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Stock Photos Website Development
About Stock Photos Website

About The Project

if you want to develop a website like Shutterstock, iStock and 123rf for travel images, then the stock passport is the right example for you. The stock passport website provides easily downloadable travel images. The client approached us with a unique demand; he wanted to create a stock photos website but for a specific niche.

The client wanted to develop an eCommerce platform with an expanded user experience.

What We Have Done

Our eCommerce specialists’ team puts their efforts to make an eCommerce website as per client requirements. For the ease of specific images, we provided a search option on the home page only along with various size options as well.

We made it easy for users to buy the licensed with easy check out and login features. Considering users need of communication as an important concern, a simple way of contacting is integrated.

Other Features

  • Wish List
  • Easy login and signup
  • Multiple payment gateways integration
  • Category based listing
  • Interactive cart with easy checkout
Stock Photos Website Development