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Gift Card Barcode Scanner App

About The Project

My GiftCard App Is A One Of Its Kind gift card barcode scanner App For Electronic Giftcard Creation, Selling And Managing.

The client approached us to develop an app for the scanning of gift cards and to manage the backend. He was looking for a system for tracking the daily accounts of the store. The client wanted to a system for the store gift cards points as per the stores.

About Gift Card Barcode Scanner App

What We Have Done

We developed a Barcode Scanner mobile app which works for all kinds of electronic giftcards by scanning the QR code. all the codes can be scaned from any smartphone or tablet and by connecting it with internet you can access the card.

The gift card Barcode Scanner app provides daily store reports by email for the reconciliation of the system sales and cash balance. to avoid the chaos of redemption of points of different stores we created a MongoDB database structure to Manage the giftcard point of different stores.

Other Features

  • QR code and barcode scan
  • Multiple device compatibility
  • Auto Detection
  • Scan History
  • Find stores based on zip code
  • Share Code

Result Business Benefits

  • Increase Customer Base
  • Save Time and Money of Customers
  • Build Brand Awareness
  • Created Additional Promotional opportunities
  • Greater Distribution

Beautiful Design

Auto Detection Barcode Scanner App
Customer Confirmation Gift Card Barcode
Barcode Scanner App Dashboard
Auto Detection Barcode Scanner App