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money transfer app like cash app

Deep Dive Into the Best Financial Transactions App – Cash App

Cash App has one of the most straightforward and engaging interfaces we have come across. This app is the best for amateur investors as it has an easy-to-understand UI. And, we must say that the App is quite a blessing for cost-conscious investors as it does not charge any extra charges.

Block Inc., formerly known as Square Inc., was founded in 2013. It is available to install and transact within the US and the UK, with over 90 million annual transactions.

This app ranks #1 in the Finance category of mobile applications. The ease of use attracts and engages more users to the app. Users just need $1 in the account to start trading; it is quite a minimal amount; hence, users choose to invest in stock using CashApp.

Direct-deposit functionality of the app makes it stand out from the rest of the Fintech apps.

To ensure the security of transactions, this app is equipped with the latest encryption and fraud detection technologies.

Furthermore, users needn’t keep a separate bitcoin app on their phone; any bitcoin trading can be done using the Cash App. Users are also entitled to get a free debit card, which entails several discounts for online purchases.

Screenshots of Cash App

Down below are the screenshots from the app. You will get a better idea of how the transaction gateways and settings look!

screenshots of cash app

How Does Cash App Work?

In this section, we will explain how to use Cash App.

After you create a new Cash App account using your mobile number or email, you get to choose your special ‘$CashTag’. This is a lot like a username in other apps. Users can also send invite links to their friends or family for a $5 reward.

You can sync your contact book with the app so as to pay or request the desired amounts. Also, many stores like Walmart, Target, and Walgreens allow users to scan the QR to pay for the groceries.

Do you need a bank account for Cashapp? For the ones who have a debit card or bank account, they can link them together to transfer funds to and fro the Cash App wallet. The app restricts users to transfer $1000 within 30 days.

Is Cashapp safe and secure? Well, yes, every transaction is password protected for the users’ safety.

Investors can also deposit or withdraw Bitcoin in an external wallet for future purposes. So, Cash App is a good app for crypto investors. You can get a Cash Card for extra Cash Boosts for in-store or online shopping.

Can you get your money back on Cashapp? Well, no! So, ensure to enter the right $Cashtag while sending money as you cannot undo or reverse the payments once made.


Unveiling the Features of Cash App

Listing below a few of the exquisite features that make it stand out from the rest. Here we go:

top features of cash app
  • Instant Money Transfer
  • File your Taxes for Free
  • Buy, Sell, Deposit & Withdraw Bitcoin
  • Buy & Sell Stocks (Commission-free)
  • Customized VISA Debit Card
  • Cash App Customer Service
  • Regular EFT – Electronic Fund Transfer for Stocks
  • Free P2P Transactions (No added charges on peer to peer transfers)
  • Contact Book Syncing
  • Cash App Website

What is the Cost of Building a FinTech App Like Cash App?

The entire mobile app development process takes between 25 to 30 weeks. If you hire an IT company with a dedicated app development team structure, it should cost you between $80k and $150k to create an app like Cash App.

App’s Available On!

Available on both App Store and Google Play Store, download Cash App for iPhone and Android and make smooth transactions.

app of play store
App Store

It has become almost impossible to make all transactions in cash. The online payments availability at all stores and websites compel the users to switch to online transactions.

There are many alternatives to online payment apps in the market, but there is still a hope of launching a FinTech app and capturing a fair share of the market users. Wondering ‘How to make a new Cash App?’, consult a FinTech app development company for a quick & robust solution

Well, all you would have to do is find the users’ pain points, resolve the complaints of this app, and equip your application with the most prominent features. Choose a company that provides brilliant mobile app development services to start your app development!


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