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Technical Specifications : iOS | Sqllite

About The Project

The app is a To-Do List App for Task Management which allows scheduling and rescheduling of daily tasks.

We got the inquiry of Task Manager App and to-do list app development from a client in berlin. She wanted an app which can organize a task list with a simple UI.

What We have done

We developed a lightweight  To do list mobile app by  which users can manage the tasks which are secured on the local storage. The app has multiple purposes, like to add a reminder for a particular task, or to use the app as a diary, shopping list or for office work.

The app displays current tasks, upcoming tasks and weekly and monthly tasks with several features like edit, add and delete the task.

Other Features

  • Add and delete tasks

  • Tasks can be searched

  • Works smoothly with iphone 6 and 6 plus

  • Reschedule tasks

  • Category added from plist

  • Delete Notifications

  • Local Notification

  • Supports iOS 8

Result- Business Benefits

  • The app is very much popular Utilities apps for your daily use
  • Better Work And Life Management
  • Easy To Schedule Work
  • Timely Reminders For Important Tasks

Beautiful Design

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Task Manager App for iPhone