With the app market growing insanely, there is much more scope for newer apps to succeed. Well, it seems that the utility app development market, too, will see a boom soon.

But what are utility apps? And how can you earn more out of it?

Sure, one’s mobile phones have in-built features of a flashlight and calculator, but people need more utility apps to fulfill their requirements.

Understand one thing, today mobile phones have become an inevitable part of our lives, and therefore people need everything available on their phones.

Remember when people had to carry torches when they traveled in the dark?

And now? the mobile flashlight replaced the old way!

Moreover, it isn’t just limited to flashlights but also every tiny thing, such as making payments, checking weather updates, and secretly saving images other than the gallery.

The thing is, the demand for utility apps is much broader than you may think. Wondering which utility app will fetch you higher returns? The following section explores many best utility apps ranging from simple to esoteric.

Types of Utility Apps

Phone Cleaner Apps

Today, people have loads of apps downloaded on their mobile phones. With each download adding to one’s phone space, this often results in phone hanging issues.

So, this kind of application would always be in demand in the market. Also, you can add some extra features to the application and make your users attract the number of downloads.

QR Code Scanner

No, QR codes aren’t just for making payments!

The other day we visited a restaurant, and we were amazed to see that QR codes had replaced the menu cards. One had to just scan and get access to the restaurant’s menu card.

It seems that QR codes are becoming more popular. Imagine creating a creative QR code app and winning the market.

Hide Your Photos/Videos

Clicking photos have now become an integral part of human life!

But why does one need a hidden app to save their pictures?

Just as people secretly hide their diaries, in the same way, people want a safe place to hide their unique pictures and videos.

Of course, the gallery is not a safe place to hide those special pics. Yes, the gallery gives you the option of hiding the pictures, but it is known for all mobile phone users.

So, utility app development like this is something one should consider for sure in the future.

Task Management

Task management is the most necessary utility application for people. Remember when one used to note things and tuck them in on the refrigerator?

Again, these apps are becoming the best choice among people. Moreover, these task management apps can be built for personal or professional use.

Reminder Apps

Have you asked Google to remind you to take medicines? Or Siri?

But some users claim that these reminders lack uniqueness. For instance, wouldn’t it be amazing to add the picture of medicines with the reminder?

That’s why people are downloading applications that provide many features to the users.

Other Utility Apps Examples:-

  • Music Making Apps
  • Transportation Apps
  • Fitness Apps
  • Kids Utility Apps
  • Reservations Apps
  • And Much more!!!

Why Should you Opt for Utility App Development for your Company?

Gone are the days when people had to deal with loads of papers and wait in long queues.

A utility app development for your company would make it easier for people to communicate with your company.

Whether a gas, electricity, or water company, the best way to connect with your customers is through an app.

A mobile utility app development provides real-time data access to customers. This works fantastic in holding on to your customers.

So, if you are into providing service to your customers, connect with an app development company and build a utility app for your business.

Ways to Monetize your Utility App?

If you are thinking of developing a utility app, then it’s vital to know the monetization model of the application. There are three ways by which you can earn from your application.

  • Freemium Model:- Make your application available to users for free. You can add in-app purchases; this allows users to purchase items within an application. Also, add some purchases to your utility app development.
  • In-App Advertisement:- You can include some advertisements in between your application. You can earn a lot from the advertisers.
  • Subscription Model:- The most chosen option among the clients. The application is available to users for a specific period. Once the user experiences your app and gets used to it, you can ask the user to pay the fees to use the application.

Look at the below image to understand which monetization model can earn you greater profits.Mobile App Business Models

Source: Statista

Best Way to Develop the Utility Application

You must understand that utility app development has a broad scope. You can choose from an array of options and excel at it. However, it is important to enter the right app development partnership deal.

Yes, one thing is for sure the demand for utility apps is rising rapidly. People are searching for apps to fulfill their small purposes. You can take advantage of building any specific utility application.

Remember that it’s vital to connect with the best app development company to develop utility apps for android phones or iOS. Many users would reject the application instantly if they faced any glitches in the app.

Connecting with the best mind and by hiring dedicated developers one can succeed in the market.

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Utility apps are built to help perform a task more efficiently. Some examples of utility apps are calculators, phone cleaner apps, music making apps, meditation apps, file management apps, productivity apps and much more.

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