How Did the Client Approach for Liquor Delivery App Development?

After reading our Clutch reviews, this client based in North Carolina approached us.

“I want to build a liquor in-store & curbside pickup app & website…”

The client came to us with an enquiry about building an app to sell liquor. He didn’t only want the app to serve his county, i.e., NC — but also the entire USA. His main idea was to make the liquor pick-up activity a smooth ride. Hence, he formulated an app concept through which the customers could pick their orders up from a store or opt for curbside delivery.

While ensuring the customer’s comfort, our client came up with this unique idea that could compete with the existing online liquor delivery businesses in the market.

Project Framing, Scope & Further Discussion

Project Framing, Scope & Further Discussion – Liquor Delivery App

The highlight of this app is that the customers would have to do an in-store pickup or pick up their order from the curbside.

To enhance this app idea furthermore, we first worked on the number and functioning of each panel. We designed the panels considering their individual importance.

The client wanted the privacy details and other content-based pages to be dynamic. He ensured that any change made in the back end should reflect immediately in the front end. Adding more to this, He wanted the admin panel to be configured with every possible application control.

Our Roles & Responsibilities

What Were Our Roles & Responsibilities? – Build Curbside Pickup App

First things first, the client wanted us to give them an enhanced idea of what the app could look like as a result.

After having the detailed scope confirmed, we started developing a user-friendly admin panel that made it easy for the client to have a look at the day-to-day activities. Also, we gave super admin the authority to add boards (states/counties), multiple stores, product availability, stock quantities, etc.

The client wanted this app to order alcohol to be a free-to-register app. The two ways a user can register themselves are either business or retail.

60 days to deliver a fully-functional application and website were undoubtedly the biggest challenge. However, this super short deadline didn’t stop us from delivering quality work. It was a very crisp deadline, and the clock kept ticking faster. All the dedicated developers worked on weekends and longer than usual shifts on weekdays. The hard work was rewarding.

Features List of Project Deliverables – Backend & Website

Features List of Project

Features of Customer User Panel

  • Age verification
  • Fetch Location via GPS or ZIP code
  • Search
  • Store listing
  • Favorite stores
  • Pickup type
  • Size/quantity categories

Features of Store Panel

  • Product management/ Manage orders
  • Customer management
  • Admin management
  • My profile
  • Withdraw
  • Desktop notification
  • Change password

Features of Super Admin (Board County)

  • Manage stores
  • Order management
  • Settings
  • Service commission
  • Reports
  • Float Deals & Offers
  • Commission Management

Extras That We Added to Make This Drink Delivery App Unique!!

During the development cycle, we came across many aspects missing from the client’s expectations. Regardless of whether or not it has been mentioned in the project scope, we equipped the ABCtogo app with the following functionalities to make the app flow seamless.

Adding new stock or making changes in the inventory would have been difficult. But, we added the plugins in the booze delivery app to manage quantities and gave these rights to the super admin to keep everything sorted.

The admin can send bulk push notifications and bulk messages to a specific set of active or inactive users or all users, as needed by him. Also, we integrated an option to generate bill receipts and invoice PDFs directly.

Maintenance mode activation is another swift feature we equipped the admin panel with. A super admin must activate the button that will automatically display the ‘App Under Maintenance’ page to inform the users.

The best part of the app is that we gave the admin versioning control. The admin can force a download or keep it optional for the users.

color and typography

Look & Feel of the App Via Screenshots

Our creative team is certified and well-experienced in UI and UX designing. We don’t want you to keep guessing our design skills. Check out our designers’ creations in the following screen captures of an app to order liquor.


Challenges & Solutions While Creating Liquor Store Delivery App

01Adding Bulk Products – An Ordaining Task!

It would have taken the admin several days to upload all the products along with different size bottles available. Via optimized coding, we made it possible for them to upload an excel sheet for uploading the inventory. We gave the admin the authority to upload through excel sheets and enabled direct syncing.

02Payment Gateway Integration – BridgePay

This project demanded the integration of BridgePay third-party payment API integration. It was a new challenge as we had never tried this one before. We consulted the official support team at the BridgePay payment portal to help us through the integration queries. Also, they helped us with XML codes which we had to convert into Laravel PHP before executing.

Technology Stack

Technology Stacks of Liquor App

Client Feedback – Cheers to a Successful Liquor Ordering App Project!!


“We had never thought the team at Excellent Webworld would deliver within the two months deadline. The timeline was too short, and our projects wasn’t mere MVP. ABCtogo is a fully-functional and feature-rich online liquor pick-up application. The team is cooperaative. We must say that the app’s performance is flawless; we cannot complain!”


ABCtogo Logo

Vann Duggins

Product Owner

Want to Build a Similar Liquor Ordering App Like ABCtogo?

Alongside providing end-to-end development and design services to our clients, we also provide business advice. If you want to be on the greater receiving side, choose Excellent Webworld as your digital partner. Hire our developers and designers for mobile app development and website development.

Ordering from an alcohol delivery app is going to become a more renowned on-demand service in the time to come. Furthermore, digitized businesses and their foreseen progress are nothing unknown. Hence, this is the best time to grab an opportunity to start your app for selling alcohol online with in-store pickup and curbside delivery services.

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