AWS Application Development

Excellent WebWorld indulge with all the three delivery models, SaaS, PaaS and IaaS providing Amazon web services consulting and AWS integration services for cloud to cloud or business to business model. We are adequate in working with the services of AWS like Amazon EC2, AWS Batch, AWS Snowball, AWS Glacier, Amazon EBS, Amazon Aurora, Amazon Rout 53, Amazon Cloud-front and so forth.

The right combination of AWS set of tools can harness the services and maximum efficiency of cloud computing. A complete security of AWS accounts with User access control is necessary. The optimization of cloud applications can be achieved by strictly adhering to code structure, design methodologies and AWS best practices.

What we provide:

  • Cloud analytics and optimization
  • Multi-region scalable AWS environments
  • Automation services
  • Managed cloud for AWS
  • HB monitoring systems for tracking of usage

Why Excellent WebWorld?

Meet the team of cloud architects, DevOps experts, system administrators and cloud project managers. The team is experienced enough to ensure easy and safe migration into the cloud. We have transformation services for public, private and hybrid cloud environments. Get the expert solutions for the services like continuous integration and continuous development to automate the management of cloud resources.

A team fully trained on various cloud platforms and multiple technologies for the support of the shared model is managing a vast band of industries including healthcare, eCommerce, finance, education and much more. The developers focus on constructing an automated and easily manageable workflow to transform tools like custom automation and DevOps methodologies for the development of an enterprise-ready cloud. Our cloud management services monitor all the pieces of the cloud and automatically identify and fix the issues. The tools and manual efforts run 24/7 to provide secure services.

Why choose us?

  • Registered AWS partner
  • Certified AWS experts
  • AWS enterprise support
  • Client-defined action plan
  • Rapid deployments of projects


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