, we came up with the development of the following websites and applications. Let’s get into it.

Golf mobile app for android iOS

Golf Mobile App For Android & iOS

Under the Fairway Play platform, we have built a golf mobile app – “Anamules” for Android and iOS. This game app is fascinating for golf players. The game goes like you need first to log in and select the ground for playing.

Add the players in four different ways, i.e., manually, through the contact list, searching nearby, and recent players. That’s how the game begins. The enticing thing about the Anamules is on every move, either good or bad, you will be rewarded with an anamules. The one with more number of anamules will lose the game. Besides all, you can even play the game offline when running out of the internet.

FairWay Play Website

As per the client’s need, we have built an informative website. The website was developed with minimal design and some informative pages. The main goal of developing a website was to reach the large audience base.

Every golf app-building is listed under this website. Our UI designers gave a captivating and easy to navigate look to the website.

build your own golf website
super admin panel web screen

Super Admin Panel

Every bit of detail is made available to the owner through the super admin panel. Based on the client’s thought, we have added the necessary information to give him everyday data on his business.

The super admin panel contains many graphs and charts that give a simplified view for analyzing the data. Be it information about customers or subscription plans; everything is covered here.

Club Panel

As an advanced functionality for enforcing ease to customers, we have come up with a club panel. Here, the club owners who are registered with us can update or delete clubs. Besides, they can even manage user access with the help of the club panel. The club panel is one of the unique points of the project.

club panel web screen

Technology Stack

Backend and API

PHP: Codeignitor framework




Java/kotlin – Android
Swift/Objective C – iOS


WordPress Website

colors typography

Spy on the Features of Golf Mobile App

features of golf mobile app

Features of the App

  • Dashboard
  • Customers
  • Players
  • Games
  • Played
  • User Admin
  • Game Config
  • Promotions
  • Reporting
  • Club Houses
  • User Access

The Future Scope

The application and website built by our developers is successfully launched. Myriads of users are joining the app to play their favourite game. It is becoming the best multiplayer golf game among the users. Looking at the response of the first app, the client is all set for the second Golf mobile app development.

Besides, we are even planning to enhance the functionalities of the Anamules golf app with a few more functionalities. For instance, the second phase of the app will contain in-app purchases, integration of ads-free version, payment gateways, and more.

future scope golf app

Interested in Building Your Own Golf Club App?

Sports apps in games are ruling in the minds of people. Each of us is passionate about one or the other sports. You can make your own golf scorecard app or any such app to become the next success story like FairWay Play.

Yet need more information on golf mobile app development?

create a news app and website

Custom Apps & Web Portal for Online News

Project Overview

Getting authentic and reliable news is scarce in the world of Social Media. Whereas building a news portal and apps are not practical for all media houses in Saudi Arabia due to limited resources and technical expertise in the region. People are getting away from newspapers while relying widely on the information available across digital platforms, especially social channels. And, most of the information shared on these platforms are false, misleading and misinformed.

Our client, Abrar Alquraini from Saudi Arabia, wanted to build a platform for people looking for local, national and international news which they can trust. The news portal and apps will help news lovers get all types of news under one roof. Our client needed two apps (Android and iOS) and a portal to cover all tech-savvy populations.


Saudi Arabia


Web Development, UI/UX Design,
Android/iOS App Development



Client’s Requirements for the News Apps and Portal

Even after a huge opportunity for a digital news portal, the user penetration rate is 3.8%. The biggest reasons for less user interest was the poor UI/UX and quality apps. Our client Abrar Alquraini wanted us to build two apps for Android and iOS platforms and a web portal. The apps and portal must be easy to access for users of all age groups.

During consultation, he put more focus on the app’s UI/UX to make the portal engaging enough, no matter what technologies to design it needed. The client explained that it needs a platform that could bear heavy traffic and provide a seamless surfing experience.

best news app
create a news app

Our Approach for better Scalability and Performance

Once we got a node from our client to go ahead, we formed a team to work on the project. The team included senior-most developers, designers and a project manager. The first goal was to come up with a roadmap for the project.

We conducted a thorough analysis, explored the industry, market gaps, needs, demand, competitors and all we needed to make the project stronger. Having done the initial analysis, our project manager had a meeting with a client and explained everything that we’d gathered.

Our client wanted to create a news app for cross platforms, so we chose to go with hybrid app development. We suggested Ionic technology and the set of features and support we will provide during and after the news app development. All suggestions were accepted by our client and get green signal to get started.

Key Features

We created the app and the portal with a single user panel, so our focus was entirely on the user side. We selected the features carefully after going through competitor analysis. Ultimately the aim was to make it exclusive.

Panel Features

  • Login / User Registration
  • OTP verification
  • Home (All top news will be displayed here)
  • Menu Tab (Users can navigate to the desired section)
  • GPS/Google Maps
  • YouTube Tab
  • Bookmark video & share
  • Profile
  • Edit Profile
  • Contact Us
  • Details (News details / Add / edit / delete)
  • Comments for News
  • Terms & Conditions
  • Categories (Add / Edit / Delete favorite categories)
  • Highlights (Breaking news)
  • Offline Mode
  • Social Sharing (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram)
  • Push Notification
  • Personalization & Settings
top News App and web Features

The Key Challenges We Encountered With

As we had already developed many online news applications, we faced minimal challenges. However, as we had to develop apps using hybrid technology, we had to deal with various types of third party features integration -a few of them were challenging one.

App required plenty of third party feature integration

The third party feature integration was not a complex issue for our team, but there were a few which were really time consuming and kept our team busy with finding the right solutions. For example, one of the features was Qibla that directs deity to Kaaba. We did it right as our client wanted.

Tight Deadline

Initially, our team thought they would get ample time to finish the project, but as the things were finalized and the project plan was handed over to the team, they were absolutely numb seeing the deadline. It was the most challenging task for them to finish such a complex app within the tight deadline. But, given the world class infrastructure, best working environment, our team successfully achieved the deadline. Not only was the project completed in the deadline, but it was deployed on the downloading platform.

What Makes the App Unique

You can download the apps from the play store and app store to explore the quality of the project. You can also get a glimpse of the app through these exhilarating screenshots.

best News App Screenshot

Technology Stack

Front End

Ionic, Ionic V4 , Ionic Cli 5.4, Node Js v10, Npm 6.13, Xcode 11.2, Android Studio 3.6, Angular Cli 8.1





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Best Telemedicine App

TeleMedicine App For Patients and Doctors To Connect

Client & Project Overview

A senior doctor from a reputed hospital in Texas, USA, wanted to build a digital TeleMedicine app platform through which his entire hospital staff and patients could access and manage his multi-specialty hospital’s healthcare services.

They were on the lookout for the best healthcare app development companies when they found Excellent Webworld and approached us with their vision. The clients were a team of senior-most doctors and hospital administrators, so they were clear on the technical and user-friendly aspect of the digital space.

Our designers and developers had the opportunity to work with the smartest minds in healthcare in building a TeleMedicine app for doctors and patients that would assist the in rendering top care services.


Texas, USA


iOS & Android App Development, Website Development, UI/UX Design



Client Requirements

The client wanted to build a complete digital ecosystem for their hospital with multiple platform mobile apps, website, web panels for the doctors with all the bells and whistles. We discussed the project at length and figured out to create a TeleMedicine application platform that would be beneficial for all the stakeholders in the hospital; patients, doctors, healthcare assistants, and hospital administration.

We planned to build a TeleMedicine software for providers and patients on both the prominent platforms, Android and iOS. We also developed a web panel for doctors to access via their computer or tablet at work—also, a website for people to visit and understand the working of the FerMD system.

telemedicine app platform

Technology Stack

Android App Development

Android Studio: 3.6, Java: 8, Kotlin: 1.3.72

iOS App Development

XCode: 11.2.1, Swift: 5.0



App Security

HTTPS & encryption based on HIPAA-compliance

Payment Gateway


Runtime Tracking

Google Analytics


Node.js / PHP (CodeIgniter)




PHP / HTML / CSS / JavaScript


The design team worked consistently in designing the best app for TeleMedicine and web panel UI that would be understandable to the patients and highly efficient and quick for the doctors. We had to make sure that the patient app was very easy to use for people across all age groups. Here are a few glimpses of how the wireframing was processed.

teleMedicine app wireframes
fermd typo

Features of FerMD

  • Connect with your primary doctor
  • Primary care provider
  • Digital pharmacy
  • Contacting specialty physician
  • Schedule appointment
  • Video consultancy
Features of FerMD App

The Challenges We Faced In The Project

Issues with implementing video calling

To implement high-quality, efficient & real-time video communication between two parties, we had to research different methods, and we tried them all; finally, we settled with Twilio.

There was a latency issue with the app

To resolve the TeleMedicine app’s latency issue, we used Socket communication for efficiency & to reduce latency.

Additional Features That We Suggested

The FerMD TeleMedicine application platform is a complete digital system with appointment booking, video consultancy, digital prescriptions, etc. But in the light of the Covid-19 pandemic that affected the whole world, we suggested adding a COVID-19 tracking feature to the website as well as the apps.

telemedicine app screenShot

Are You Planning To Digitize Your Chain Of Hospitals?

If you are thinking of digitizing your entire medical operation, then Excellent Webworld can help you.

Our clients at FerMD liked our app development agency because of our 24×7 availability, expertise in understanding their requirements, bespoke features for the platform, and agile implementation for the development, among many other offerings.

We were able to realize the vision with FerMD, and we can do the same for your hospital or medical institute.

Best Live Streaming App

A Quality Live Streaming App for VOD Lovers

On-Demand Video and Live Streaming App Project Synopsis

Nigerian OTT market suffers from low levels of broadband penetration, quality services, and affordability. On the one hand, VOD providers struggle to deliver the best quality content, but poor internet connectivity forbids them to do so; the consumers struggle to find cost-effective subscriptions for comprehensive VOD services, on the other hand.

Our clients understood the needs and requirements of people and hence made plans to build a live streaming app that provides quality content and offers cost-effective services. Showmax, Netflix, iROKO, etc., are already offering live streaming and VOD services in the region, but there are so many gaps that they fail to fill.




Web Development, UI/UX Design,
Android/iOS App Development



What Our Client Wanted

Our clients Chris Anusa, Ahmed Illo, Ahmed Umar approached us with their ideas of creating a live streaming app for cross platforms (Android and iOS). They wanted us to create an app that not just provides easy to navigate through the app but also delivers an excellent video streaming experience at the click of a button.

They were exploring ways to provide the cheapest subscription options to users so that everyone would find it on their budget. They presented their business ideas to our CTO and explained everything they wanted in their new live streaming app.

creating a live streaming app
best live streaming apps

Our Approach

Once we got the requirement, a team was set up to explore the requirement, including drafting tech specs, understanding the competitors and users’ demand in the region. Our team drafted a final report in the given time and contacted the clients for further discussion.

Even though clients had already provided us all the needed information, including feature lists, we explained the rest of the things, such as the tech specs, project competition timeline, budget, and added features.

Everything was as per our clients’ requirements. We had also noted some of the added suggestions in the draft. And, it took them no time to give us a green signal to get started with the project.

Features of Hootu App

We created an app (two apps —one for iOS and other for Android platforms) for cross platforms and a functional website with two panels —one for users and the other for admin. Let’s take a look at the features both panels include.

Admin Panel Features

  • Dashboard
  • User Management
  • Add Users Role
  • Manage Ad, Banner
  • Manage Categories, Subcategory
  • Manage Videos and TV Shows
  • Subscription Management
  • Event Management
  • Promocode Management
  • Content Management
  • Notification

Features of App and Website

  • Registration
  • Login
  • Subscription
  • Upgrade Plans
  • Add/Remove Videos
  • Select Categories/Genre
  • Live Streaming Videos
  • Search
  • Download Videos
  • Notifications

Challenges We Faced while Creating the Live Streaming Apps

No great work comes without challenges. And, when it comes to creating a live streaming app for Android and iOS with a complex set of features, challenges are there at every step forward. Let’s take a look at a couple of challenges that kept our team busy a little longer.

Making the App Scalable

Creating an OTT live streaming platform is highly complicated as you have to take very extra care while making a design and writing code. Making the app scalable without compromising with the app’s performance was a key challenge. Thankfully, with several testing & bug fixing sessions, we made the app with exceeded expectations of our client.

To Provide Streaming Options for All Users

We were not sure how many users would be streaming the videos from the live streaming application at a time. Some of the complex things kept us busy a little longer, from selecting data formats, schemes, and algorithms to deciding framework, security, scaling, and performance.

Let’s Get a Glimpse of Hootu App

It was the most fruitful we had while creating the Hootu app. We successfully completed the app within the deadline, and our client was amazed by the quality of work and performance. Let’s take a look at how the app looks on devices.

Glimpse of Hootu App

Technology Stacks for Hootu App


PHP(framework: laravel 5.6)


HTML, CSS, JavaScript




Apache HTTP Server


Amazon S3 bucket, AWS S3 Transcoder

Do you have a similar concept in your mind or want to create amazing and exclusive app ideas to build your own OTT platform? Let us know, and we bring your dream business into reality.

Best Essential Oils App Inventory Management

A Lavish App To Sell & Buy Essential Oils

Client Overview

A few months ago; we were approached by the client to build an application for the reference guide for using essential oils along with the powerful inventory management system.

The aim was to help the sufferer of anxiety, stress, depression, and other health-related problems so that it is easy for the user to get the information quickly.

Aromascence is not any common eCommerce app; Aromascense is going to introduce a new eCommerce category.




Mobile development,UI/UX Design



AIM of The Project

The major goal of the project is to make an application that has all the collections of essential oils.

The secondary goal of this app is to make an application that has all the features of providing its user with the basic essential oils and customized essential oils. The app will reach out to the user with different health problems such as stress, insomnia, acne, appetite loss, infections, and other.

Aim of the project
Find essential oils app screen

Client Requirements

The client wanted to bring an inclusive solution to the problems encountered in the aromatherapy. He was aware of the fact that by having an application for this will make the user more aware of the essential oil and its advantages.

The client needed the UI to be aesthetically appealing and UX to be robust. She insisted on including inventory management system and customization options.

Challenges We Faced

  • Keeping the app updated constantly, so one can have fresh information with the recently added oils.
  • One of the major challenges was to manage custom data with generic data.
  • Choose which single oils and blends belong to a user and update the list as the collection grows.
  • Data referential integrity was applied when custom recipes and products came into existence.
challenges we faced
essential oils app custom data

Our Solutions

Our dedicated developers didn’t give up until the problem was solved. They found the proper solution to the problems we were facing.

  • Developers analyzed the essential oil brands to manage the whole application.
  • To manage the custom data, custom manufacturers and uses were attached to the same.
  • Each custom manufacturer was given a user login so that their personal data is up-to-date.

Technology Stack

Language Used

Swift for iOS, Java, Kotlin for Android


Almofier, Crashlytics, fabric

Database & Cloud



Xcode9.4, Android studio

Front & Backend Development


App Security

App Security

What’s New to Offer?

  • User profile
  • Essential oils generic and scientific/botanical name
  • Inventory management
  • Smart search that allows searching any oil by name or by usage
  • Shopping list
  • Personalized image of each essential oils
  • Location of your oils
  • Customize any blend- easily adjust the quantities in one click
  • Recipe for essential oils
  • Personalized picture of each essential oil
  • Aromatic description
  • Essential oils property and uses