Art Search And Display App Development

Make An Art App To Display Your Talent.

Technical Specifications : Hybrid - React Native

About The Project

The Art Guide app is an amazing app for discovering beautiful and rare arts across the UK. Art is not the only thing you can discover, here you can find museums, world-class exhibitions and stunning country homes near you.

The client wanted to Make an app which represents best of arts, exhibitions and all the museums across the UK, allowing users to search for the desired and near one was a requirement.

art guide app development

What We have done

The art lovers and creative minds find this app best suitable for them as it is built by considering their likes and comfort. People find it easy to use because we made it quite user-friendly so that they can experience the great arts without much effort.

We gave users a choice for adding their desired exhibition event, arts and museum places to a wish list, so later they will find it easily. Adding to this calendar reminder can be set for much convenience.

Other Features

  • Recommendations

  • Planner for Reminder

  • Nearby search

  • Wish list

Result- Business Benefits

  • Quick and easy searching
  • User Interactive Features
  • Upcoming Exhibition Listing
  • Easy Remindering

Beautiful Design

Tailoring Digital Experience For Exceptional Designs
Beautiful art guide app development
Art guide app Design
Art guide app