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How To Choose The Right IT Partner For Outsourcing Software Development

Among the diverse paths, most of the entrepreneurs settle on offshore software development outsourcing.  The reason why offshore software development has acquired traction from business leaders is, owing to its aptitude to yield premium software at a comparatively inexpensive way and the availability of highly competent professionals.

Seeing as the remarkable perks of outsourcing project overseas, the choice of one will rarely disappoint you.  If you have decided to partner with an outsource app development firm and searching for the best, the biggest concern here is to figure out if your Offshore IT Partner is reliable or not.

As per the recent studies, 69% of all outsourcing contracts fail, totally or partially. The main reason for this is lack of complete inspection of the offshore IT Partner you select.

There may be some differences that you will encounter while selecting your precise IT Partner for Outsourcing Software Development, such as:

• Time difference
• Cultural and language barriers
• Problem in technical communication
• Nonflexible organization and bad management
• Skills mismatch
• Security issues
• Disagreement in quality

In order to select an appropriate offshore IT partner, you must clearly examine all these aspects.

So how to select the best Offshore IT partner?

Here is the list of facts you should consider during the selection process:

  • Review

    First, the most important thing to check for selecting any of the information technology consulting firms is what their present and previous clients have to say about the company.

    Check out the review and feedbacks of the clients of that company. Client feedback can be any form, video clips, written and even numeric ratings. The honest reviews you will get from other platforms like linkedin, Google business reviews, Facebook, and freelancing platforms.

  • Team

    Since your team is your resource that will lead you to success, it is essential for you to have well-trained team members. Developers are the key elements of any project, thus make sure to inspect skills of the team of developers, designers and project managers you need for your projects. The resources you choose must have the aptitude to efficiently handle daily operations and technology stack of your project and they should not be amateurs whom you have to edify and train about everything.

  • Experience

    The previous project work and delivery of any information technology consulting firms speak a volume about their experience and expertise. Thus, while choosing an offshore software development partner this is the indispensable thing that should be looked over.  It will also depict the sphere they are exposed to and the technical proficiency that they may have selected throughout the project and possibly will help in your own project.

  • Service Level Agreement

    In an Offshore It Partnership, the Service Level Agreement (SLA) is one of the most crucial documents that should be taken into account. Ensure that the SLA provided by your offshore outsourcing partner has everything written out clearly, there should not be any room for bewilderment in any detail. Make sure that there is no uncertainty about the quality level necessary for the services being provided.

  • Communication Flexibility

    Try to examine the ability of IT consulting services provider to clearly understand the requirements and punctually respond to your queries. Your offshore outsourcing partner team must be practiced enough to communicate transparently with daily updates on the project status, in order that there will be no impediments to the project completion.

  • Reliability

    This is another concern we can’t ignore while making the choice of the best offshore outsourcing partner. Attempt to verify the infrastructure, security aspects, backups for downtime and the availability of the workforce; this will furnish you a general idea about the reliability of the firm. Don’t place an absolute trust in everything that is shown on paper. Make an effort to personally visit the website of an offshore software development partner to confirm whether everything is really present or not.

  • Cost

    Generally, your key motivation behind offshore its partnership is the price, thus it is significant to benefit the best probable cost. Examine the pricing structure of an offshore software development partner and evaluate it with the cost offered by others. Although bearing in mind the price is vital, it should not merely be the deciding factor.

    Still, have any doubts about the benefits and impacts of outsource development? This article will help you to understand the importance of outsourcing software development.

At the end of the day, we can suggest you be watchful for deciding your offshore outsourcing partner. Your offshore software development partner must understand your quality requirements and should be able to maintain and establish a good relationship.

Looking for a reliable offshore partner? You are at the right place; get in touch with us now to begin the development process instantly within a win-win contract.