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News TV Channel App Development

About The Project

The Tele 50 is popular news channel in DR Congo. Now, it is also providing services through the mobile app.  The Tele 50 news app brings latest news and happenings in the different sectors of DRC, Africa, and other continents.

Here you will get daily News Alerts, Latest Articles, and reports and can share the same on other social media. Added to this you can watch live streaming and get Video on Demand.

The need was to make it effortless for users to get latest news updates anywhere, anytime on their mobile phones. The category wise news updating was a requirement by the client.


What We Have Done

Our strategy behind the news app development was users’ convenience to get informed by the latest news of DRC and other continents.

We have categorized the news according to different sectors of the world, so as to allow users to find their desired one.

If you like some news articles or report and want to share it with friends; the app provides you the option for the same.

Other Features

  • Sharing
  • Category Listing
  • Live Streaming
  • Video on Demand

Result Business Benefits

  • Interactive user experience
  • All sectors news anytime anywhere
  • Live Streaming of News
  • Easy sharing of news articles

Beautiful Design

News TV Channel App Sharing
News TV Channel App Economie
News TV Channel App Category Listing
Live Streaming News TV Channel App