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How iOS 11 App Development and Mobile Apps Compatible with iPhone8 will impact the mobile app Design

iPhoneX is finally out and iPhone lovers are in love with it. But did you plan to leverage the latest features of iPhone 8 and iOS 11 for your business mobile app?

Since the Apple Keynote of 2017, many business owners approached us to check whether their iPhone app will be compatible with iPhone 8 or not. And after assisting different industries and businesses, we decided to help other startups and enterprises as well for upgrade to iOS 11 services. But before that let’s check out what are the new features of iPhone 8 & X.

The Latest Features Of iPhone8
The Latest Features Of iPhone8

Replacement of TouchID to FaceID

The screen lock with TouchID is replaced with the faceID feature. The feature will provide a faster and more secure access than the fingerprint scanner.

Edge To Edge Screen Display

It is said that Apple will launch new screen resolution with 1920 x 1080 for the 4.7-inch model and 2560 x 1440 for the 5.65-inch model.

Drag and Drop for multi tasking

The split view iPhone 8 feature will make it easier to do multiple tasks at the same time. Just drag the app in the slide over and work on multiple apps together.

Barcode and QR code scanner from camera

Now users don’t have to install a third party app for scanning the barcode of QR code in the phone. The camera can be used directly.

Native ARKit

With native ARKit it seems like Augmented Reality is not that much complex to develop an app for iPhone 8 for iOS 11.

Business Chat

A new iPhone 8 feature will be introduced in iMessage for the businesses to chat directly with the customers. To develop custom features third party app integration will also be allowed.


The true depth camera analyses 50 different facial muscles movements and mirror your expressions. The user can select its type of Animoji from a collection of 12 Animojis like panda, pig, and robot.

Apple Pay

With new banks collaboration and credit unions, apple pay will be more secured with faceID recognition.
All these iPhone 8 features are going to transform the definition of iPhone app development. Companies will now have to upgrade their business app to iOS 11 version so as to match the level of competition. But a bad news for those who have developed an app on Phonegap or any clone script template.

If Your app is A Clone Of Any Existing App Then You Need To Upgrade Your App Right Now.

As per the latest apple policy, all the App clone and third party apps will now be discarded by apple. So if your app is a clone or you have built your app by using the ready code, then you need a new mobile app design from scratch.

Wondering the cost of developing an iOS 11 app? Don’t worry; we will develop the entire app within your budget. Upgrade to iOS 11 and enter into the era of new business opportunities.

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Want to know how your app will look on iPhone8?

Check Out If Your App needs to upgrade to Apple iOS 11 or build apps that compatible with iPhone 8

Enterprises and startups are looking forward to leveraging the benefits of ios11 for their business operations.

  • Wanna know if your existing app is compatible with iOS 11 and iPhone 8?
  • Do you think you need to upgrade to iOS 11?
  • Worried about Updating Your App for iOS 11?

Top Benefits of Upgrading Your App to iOS 11

  • You can use iOS 11 business chat to enhance user engagement

  • The Machine Learning functionality is extended in iOS 11 with Core ML

  • With iOS 11 you will get refined iOS visual design language

  • In iOS 11 users can start in-app purchases from the App Store

  • iOS 11 offers Phased Releases for App Store Updates

  • ARKit in iOS 11 presents Native Augmented Reality

  • You can use new and improved iMessage apps featuresARKit in iOS 11 presents Native Augmented Reality

  • Exploit more new features like Browse Files, Drag and Drop, and App Password Autofill

We will do the complete analysis of your app and then we will email you all the details of your app.