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Sculpture Art Sharing App Development
About Sculpture Art Sharing App

About The Project

This app helps the art lovers to discover the sculptures and arts with the list of the artist. The client stated his requirement for the app incorporated with interactive map and audio guide in order to let users discover the sculptures.

Another need was to provide a commentary by different curators for each sculpture as well as search option based on photo, location or artists name.

What We Have Done

This hybrid Sculpture discovering app is developed using latest technology. As per client requirement, we made the app very much user interactive, by integrating map feature with audio, so that the user will easily find the sculpture without many efforts. our mobile app development services consist of variety of technology stacks and you could build your app with any of the stack.

User can listen to the commentary for each sculpture which is given by different curators. We have provided the comfort for users to reach to their desired art easily. For the search option we have added a search tab at the corner from which the visitors can search for any sculpture.

Other Features

  • Map Guide
  • Audio Guide
  • Search by photo
  • Detailed artists list

Result Business Benefits

  • Sculpture discovering with location
  • Clear understanding by the Commentary
  • Addition to collection of Museums and Galleries
  • At Home View of Beautiful Sculptures

Beautiful Design

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