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What is React Native?

Developing Contemporary Mobile Apps From React Native Development Services

React native is the 14th most starred repository on GitHub. A project which was introduced in the Facebook’s internal Hackathon Project and is now one of the most popular frameworks. Facebook released React native in its keynote 2015. Facebook has created React native; a UI library for its internal usage.

Acquisition of Instagram and Facebook was the main reason behind the development of react native. After the procurement of Instagram, ReactJs was used by the Facebook developers to build the website for the Instagram mobile application.

React native is a cross-platform mobile app development framework that offers mobile UI for both iOS and Android mobile app. React native development allows reuse of a single code in the various platforms resulting in faster mobile app development.

React native is a mobile app creator framework; which leverages various UI blocks to compose a feature rich mobile apps using a common JS codebase for both iOS and Android. The library of react native contains Flexbox CSS styling, support for deploying and effective debugging of the mobile app.

At Excellent WebWorld is an accomplished React Native App Development Company with a team of react native specialists working effectively since its release. Our creative designers and Top App Developers work together to deliver intuitive solutions for React native framework development.

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Best Traits Of React Native Development

Highly Portable

React native supports porting of the app code to another platform easily. It is possible to migrate the app logic to another platform; except the display elements of the information screen. React Native Mobile App Development for iOS and Android provides UI support for both platforms.

Code Reusability

The best feature of react native is you can reutilize the code of a mobile app built on a specific platform. Hence, no need of writing the code from scratch. The main focus of react native is to write the code once and use it everywhere.

Better Scalability

React native is a mobile app maker framework which allows writing own native modules; it provides a large array of API interaction with the native elements and various modules. Along with that, it does not render the webview instead it supports the native view.

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Why Choose React Native For Your Mobile App?

Animated Library

Meaningful animations are added to improve the mobile user experience. Build an app with react native and leverage the smooth animations and interactive patterns in your mobile app. React native has a dedicated animated library which provides a wide range of interesting animations.

Virtual DOM

Javascript objects along with React are creating a virtual DOM, which resembles the original DOM tree. React offers a unique algorithm which re-renders changed DOM nodes. React uses Virtual DOM and provides it for free of cost.

Easy Reloading

Unlike other app development platform; React Native Mobile App Development process doesn’t need recompilation and installation in the simulator or real device. In react native to implement the new changes; an only simulator, emulator or the device is required to refresh.

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Reusable Components

React native works on the building blocks of reusable “native components”; as a result, provides a consistent look and feel. The reusable components offer the look, speed, and functionality of a native mobile app.

Cross Platform

React native develops mobile apps which work on both the platform; iOS and Android. The UI of react native is adapted to multiple platforms and hence the UI components work seamlessly on major platforms.

Live Updates

Like other app development platforms; react native doesn’t need a long approval time from the app stores for the app updates. No need for the users to update the app to push the latest release of the react native app.

Who's Using React Native?

A Showcase of Industry Specific Trending apps built with React Native Framework

Thousand os apps are using react native framework for Frontend development, from startups to Fortune 500 compaines.
If You’re curious to see what can be accomplished with react native, check out this apps!

  • React Native Web App Development

    Want to build apps, Frontend and Backend Integration to build your iOS and Android Taxi booking app like Uber, Ola, Lyft, Grabtaxi, Easytaxi

Taxi Booking App with react native

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    Looking for Tinder Alternative? or Want to Build similar apps like to tinder, badoo, OkCupid, Happn, Bumble, Skout, MeetMe, Plenty of Fish for iOS and Android

Dating App like Tinder with react native

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    Want to Build similar App like Zomato, Hoss, Hoss, Jamba Juice, Foodpanda for your Food Ordering, Restaurant, Bakery, Coffee business and any personal chef apps

Food Ordering & Restaurant Finder App with react native

  • null

    Looking for Instant Messaging App like WhatsApp Alternative? or Want to Build similar apps like WhatsApp, hike, Telegram, WeChat, Snapchat, Viber, Line for iOS and Android

Create Instant Messaging App like WhatsApp with react native

Why We are The Best in React Native App Development Service?


Affordable Development Cost

Wondering how much will developing an app cost? We have different costing models as per the requirements of the clients. These models are flexible enough to adjust as per the functionality and feature of the app.

Agile Development Methodology

We believe in following the agile principles and values in our decision-making process to improve our client collaboration and productivity.

Dedicated React Native App Developers

Hire react native app developers for your project and get started on the development of your idea. We have a team of skilled developers and designers.

Transparent Communication

The communication between the client and the developer is completely transparent. The developers are always in touch with the client with timely updates and reports of the project progress.

100% Client Satisfaction

For us; the client is the most important factor of our company. We work with the client until reaching the complete satisfaction level.

Faster Development

We have a rapid app development procedure that works on the time period decided by the client for the project development.

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