Creating a Mobile App for a Smart Light Bulb
The smart home light manufacturer Philips will release its revamped app for smart light controlling using IoT Solutions for smart home. Although the older app works just fine, the smart home light manufacturer company is trying to provide a modern design and faster working of the mobile app.

Smart home app like Philips is working towards transforming your home into a smart home. The smart home app allows the users to organize the lights in the rooms as per the mood and activity along with some interesting effects like changing the color of the light into around 16 million colors.

On the Android version, the tabs are shifted to bottom of the app from the top and rounded corners and more compact controls. As per the recent words from Philips the company has redesigned the smart home app for quicker access to the controls.

According to Philips the major goal was to improve the daily use of the app for a smooth setup and integration with the accessories.

Along with the new design the company is focusing on outdoor lighting, the company will launch a new line of outdoor bulbs intended to cope with the existing elements.

This clearly indicates that; Consumer electronics is growing rapidly in the league of smart home and accessories. This is the peak time to build your own lighting app or smart home app and be on the top of the list of best hue lighting apps.

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