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Charity Donation App Development
About Charity Donation App

About the Project

This app is an outcome of an extreme idea by the client for online charity. This charity app gives an opportunity to users to be a part of a charity by donating funds or items. Users don’t have to go anywhere to donate to the charity; within a click, the user can donate the amount from anywhere and anytime.

To handle the financial and other user information along with app data, we were asked to develop a backend solution. By performing some easy operations admin can manage the donations, user profiles, and subscription plans.

What We Have Done

Our developers implemented the Codeigniter technology to make this charity app supporting iOS and Android platform. We have integrated an online payment option for allowing users to donate the funds.

Moreover, the users can donate some items or products by adding its status of the use. The users can also subscribe for getting future news and notifications.

The backend system is developed by our PHP experts, and this includes simple operations for managing all the donations financial as well as items. The admin can also handle the user profiles.

Other Features

  • Online Payment for Donation
  • News Subscription
  • User Profiles
  • Financial Data Management
  • Item Management

Result Business Benefits

  • Item Donation Integration
  • Easy Fund Transfer
  • Data Security
  • Efficient Data Storage & Management

Beautiful Design

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