Custom Photo frames, frame art,
Website Design

We build custom Photo frames Woocommerce Website For art, photos, memorabilia, textiles and flat objects.

About The Project

The client reached us with a need, to make an E-commerce website to customize online and buy Custom Art & Photos and more. The requirement was to create a unique WordPress Woocommerce website, including a number of choices of frame designs. The website offers instant uploading of user pictures & artwork and instant framing of the same.

The cart feature, for users’ comfort of selection and purchase of frames, was a need. Protection of user data was another important requirement. The client expected customer communication through the easy and secure way.

What We Have Done

During the entire development session our docus was to make an E-commerce website for Personalize Photo Frames and online Photo frame selection that not only to satisfy our client but also the website users. We made it easy for the user, to log in and register easily with few credentials.

We implemented a speed optimization technique for instant uploading of users’ photos & artwork and giving them an instant result of framing. For the users’ comfort of making purchases and choice of the desired frame, a cart feature was added.

To implement a secure access, registration confirmation was added as a security aspect. To design frames for Instagram, we integrated social media as an important aspect, including Instagram.

Other Features

  • Easy Login and Registration
  • Detailed Service Listing
  • Instant image Upload
  • Easy Frame Selection
  • Smooth and Secure communication
  • Social Media integration
  • Framing multiple pieces in one frame