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Stock Tracking App Development

About The Project

The Stock Tracking is the only Stock Market app which can give you a quick result of top-ranked stocks in every industry group according to any 22+ performance-based investment metrics.

Here on one screen, you can view all the metrics of a selected stock with their respective industry rankings. You can also have a glance at areas of weakness or superiority.

The need behind developing the Stock Tracking app was to provide investors & traders accurate, objective and meaningful ratings and analysis. We have asked to make a stock market analysis app which can provide instant results and which can give meaningful comparisons.

About Stock Tracking App Development

What We Have Done

To give the investors most accurate and meaningful comparisons, we have implemented a Peer to Peer strategy. To analyze each industry separately, we partitioned the market into 48 industries and ranked against their industry peers, using 23 of the most popular investment metrics like elements of earnings growth, profitability, and stock price performance etc. according to investment professionals.

Our proprietary APR (Average Percentile Rank) index analyzes ALL metrics to find the Top Ranked Stocks OVERALL in each industry.

We have developed the Stock Tracking and market analysis mobile app with huge Analytical Power, by an algorithm which makes over 38,000 data calculations in a matter of seconds and saves lots of time.

Other Features

  • Industry ranking for any Metric
  • Stock comparison with industry peers
  • APR index to find best overall stocks
  • Display Top 3 stocks of every industry

Result Business Benefits

  • The App is Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch
  • The App Provides Accurate, Objective, and Meaningful ratings and analysis
  • Extreme Analytical Power
  • Instant Result Providing Capability

Beautiful Design

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